First-Ever Beaming at Sea

First-Ever Beaming at Sea

by Colleen Angeles

You know those moments that you dream of being a part of something big – something that challenges you, stretches your thinking, pushes you out of your comfort zone, and something that makes an impact in the world? Well that just happened for me – and for Beaming.


This is a story of connection, inspiration and playing bigger – not just because you can, but because it’s our personal responsibility.

On November 9-12, 2016, Beaming Wellness joined the life-changing Summit at Sea and created the first-ever Beaming at sea pop-up. This year, the Summit team took on a goliath endeavor to transform the entire culinary experience onboard the ship. Mind you, the Norwegian Cruise Line
Escape is the fifth largest ship in the world. It is “home” to 1,700 crew from across 62 countries plus 4,000+ passengers. So, re-imagining how people eat WELL across this 1,098-foot-long and 20-deck-high mega-vessel was definitely playing big.


We were beyond honored to have been chosen as one of 40 world-class culinary partners from across the country. We took it to heart to redefine culinary at sea with a fully organic, gluten and dairy free menu thoughtfully curated for this experience.



Did I mention that we were nourishing the minds, bodies and souls of 3,800+ of the country’s brightest? And not to name drop, but it was so cool to share Beaming with presenters including Kendrick Lamar, Quentin Tarantino, Orlando Jones, Tony Hawk and my personal favorite the Tibetan Monks from the Drepung Loseling Monastery-in-exile in India. No really, I have such an affinity and admiration for monks – their presence is so peaceful, yet deeply powerful. They are my (our) teachers. Ohhhh, and they LOVED Beaming’s Rockstar with Fit Matrix Superfood Smoothie – I think they each may have had three a day! I miss seeing their smiling faces walk up to our pop-up café. Dear Monks, if you are reading this, please visit us in Los Angeles and San Diego – and we’d love to make a Rockstar Superfood Smoothie for His Holiness too  


screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-7-58-21-pmAnd the human connections we made were not just with the speakers and attendees. The crew on the ship were magical. They welcomed us into their kitchens, they trained with an openness to live Beaming (they literally learned our menu within hours), and they offered us the most amazing support – always with a smile. Bringing Beaming to these new friends from the Philippines, Indonesia, Brazil and Serbia to name a few countries was a gift. And to watch them light up wearing our Beaming t-shirts as we worked side-by-side to deliver the Beaming Experience was a moment I will not forget. If you happen to take a cruise on the Escape, please say hello to Chefs Ty, Andreas, Mel, Nicholas, Jero and the crew: Andi, Candize, Vincent, Edward, Fabiana, Rolando, Ketuit and so many more to name.



screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-8-02-21-pmBeing surrounded (truly in a container) by people who want to change the world is a priceless feeling. Through osmosis you feel your presence and purpose rise. Without going down this path, I will share that our first night together on the ship was election night. I can’t think of a more meaningful place I would have wanted to be. Experiencing this historical trice with people who care about what’s happening in our country, our world and with one another was uniting. Each session following that night started with a reflection. I reel on what the Herbie Hancock shared when he and Kamasi Washington spoke together: “Look inside to see what you can do to transform yourself.” Powerful. I was so inspired by the line-up Summit curated for this voyage. My key-takeaway: always surround myself with great people—people who inspire me and inspire others through their words, their thoughts, and their actions. And love more.



screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-8-04-45-pmAs I reflect, I’m also processing just how big this was for Beaming. I don’t have exact numbers, and I can share that what we produced and delivered in just three days on the ship was close to being the equivalent to three weeks’ worth in three of our cafes. Our Beaming at sea team blended and served thousands upon thousands of superfood smoothies, acai bowls and vitality shots plus tossed hundreds upon hundreds of superfood salads. This was a major production that I tease was like being at a bar in Tijuana at Spring Break (minus the alcohol of course!). When I think back to looking out at the lines of people waiting for a smoothie or acai bowl my eyes get really big and I still think to myself, WOW!


screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-8-06-21-pmAnd let’s talk for a minute about Beaming Vitality Shots – these were hot commodities on the ship! If you’ve been to Summit at Sea you know this is the radical combination of a once-in-a-lifetime intellectual immersion plus a global music festival. Programming is 24/7 and let’s say there is not much sleep that happens onboard – and why would you sleep when you are only on the ship with the most inspiring people for 72 hours. We’d pour power shots for people (who may or may not have slept the night before) and they would timidly sip on their first shot – then in the next moment pound two more and yell – whoo! I would smile and laugh. Queue the song: Shots, Shots, Shots! I’m certain they are believers in the power of pressed lemon, ginger and turmeric.



