4 things Dad will love.

Today is that extra special day to celebrate Dads! And while we know you want to do something special for him, it’s not always about the newest tech gadget, fishing pole or another fun tie you can add to his collection. You can celebrate Dad in ways that will feed his heatlh, heart and soul. Its likely very known now that feeling good and taking care of your body is definitely not just for women. When we opened our first Beaming in Del Mar, almost 85% of our customers were women – now nearly 50% is men (and kids!) – how cool is that?

So today, slow down, fuel up, get out and play and most importantly, take a moment to honor Dad with gratitude and appreciation.

Here’s 4 things Dad will love:

1. Quality time.

In a world where we are constantly on the go, quality time often takes the back burner. It’s so important to our overall health and well being that we spend dedicated time with friends and family – and not just in the car driving to and from work and school. Dad’s schedule is likely juggling work inbetween kids sports practice, helping with homework and managing the household. Today, we challenge you to stay off your cell phone and electronics and spend quality time together without the distraction – kids, too. Perhaps he will take on the challenge as well? Our guess is that Dad will thank you for making him a priority today.

2. Superfoods .

You know we’d never miss an opportunity to talk about how incredibly powerful superfoods are! And not just for dad – for the entire family! Superfoods by definition are the “most nutrient dense foods on the planet” which means you get a whole lot of amazing nutrients with not a lot of effort! Raising a family doesn’t always leave a lot of time to make sure you’re taking care of yourself and as a parent myself, I created Beaming because I knew I didn’t have the time to make all these healthy foods and juices and assumed I wasn’t alone. What I really love about superfoods is that they can keep you healthy, fueled and loaded with the nutrients your body needs even if you don’t have time to make a full meal (because who does these days?)!. Grab a bag of our organic Superfood Plant-Based Protein Powder to add to his morning smoothies, oatmeal, pancakes or post-workout shakes. (Score 15% off our Superfood Proteins today with DADS15)

3. Play time.

Hello, Southern California sunshine! We live in a place where the weather is consistently sunny (ok, so maybe it wasn’t these last few weeks but now it is just in time for Father’s Day!), the waves are not far away and the outdoor activities are available almost all year long. (Have we convinced you to move here yet!?). Yet, with the hussle and bussle of life, we don’t always get the time to enjoy all the benefits of getting out of the house, car or office and taking advantage of mother nature. So today we challenge you and your dad to go on a walk, play in the ocean or simply share a home cooked meal.

Dad’s love to play as much as kids (actually maybe even more!) so today is the day to let go of the To Do lists and hit the outdoors and see what happens!

4. Show appreciation with the little things.

And lastly, show Dad how much you appreciate him – here are some quick ideas:

  1. At dinner, go around the table and each take a turn sharing “what you love most and appreciate about Dad.”  Maybe even share a special moment that brings back great memories.
  2. Homemade cards may be one of the best ways to show how much you care.  My kids make us cards every special holiday, and every time they make me cry. I have saved them all. Get out some construction paper, pens and maybe even some pictures and get creative – these are keepsakes that will go a long way while teaching your children about acknowledging those they love.
  3. Stay off your phones today. While I mentioned this one above, it may be the best way to show how much you love him so I couldn’t help but to mention it again.

So celebrate Dad today by showing him how much you care by slowing down.

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