A Brand Passionate About You—About Health

by DYLN Inspired Founder, Dorian Ayres

Three years ago as I was finishing college I was confronted with a choice that we all come across with at least several times during our lifetime—what next?  After spending several years captivated by my personal health transformation through yoga, diet, alternative medicine, ranging from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda to the basic importance empowering your body to be the healer, and the fundamentals of freedom and how it relates to our bodies and the health revolution happening right now across the globe, a clear vision had materialized to create DYLN Inspired®.  This name was chosen in remembrance of my brother Dylan.

The inspiration behind DYLN Inspired was to find synergy between health, fitness and products—activewear and accessories—that we now so commonly use in this journey toward a healthier and more active lifestyle.  We essentially wanted to bridge the gap between fitness and wellness through innovation, technology, and design.  We started in developing a revolutionary fabric technology, VitaPearl®, where we take a synergistic blend of nano-sized minerals and elements and permanently embed them directly into the structure of our yarns and fibers used to create our fabric. The synergistic nanotechnology used in DYLN Inspired’s VitaPearl fabric was developed to generate far-infrared, which is a very specific naturally occurring wavelength just outside the visible light spectrum. Far-infrared energy is widely recognized for its positive effects on the human body, such as:

  • Promoting circulation,
  • Increasing muscle and tissue oxygenation,
  • Cell optimization, and
  • Regulating body temperature.

In addition to the far-infrared, our fabric incorporates a unique blend of natural and synthetic fibers to combine nature with performance.  One of which contains nano-pearls embedded within a natural viscose fiber, to give our fabric and activewear unparalleled softness and comfort to be experienced throughout any activity or occasion.  Using the VitaPearl fabric we designed and developed a complete women’s activewear collection with over a dozen styles and numerous color offerings.

Using thermography and live blood microscopy, we were able to test the effects of our activewear and VitaPearl fabric and on the human body.  Thermography, also known as Medical Thermal Imagery, is used to detect functional health, imbalances, inflammation, and other ailments.  It is now also used as an alternative to screen for breast cancer, as there is absolutely no side effects in comparison to mammograms, which emit harmful radiation.  Test subjects were tested before wearing DYLN Inspired apparel, known as the ‘baseline,’ and immediately after 30 minutes of wearing a DYLN Inspired top and bottom.  No physical activity was performed during the testing period.


In all the test subjects, we noticed a significant decrease in varicosity within the areas of noticeable inflammation signifying an increase in circulation.  Furthermore, the effects of the activewear can be seen using live blood microscopy by detecting the changes on the cellular level, specifically the red blood cells.

DYLN Inspired was created to be a brand to empower our health and wellbeing, not just through apparel but also through the most vital essence—water. We have designed and developed a vortex-inspired portable water bottle made from food-grade stainless steel that incorporates our VitaBeads™, made from the same nanotechnology used within our fabric, within a diffuser placed inside the bottom the bottle.  The VitaBeads within the DYLN Living Water Bottle interacts with the water to increase the pH of the water to create alkaline water, microclusters the water molecules for more effective hydration, and reduces the OPR (Oxidation Reduction Potential) to a negative level to give the water anti-oxidant properties.  The purpose of the water bottle is to allow anyone to have eco-friendly way to create alkaline ‘living’ water wherever they are to effectually hydrate.  The Living Water Bottle is in the final stages of development and is now available for pre-order through our website.

The foundation has been set for DYLN Inspired.  And as we move forward, we continue to have product innovation, technology, and health be our motivational and fundamental drivers.  Learn more by visiting our website, www.dylninspired.com.

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