Cleanse Q&A with Casey Palazzo, The Studio (MDR)

We got up close and personal with Caley Palazzo –  friend, Santa Monica resident, Beaming Loyalty Member, and instructor at one of our favorite studios, The Studio (MDR). Read Casey’s inspiring story about her own self-image, why she cleanses, and more importantly how the Beaming Cleanse (from 3-day to 10-day to 21-day) has supported her inner and outer transformation and become a part of her lifestyle. Casey, you live Beaming! Thanks for inspiring us!

Why I Cleanse & what I learned about myself in 10 & 21-days

By Casey Palazzo,

Instructor, The Studio (MDR)

Beaming Wellness: What are your Health and Wellness goals?

Casey Palazzo: As an instructor at The Studio (MDR) my life is a display of health and wellness. I spend each day trying to push people to their potential and reach their goals, which in some ways can be hard on a person as an individual. You want to be someone your clients look up to, but at the same time I have always dealt with my own self-image struggles. My goal this year is to be a really good example of health and wellness, which has so much to do with not just working out, but the fuel that it takes to maintain this balance. Sometimes I get so caught up in perfection. I know I don’t treat myself fairly and my wellness goal is to treat myself with the same compassion I show others. Beaming has helped me so much in this regard. I am able to fuel myself with healthy food that doesn’t make me feel deprived or leave me with a lack of energy – it’s food that gives me what I need to give to others and continue to work on myself.

BW: Tell us about your Beaming Cleanse experience. Which cleanses have you tried … and how many times 😉 

CP: At first I was so skeptical of a cleanse. It sounds so “LA” and I’m a New Yorker! In my head I was like there is no way this is going to do anything but make me feel hungry! I had fallen into a pattern where I wasn’t being mindful of what I was eating. I’m a healthy eater, it’s not like I was slamming Cheetos and burgers, but I noticed that started a pattern of eating emotionally and even though I wasn’t eating complete junk, I was eating in a way where I wasn’t feeling good physically or about myself.

BW: What were the results and benefits of your experience?

CP: So I started with a 3-day cleanse. I made it a goal to just follow exactly what I was given. Day one: I was so pumped, I didn’t find it that hard to follow. I looked at it as a new challenge and I wanted to succeed. I made sure to not plan a workout that day… I wanted to ease myself in as mindfully as possible. Day two: things became a little harder. I had a small amount of brain fog from not caffeinating. I wasn’t HUNGRY, but I found times where I was mindlessly snacking a little harder to get through without the snacks. I remember chugging water and trying to keep my hands distracted (adult coloring books helped me out)!

On day three, I felt like this veil lifted off my head. I felt clear. I had this surge of energy that was unlike anything I’d ever felt. It was natural like when you hike a beautiful mountain in the jungle and return back to the starting point – full of life, free of anxiety, and very much in the present moment.

From there I committed to 7 more days to make it a 10-day cleanse. I knew 3 days was great but it wasn’t enough for me to make an overhaul. I had just begun to feel the amazing effects. As the days passed, the more upset I became that my cleanse was going to end. I felt very successful in what I was doing – not just the will, but how my body and mind were responding.

I think the first thing I noticed had changed was my skin – it had this “on vacation” glow about it and I hadn’t gone anywhere. My energy was up naturally and my cravings for carbs, sugars, etc. were gone. I could be sitting in front of a pile of cookies and wouldn’t even think twice. But most of all it was my energy that amazed me…it was all compiling from inside instead of through caffeine or sugary substances. And I’m not gonna lie, it was nice to shed a little weight the healthy way.

BW: What inspired you to go from a 10-day to a 21-day Beaming Cleanse?

CP: After the 10-day, I took a break and embarked on the 21-day – they say it takes 21 days to change or create a lasting habit and I kept telling myself that and that phrase was honestly the catalyst to wanting to do the full 21-day cleanse. It was life changing. The idea of the cleanse program stopped being a “cleanse” to me – and became a lifestyle and I have never looked back. Not to mention my life became better in so many ways this time, I felt more in control of myself and had more energy to devote to my clients, my job and MYSELF.

I have done more “cleanses” than I can count, but that’s not what I consider them now. To me, they have just become normal eating, like the skeleton in which I live my nutritional life. So it’s like grocery shopping for me minus all the brainwork. Ha! I love that I can tailor each day to what I feel like having and I love going to Beaming Santa Monica to see my friends 🙂

The Beaming cleanse has opened my life in more ways than just health. Wellness is a state of being, from nutrition, to helping me get the most from my workouts, to opening the gates of friendship in this community.

It left me with well rounded results and a consistent reminder to be kind to myself, to treat my body with respect, that health is not about deprivation; and that strength, weight loss and goals are attained by honoring your body and life.

BW: What would you share with others in the community who are considering a Beaming Cleanse?

CP: There is no one size fits all when it comes to health. Fad diets or starvation techniques may provide instant results, but they don’t last and can cause more harm than good. What separates the Beaming Cleanse from all other cleanses is the idea that you can eat food and still reach goals – and that you can customize your cleanse to adhere to the lifestyle YOU lead. As an active person, I realized that I need more fuel than someone that doesn’t workout and this was a program that was right for me.

  • I would tell anyone on the fence to take a leap!
  • Start small but with the mindset that after 3 days, you may feel a difference that may inspire you to continue on your cleanse journey.
  • Results don’t happen over night.
  • I think the 10-day Beaming Cleanse is a real game changer!
  • Habits we have spent our lives creating and repeating will also take time to break.
  • If you’re a person that needs a regimen to follow, this is a great way to start and then as you work with the cleanse try to bring other aspects of your life in to match.
  • Create a fitness routine.
  • Practice being mindful and see how much of your life starts to come full circle.
  • Start working with you and not against you!


You can find Casey at The Studio (MDR) and at Beaming Santa Monica!