This experience reminds me that we can all play bigger, reach more people through our personal and professional missions, and help transform peoples’ Iives through human connections and the sharing of experiences and knowledge. And in Beaming’s case, it is ever so present that this organic superfood café with six locations in Los Angeles and San Diego has an immense role and responsibility to play big in our country – not only helping to lead the sea change in nutrition, but also in acting as a catalyst to inspiring the human connection and creating positive change in world.


The next chapter for Beaming is about to be authored – and I know the team is excited and ready to continue reaching people near and far as we look into 2017.

I will play bigger. Beaming will play bigger.

And to our Summit family – THANK YOU and I can’t wait to see you again soon.



p.s. sharing a few thought leaders and artists I met/learned about on this trip who you will want to look up!

  • Wim Hof – check him out and listen to his talk with my new friend Christopher Ryan, on Chris’s podcast Tangentially Speaking: Chris also spoke at Summit at Sea about the pre-history of sex.
  • Gallant – OMG, you will love this amazing R&B artist! To me, he’s a unique blend of John Legend, Usher, and Marvin Gaye – and completely his own. He’ll blow your mind!
  • Jose Gonzalez – I got lost in his voice. And Flavia, our General Manager of Santa Monica Beaming who also lead operations for our pop-up café is a big fan!

screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-8-19-18-pm screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-8-19-30-pm

The Gift of Giving

The Gift of Giving

As we enter the holidays, we’re sharing some of the ways

Beaming gives back to our communities


pasted-file-at-november-12-2016-4-52-pmSummit at Sea  

Nourishing minds to inspire connection

Beaming sailed into international waters on the Norwegian Escape with our first-ever pop-up for Summit at Sea. Chosen as one of the 40 world-class culinary partners from across the country for this exclusive voyage, we nourished the minds of 3,800+ of the country’s brightest in business and culture. Learn more at





pasted-file-at-november-10-2016-10-34-pmPadres Pedal the Cause   

Supporting life-saving cancer research

Padres Pedal the Cause is a non-profit established to fund, plan and manage an annual cycling fundraiser with a mission to end cancer by raising money for life-saving cancer research in San Diego. All three Beaming San Diego stores contributed 10% of sales on November 5th to support this meaningful cause. Learn more at






pasted-file-at-november-10-2016-10-34-pm-1Just Like My Child  

Healthy children need healthy mothers

Just Like My Child is an organization committed to empowering women and girls to achieve their full potential. For the month of September, Beaming donated $1 for every pregnancy smoothie sold to Project Keep a Mother Alive, providing life saving interventions for mothers and their children. Beaming’s pregnancy, fertility and lactation smoothie trio was created in collaboration with Lori Bregman, doula, life coach and author of The Mindful Mom to Be. Learn more at



pasted-file-at-november-12-2016-4-53-pmFarm Sanctuary Gala  

Educating on farm animal abuse & factory farming

The Farm Sanctuary organization is celebrating 30 years of rescue, education and advocacy for farm animals, the largest population of abused animals on the planet. Our contributions have helped educate people nationwide about farm animal abuse and the adverse effects of factory farming on our health and the environment. Learn more at

Beaming Sets Sail with Summit at Sea


Beaming Sets Sail with Summit at Sea

We’re creating our first-ever pop-up café on a ship!




The ship will port out of Miami and will voyage across international waters to an island in the Bahamas.

Follow us
Follow our Beaming at Sea journey November 8-12 for behind the scenes and fun cruise moments at #livebeaming #summitatsea and on our IG story. We’re thrilled to be on the ship with friends and an amazing line-up of speakers and performers, including Kendrick Lamar, John Sculley, Theivery Corporation and IN-Q to name a few!

