5 Simple Tips to Feel Great Every Day.

by Julie Morris
Culinary Director at Beaming, and best-selling author of Superfood Smoothies.

It’s practically a requirement to have fun and let loose a little during the core summer months, right? But while our sunshiney relaxed vibe may be good for the soul, not every aspect is so great on the body (I’m looking at you, bottomless margaritas). That’s why before we get swept away in the holiday hustle, September serves as the perfect time to get back in touch with a healthy routine, renew our energy, and re-light our glow. September is a time of transition. September is a time to cleanse.

Cleansing can come in many forms: from juices to jogging, pretty much any healthy action is going to help the body renew and repair, and keep us in our prime. It all adds up! So, with fall fast approaching, here are five healthy habits to keep in mind:

  1. Have a nutrient-dense beverage every day.  Even if you’re not going on a full-blown cleanse, folding in a smoothie or a juice (ideally, both!) into your everyday lifestyle really is a must. Why? Because smoothies and juices are hyper-packed with detoxifying and deeply nourishing nutrition, in one of the most easily digestible forms: liquid. Green smoothies and juices will be the most cleansing because of their chlorophyll content, but truthfully any variety that includes superfoods and natural ingredients will be beneficial.
  2. Boost your water. The elevated heat during the summer is usually reminder enough to drink all the water we need throughout the day (water, of course, being a paramount component of keeping our bodies flushed and clean from the inside-out). But come fall and its cooling weather, many times maintaining proper hydration can become forgotten and more difficult to manage. To help increase your daily water consumption, try putting in slices of alkalizing lemon/lime, or different types of fresh herbs like mint or rosemary inside of your water bottle. Within just a half an hour, you’ll have a delicately flavored water that tastes as good as it feels, and the flavor enhancement will help serve as a motivation to drink more … all without adding any additional calories. Bonus: it looks so beautiful, too!
  3. Choose superfood snacks. Don’t deny yourself from snacks, just choose them wisely. Incorporating snacks that are composed of superfoods makes sure that you make the most of every crunch and munch via vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Kale crisps, seed-based crackers, and bars or bites made with invigorating foods like goji berries or coconut are a great way to simply swap out the bad with the good … and by good we’re also talking deliciously good.   And if you happen to be by Beaming, they have ahhhhhmazzzzing Superfood Snacks – I especially love their “Love Brittle” and the infamous “Beaming Superfood Protein(crack) Bite”.
  4. Add chia seeds. Chia seeds are like a safety net for cleansing: because of the high fiber, mucilage (healthy and filling plant compound), and good fats, chia seeds make any food just a little more satisfying, while adding bona fide nutrition. And, thanks to having almost no taste at all, they’re ideal to add to … well… anything! Keep them on hand to make any meal a superfood one, with just a little sprinkle.
  5. Pick seasonally. Sure, everyone knows that eating more fruits and veggies is a core part of a clean diet, but admit it: sometimes actually following through can be a challenge. To ensure you never get bored, rotate in peak season produce for an excitingly diverse addition of flavor, color, and even nutrition. Challenge yourself to buy one different hyper-seasonal fruit and vegetable each week. A trip to the farmer’s market can offer loads of inspiration!

Remember, it’s about progress, not perfection. So challenge yourself to an inclusive renewal this month, and enjoy the expediential rewards.


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