A few of our favorites this week!

Introducing our new Coconut Wrap!

Cucumber, mango, jicama, green onion, carrots, mint, basil, coconut wrap, nori, cashews, sesame seeds, sesame oil, miso, and orange ponzu sauce. Stop by Beaming Del Mar to try this delicious new item on our menu.

Beaming Superfood Smoothie eBook

Our mission with this eBook is simple. We give you the guidance to create a life of well-being. Amazingly, just a few minor shifts can make huge difference in how you look and feel. The healthy possibilities are endless and oh so delicious.

Download your copy instantly.

Milie’s Gelato at Beaming Del Mar

Vegan, gluten-free, so-free, GMO-free, made with organic ingredients, no gums or filters. Just simple, straight-forward ingredients. Made with sprouted organic almond milk and cashews.

Available in 4ox, 8oz, and 16oz containers.

Healthy Cocktails, really!

We all love a good drink and we don’t believe in depriving yourself. But, we do believe in mixing things up the healthy way. Grab a Beaming Skinny Cooler and mix it up with your favorite tequila or vodka for the perfect summer cocktail. Ditch the sugars and artificial flavors and sip on a cold-pressed juice with cucumbers, pineapple, mint, and jalapeños. Get to mixing!

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