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How to Start Your Day with Intention

Do you wake up every day remembering how miraculous this thing called life is?

I’ll be honest: I don’t. I need constant reminders. That’s one of the reasons I started Breakfast Criminals and continue to remind myself and my community to start the day with a nourishing meal prepared with love.

Beaming Cleanse Concierges Tell All!

Cleansing is an art and science as everybody is different and lifestyles are unique to each individual. That’s why we love sharing the Beaming Cleanse Program! We work with you to identify the best cleanse to meet your health and wellness goals and lifestyle. We’re so passionate about wellness education and sharing with to you – after all, knowledge is power!

So, we asked our seven Beaming Cleanse Concierges to share the top questions they receive from guests…perhaps your question is answered here!

True Wealth is Health

It is hard to believe we are already 22 days into 2017 – nearly through our first month of the year! How is it that time goes so fast – even when at times it seems to stand still?

I don’t know about you, but I am really excited about 2017. 2016 was a year that kicked my bootie, as I was challenged in ways I hadn’t been challenged before. I was forced to dig deeper, feel deeper and shine brighter. I heard this from my friends, family and many of you as well. And with pain comes growth so for that I am grateful, but I am even more grateful for a new year to start fresh. In every way.

Setting Intentions & Forming New Habits: Sharing Life’s Lessons Plus, join me on a 21-Day Total Transformation Beaming Cleanse! by Colleen Angeles   The practice of setting an intention… Each year I set an intention, in the form of a word. In 2016, my word for the year was: SPONTANEOUS. I am naturally spontaneous, yet […]

First-Ever Beaming at Sea by Colleen Angeles You know those moments that you dream of being a part of something big – something that challenges you, stretches your thinking, pushes you out of your comfort zone, and something that makes an impact in the world? Well that just happened for me – and for Beaming. […]

The Gift of Giving As we enter the holidays, we’re sharing some of the ways Beaming gives back to our communities   Summit at Sea   Nourishing minds to inspire connection Beaming sailed into international waters on the Norwegian Escape with our first-ever pop-up for Summit at Sea. Chosen as one of the 40 world-class […]

  Beaming Sets Sail with Summit at Sea We’re creating our first-ever pop-up café on a ship!     The ship will port out of Miami and will voyage across international waters to an island in the Bahamas. Follow us Follow our Beaming at Sea journey November 8-12 for behind the scenes and fun cruise […]

Personalized Your Health With Beaming Wellness & Parsley Health By Health Coach, Parsley Health, Tina Paymaster When it comes to getting healthier, we’re too often guided by the latest diet and exercise fads, cleanses and celebrity trends. Finding any inspiration to help motivate you to forego the extra glass of wine or get your body […]

  NEW Pumpkin Dream Smoothie Created with love by our Beaming teams, just for you! PUMPKIN DREAM SMOOTHIE Ingredients 8oz freshly sprouted almond milk 1 date 1 T Beaming Blonde Protein Powder 1/2 TSP cinnamon 1/4 TSP nutmeg 1 TSP maca 1 slice Pumpkin Maca Pie 1 TSP JEM Cinnamon Red Maca 1/4 C frozen […]