If you’re attending Summit at Sea, let us know. Tag yourself on our Bahamas IG post.

Hello, East Coast!
Our first pop-up café on a Norwegian Cruise Line will help nourish the mind, body and soul of 3,800+ of the country’s brightest in business and culture. So cool right?! We’ve prepared an organic, gluten and dairy free menu thoughtfully curated for the renowned Summit at Sea experience. We’re honored to have been chosen as one of 40 world-class culinary partners from across the country to join this voyage.

This is our first East Coast activation — can’t wait!  

Together, let’s give back to Padres Pedal the Cause on 11/5
This Saturday, November 5, 2016, Beaming will donate 10% of all three San Diego store sales to support Padres Pedal the Cause. This year’s event will be November 12-13Padres Pedal the Cause is a non-profit established to fund, plan and manage an annual cycling fundraiser with a mission to end cancer by raising money for life-saving cancer research in San Diego. Learn more at


Personalize Your Health

Personalize Your Health

With Beaming Wellness & Parsley Health

By Health Coach, Parsley Health, Tina Paymaster

When it comes to getting healthier, we’re too often guided by the latest diet and exercise fads, cleanses and celebrity trends.

Finding any inspiration to help motivate you to forego the extra glass of wine or get your body moving is all well and good, but there’s a really good chance that the same eating habits and workout your best friend (or Karlie Kloss) is doing, may not be the most beneficial to you.

There are so many people that feel like they’re “doing everything right” but still not seeing the results they want or feeling as good as they know they can.

At Parsley Health, a groundbreaking medical practice of highly trained doctors and health coaches that just opened in Los Angeles, we take a smarter, whole approach to helping you live a healthy life. The three main areas that we focus on when treating any condition are healing the gut, nutritional and lifestyle guidance and stress reduction. Every member receives a personalized protocol based on their unique needs. When creating a personalized health plan for our members, we get to know a patient’s entire life story so that we can figure out exactly what is causing an imbalance in their body and create a personalized plan to correct it.

Eating a “healthy” diet isn’t as simple as consuming more salads, sipping more green juice or taking in more protein. Sweating it out in spin class or running five miles a day may not be the answer to getting back into shape either. In many cases, this can actually cause your body to retain fat and throw your hormones out of balance.

The truth is that each and every one of us is incredibly and beautifully unique. Different things make us happy. Different things make us sad. In the same way, different foods and forms of movement will support each one of us differently. There is no “one-size-fits-all” recipe for better health.

When it comes to food, the main things to consider are how strong your digestion is and if the food is going to support your health or worsen any imbalances. About 50-70% of your immune system lies in your gut. How well you absorb the nutrients from your food and eliminate toxic waste is detrimental to the state of your health.

The quality of the foods you eat and the specific foods themselves can play a key role in how well your unique digestive process functions. Years of poor lifestyle choices, prescription medications, environmental toxins and stress can also impact the state of your digestion and negatively affect your health. Everything from weight gain, chronic fatigue, autoimmune diseases, hormone imbalances and skin issues are all connected to gut health.

When it comes to personalizing your own health, here are a few tips you can try now:

  1. Pay attention to how you feel
    The best gauge of how food is affecting your body is to actually pay attention to how you feel physically and emotionally when you eat. Practicing mindful eating and tuning into your body will provide you with more information than you probably think.
  1. Respect your hunger
    Six small meals a day or three large meals a day? The truth is there is no one right answer. It’s best to once again pay attention to your body. Are you actually hungry when you’re eating, are you eating out of habit, because it’s a certain time or because you’re bored or sad? As a general principle, eat when you’re hungry and don’t eat when you’re not.
  1. More isn’t necessarily better
    If you’re incredibly stressed out, having sleep issues and suffering from anxiety, going to high intensity bootcamp classes five days a week is only going to make things worse. Instead try incorporating more relaxing types of movement such as yoga (not hot yoga), pilates, walking or hiking.
  1. Address the four pillars of health
    According to Ayurveda, a 5000-year old holistic system of medicine, there are four main pillars to health: Sleep, Digestion, Elimination and Menstruation (for men, this would be other ways of purifying.) Look at the quality of each one of those in your life right now and ask yourself if each is operating at peak performance. If not, you may have a clue as to what is throwing your system off and causing you to not feel well.
  1. Experiment
    The only way to really know what is working and not working for your body is to experiment with new foods, new forms of exercise and new forms of relaxation such as meditation or breath work. Try something new out for a few weeks and see if you notice any differences.

