Beaming Story

Beaming is a brand with its’ roots firmly planted in the pursuit of true vibrancy and a lifestyle of wellness.

By 2011, Lisa Odenweller had established herself as the “organic entrepreneur” in the cleansing and raw food world. She began the company with the intention of helping people realize the power of food as medicine and that what you eat and drink really matters. As people began to experience the power of this truth through her raw food cleanse program, “Beaming,” they wanted the delicious foods, juices and smoothies every day. Thus, Beaming’s first retail store in Del Mar was born in December 2012. With a line outside the door from the day we opened, the opportunity to grow Beaming nationwide has never been greater.

Thus, Beaming’s first retail store in Del Mar was born in December 2012. With a line outside the door from the day we opened, the opportunity to grow Beaming nationwide has never been greater.

While there are juice bars opening across the country, Beaming’s unique gourmet healthy fast casual experience is felt the moment you walk in the door and even more so upon tasting anyone of their delicious juices, smoothies and foods.

Life is better when you’re beaming.

Beaming Story

Beaming Wellness, Lisa Odenweller, Founder

A wellness visionary whose epiphany sparked a quest to inspire people everywhere toward more vibrant health, Lisa Odenweller has taken the food-as-medicine movement to new heights since launching her organic superfood café, Beaming, in December 2012. An ex-corporate climber, Odenweller today embraces a leadership role as an organic entrepreneur and educator, building a 21st century lifestyle brand while passionately advocating simple dietary changes that can have a profound and lasting effect on how we look, feel, and experience life.

Early in her career, Odenweller was a successful business development & marketing director for software companies Oracle and Broadvision. She then left high-tech, moved to San Diego with her family and soon after launched an interior design and window coverings company, LMO Designs, capitalizing on the flourishing Southern California real estate market. Within two years LMO Designs became one of the most recognized boutique firms in San Diego. In 2009 she launched her next endeavor, Peppered Pearl, envisioned as an online jewelry store with a philanthropic spin representing artisans around the world and their handcrafted pieces.

Odenweller’s consciousness, and career path, shifted after attending a speech by preventative health expert and cancer survivor Kris Carr. Odenweller, like most, wanted to feel empowered with her health. Realizing that food is medicine and truly the cornerstone of health, she knew she could inspire and share this message by helping people see and feel the effects of feeding your body well. As a self-proclaimed foodie, she combined her passion for health with an obsession for food into a deliciously addictive experience that people of all ages could enjoy and feel the benefits of eating clean, plant-based foods without feeling like they were sacrificing.

Like the educational aspect of the business she sought to create, Odenweller began her new journey as a student. She attended the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and “read every book I could get my hands on about health and nutrition,” she says. A home chef with a discerning and appreciative palate, however, she was not bent toward fanaticism. She embraced the philosophy that life is all about balance, whether enjoying a glass of wine, a slice of pizza or a piece of dark chocolate. Neither a vegan nor a raw food purist, she nonetheless began to see the evidence supporting these choices as the foundation of vibrant health.

In 2011 Odenweller launched a year-long online pilot program focused on raw-food cleansing, working with one of the top holistic chefs, cleansing experts and author of Super Cleanse, Adina Niemerow. This led to partnering with other world-class and holistic chefs to create an entire “superfood” menu of deliciously healthy items for the first Beaming café in Del Mar, California, opened in December 2012. With lines forming outside the door, the destination quickly gained a cult following.

Balance remains an important part of Lisa Odenweller’s life. A fitness aficionado and mother of three, she finds time to do what’s best for herself and her family, while leveraging her innate business and creative skills to build Beaming into one of the country’s fastest growing wellness lifestyle companies.