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People often ask me why I started Beaming and my simple answer is to inspire people to live happier, healthier lives.  More specifically, I wanted to help people realize the power we have over our own health, which starts with what we eat and drink (and think – as cancer survivor and chief health & inspiration guru, Kris Carr would say). For years I worried about each doctor visit wondering if I might someday be told that dreadful news – I hated feeling disempowered as if somehow my health was in the hands of my DNA and the toxins around us. I wanted to feel empowered and I was pretty sure that I wasn’t alone. As I learned what I learned about the power of food as medicine, I wanted to share this knowledge in a way that would inspire but not preach. That would simplify our lives and not complicate, knowing our lives are already too complicated and overwhelming. I wanted to offer an experience that would give people access to delicious plant based foods and juices that the whole family could enjoy that would be deliciously and healthfully addictive. That people would realize that we have a lot more control over our health then we think we do. I wanted to simplify the process of being healthy knowing how busy we all are and share simple tips that could have transformative effects on the way we look and feel.  And thus Beaming was born.

I created Beaming out of passion –a mission to inspire, educate and change lives.  The irony with creating Beaming’s cafes is that I had never worked in a restaurant before and definitely wasn’t a restauranteur – in fact, I had no idea how to run a food service operation and the truth is, I still don’t.  I hired people who know how to do this better than I ever could and stayed focused doing what I do best.

The journey of creating Beaming has been something I couldn’t have prepared for – full of highs and lows and fears and elations, moments that are surreal and times of tears — even moments I wanted to quit.  For the first couple of years, I actually made my self sick from stress, literally, while helping everyone else be healthy.  Something was really wrong with this irony and eventually I learned that I couldn’t continue to build a business of making others healthy at my expense.  The truth in this is that this is very common for entrepreneurs – that we will pour your heart and soul into building our dream & pursuing our missions, often neglecting ourselves in the process because we are so passionate about what we are doing.    As I often say, “you don’t become an entrepreneur because you want more time to yourself, you do so because you are passionate about what you do.”

Recently the online blog Lady Clever interviewed me for a story about Beaming and what I have learned along the way.  I absolutely love supporting other entrepreneurs and those that have something special they want to share with the world.

My interview with Lady Clever can be read here.

As always, thank you for your continued support of Beaming and more importantly, for YOUR commitment to YOUR health!

xo, Lisa




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  1. Emily says:

    Lisa, you are truly inspiring! I stumbled upon Beaming a few months ago as I am transitioning from Boston to San Diego in a few, short weeks. This relocation is not inspired by work or a significant other, but simply a life change in pursuit of following a ‘healthy’ dream. Over the course of this past year, I have drastically changed my diet to be more pure – juicing, smoothies, and meals free of refined sugars/preservatives. I feel much more alive and healthy having made this change. And so I commend you for your efforts and the empire you are building! I can’t wait to to check out Beaming after my big move 🙂

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