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Juices + Pregnancy: How They Blend Together

by Kelly Amendola – creator/writer of the health + wellness blog, A Lovely Life. Many of us drink our daily green and other cold-pressed juices and smoothies because we love how they make us feel. More vibrant, clear-headed, light and healthy. Overall, like we’re doing not only our body, but our mind and soul a […]

Why nut milk?

Nuts contain phytic acids, referred to as “anti-nutrients” because they bind to minerals and prevent uptake. You can make nut milks with almost any nut or seed – walnuts, pepitas, cashews and even sunflower seeds and hemp seeds.  Each have different benefits and a different flavor profile but all are good for you.  Cashew, sunflower […]

Cacao – The Food of the Gods

by Sara Vance, Nutritionist & Author of The Perfect Metabolism Plan February is Heart Health and National Chocolate Month! It makes perfect sense to celebrate heart health and chocolate in the same month, because studies show that eating a small amount of dark chocolate daily can lower the risk of heart attack and stroke. It is not exactly clear […]

5 Libido-Boosting Superfoods

by Julie Morris, Superfood Author The subject of sex is nothing new in the world of food-as-medicine: what goes on in the bedroom can be directly affected by what occurs in the kitchen … mostly in a detrimental sense (has anyone ever felt sexy after eating pizza?). But some superfoods can do more than just […]

Fueled by Plant-Based Protein

It’s true! You really can get enough protein from plants and more and more athletes are stepping up to advocate for plant-based diets and even saying they’re seeing their peak performance when they eliminate protein from animal products from their diets. Rich Roll, Author & Ultra-Distance Triathlete, says it best: “We live in a society […]

What Are GMOs & Why You Should Care

What you don’t know can hurt you! By now you’ve heard about GMOs (genetically modified organisms) in our food supply, but do you really know what they are and how they may be affecting you?  It’s your right to know, and we’re here with the cold hard facts. What is GMO & what is it in? Genetically Modified […]

Living Balanced & Loving Lately

We caught up with Jordan from the Balanced Blonde to talk about what it means to live balanced and what she’s been loving lately! “To live a balanced life, I believe that the mind, body and soul must all be working in harmonious equilibrium. It’s not ALL about eating healthy and working out. It’s a combination of […]