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Four and half years ago I was talking with a girlfriend about wanting to start a business that would inspire and make a difference in people’s lives. I didn’t know what this would be, but I knew I would call it “Beaming”.

Beaming – a radiance, glow. It’s an energy. You feel it. You know when you are beaming. You know when you’re not. You know when you are around someone that’s beaming. It’s contagious. We all want to beam, right?

Six months later I saw Kris Carr speak at Marie Forleo’s Rich Happy & Hot Live in NYC and my life changed. Everyone in the room was inspired – she has that affect on people. This radiant, beautiful, charismatic, witty, amazing woman is truly captivating. She’s fantastic. And then we learned that she had cancer – and that she survived by changing her diet (and her lifestyle). You can’t help but to be inspired. Her message that FOOD IS POWERFUL is profound. Because what we eat and drink is the cornerstone of our health. I looked at my friend and said….”wow, that woman is BEAMING.”

At that moment, my life purpose changed…although I didn’t fully understand it at the time, the inspiration behind Beaming had begun.

I took this inspiration and spent a year studying and experiencing the concept of food as medicine. I played in the kitchen for hours and hours learning how to make juices, smoothies and raw and vegan foods so I could understand how food makes us feel and better yet, how to make healthy taste great.

A year after seeing Kris speak, I launched what would be the beginnings of Beaming. Collaborating with an amazing holistic chef, cleansing expert and author of Super Cleanse, Adina Niemerow, we designed a delicious raw food cleanse. The goal with this was to help people feel (and look) so good, that they would be inspired to make simple changes in their every day diet to promote long term health. And it worked. People’s lives changed and they wanted to live this lifestyle – they wanted “Beaming” all the time.

A year later, on December 17th  2012, I opened the first Beaming Superfood Café in Del Mar, CA. I should mention that I am not a restaurateur nor do I know anything about running a restaurant or cafe. In fact, I had never worked in one. I am passionate about health and wellness and even more passionate about changing lives. And thus, this mission drove me to bring Beaming to life. My ultimate goal was, and is, to help people realize we have more control over our health than we think we do by simply becoming more aware of how we nourish our bodies.

As a mother of 3 children (ages 9, 11 and 16), it also had to offer something that the entire family would enjoy; Healthy smoothies, snacks and foods that my kids would love and I would be thrilled for them to eat. I assumed other parents wanted the same.

I collaborated with some incredible chefs and created a menu of plant based foods that friends, family and customers became addicted to enjoying on a daily basis. The power of superfoods drove the menu – and the testimonials and positive energy kept us going. I am proud to say that we were able to create an amazing community of supporters in San Diego that maintain Beaming as an integral part of their day.

Less than two years later, the second Beaming Superfood Café opened this week in Los Angeles within the vibrant, family focused neighborhood of Brentwood. We are so excited to be here and integrate into the healthy lifestyle of this community.

It’s surreal, to be honest, as I watch this dream come to life. And every moment I am grateful. Truly. Grateful for having the strength and determination to do this. Even more so, I am grateful for my team, my family and the San Diego community that has supported me and Beaming to help make this possible.

One of the greatest gifts in all of this has been having my 16 year-old daughter, Lexi, be a part of this incredible journey with me. She was by my side when Del Mar launched 2 years ago, has been helping us launch Beaming Brentwood and has become an integral part of the team. She’s amazing and I am so incredibly proud of her.

In a few weeks, we will open Beaming Santa Monica – our 3rd location. Yowsa. Perhaps we are nuts or perhaps we just can’t help ourselves because we love what we do. Food is powerful. Positive energy is powerful. Believing in what we do and why we do it is powerful. It is, in essence, the definition of the word…Beaming.

It is with tremendous gratitude that I want to honor you all for helping make this happen and for continuing to inspire the world to live Beaming.

Cheers to you, to good health and to all of life’s possibilities.

With love,


Beaming Founder and CEO


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