A look back at a Beaming 2015

Wow, what a year it’s been!

Beaming Del Mar had it’s 3year anniversary this month and this year alone, we opened 4 cafes In 9 months including 3 cafes in a new city!

It’s been a whirlwind of a year but exciting at the same time. Fast and furious, we came together as a team, juggling all the challenges of opening new stores as well as hiring, training, marketing, discovering the local communities and of course, learning about parking (and traffic) in LA, etc. etc.


Thank you LA!

LA has been amazing as each neighborhood has its own unique energy & personality.  I have especially fallen in love with Santa Monica as the local community has embraced us with such a warm welcoming.  Brentwood Beaming was our first entry into LA and has become a favorite with the local schools and families. West Hollywood is so much fun with its eclectic vibe, amazing restaurants and best workouts in the city.

We have received incredible accolades, including “Best in the City” by Angelino magazine for 2015 among many other much appreciated acknowledgements. Thank you LA for all your enthusiasm and support! We are humbly grateful.


Our customers rock!

What excites me more than anything is hearing from our customers – how much they love Beaming, how “obsessed” they are and how great they feel when they eat/drink it. I especially love seeing young people embrace the healthy choices of Beaming… nothing makes me happier.

A special thank you to Beaming Del Mar for making all of this possible including our newest addition to San Diego, Beaming La Jolla.


Go team go!

I am so proud of our team and what we pulled off this year. It hasn’t always been easy but I am amazed at all that we have accomplished and how we all came together to do, what seemed at the time, the near impossible.


Hello 2016!

As we enter a new year taking in all that we have learned and having a moment to catch our breath, we are grateful for where we have been and excited for all that is to come. We have incredible plans for 2016 including the launch of our much anticipated, Superfood Porridge Bar (early February), among many new product introductions.  We will tease you with a new cleanse program that we will be announcing in early Spring and I am thrilled to say that we will be offering a lot more education, events and classes in 2016 as we focus on sharing our passion for “living Beaming.”  And last but not least, there may even be a few new Beaming locations on the horizon….stay tuned on all fronts J

We are passionate about health & wellness, inspiration, education, food, family, community and play and hope to share much more of the this with you all in the coming year.

Thank you for helping make this happen. We wouldn’t be here without you.

Cheers to you, your health, a wonderful holiday and a Beaming 2016!

With love and gratitude,
The Beaming Team

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