Interested in getting your own personalized health plan?

Parsley Health is offering Beaming Wellness friends $100 off membership from now until November 27, 2016 with the code “BEAMING.” The offer expires in 30 days so schedule your free consultation today.

The Parsley Health annual membership gives you comprehensive medical care, year-round health coaching, unlimited online access to your records and medical team, access to a large wellness community and exclusive discounts and perks – and it costs just $149/month.

Tina Paymaster
Health Coach & LA Community Director, Parsley Health


* * *


“ We’ve extended our lifespan, but we have not extended our health span,” shares Dr. Jeff. “Functional medicine is the ‘why’ in medicine. Why is this happening?”

“We’ve extended our lifespan, but we have not extended our health span,” shares Dr. Jeff. “Functional medicine is the ‘why’ in medicine.”


Parsley Health offers much more than great doctors — it is the first ever medical practice to offer a personal, smart and whole approach to a healthy life. Their highly credentialed doctors and health coaches take the time to get to know you and your individual story. Then they use state of the art diagnostic tests to curate the best possible medical, nutrition and fitness treatment plan for you, all in one place.

NEW Pumpkin Dream Smoothie


NEW Pumpkin Dream Smoothie

Created with love by our Beaming teams, just for you!



8oz freshly sprouted almond milk
1 date
1 T Beaming Blonde Protein Powder
1/2 TSP cinnamon
1/4 TSP nutmeg
1 TSP maca
1 slice Pumpkin Maca Pie
1 TSP JEM Cinnamon Red Maca
1/4 C frozen banana
1/2 C ice


STEP 1: Blend on #3
STEP 2: Sprinkle on top with 1 T Beaming Homemade Superfood Granola (no berries)


By Popular Demand, Pumpkin Maca Pie

You can now pre-order the whole pie, just in time for the holidays. This gluten and dairy free treat is layered with a raw superfood crust and raw pumpkin filling and topped with our coconut whip cream.


Pre-order 3 days in advance with our cafes; pick-up at cafes.

Beauty Lies Within The Soul

“Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.” ~Maya Angelou

Beauty Lies Within The Soul

Holistic beauty tips to help you glow from the inside, out


By Alexis Wolfer
Alexis is the founder of the empowering women’s lifestyle website, author of The Recipe For Radiance and Radiant Bride, and a confidence-spreading Real Beauty advocate.

When it comes to beauty, we can wax on all day about the best anti-aging creams and Tom Ford’s killer lipsticks, but let’s be really honest here (and, yes, this is coming from someone who has spent her entire career in the beauty industry!), it’s neither wrinkle-free nor the latest lipstick that really make someone beautiful. We all intuitively know this – when we see someone who exudes beauty – and it’s that X-factor we all want to tap into. So, how do we get in on that beauty secret? Read on!

8 Inner Beauty Secrets

Complement Yourself. The first step to a beauty routine is self-confidence, yet all too often we’re our own worse critics, especially when it comes to our bodies. But your weight isn’t your worth and your beauty isn’t measured by your dress size. So, step away from the scale (it measures nothing more than your gravitational pull towards the earth – not your sexiness, beauty, health, or anything else!), ignore your jeans size (no one sees it!), and stop being so hard on yourself. Instead, start the day by acknowledging what you love about yourself. What are you grateful for? What do you OWN? (And really, throw away that scale!)

Sweat. Take a dance class, go to the gym, or sweat it out in an infrared sauna! Not because sweat burns calories (calories-shmalories!), but because sweating is one of your body’s best detoxification mechanisms and when you’re adequately detoxed, your skin will glow, your hair will grow thick and shiny, and more!

Hydrate. Your skin is one of the first places to show the signs of dehydration, which will not only exacerbates dry skin, but also makes oily skin oilier (when your skin is low on water content it tries to hydrate the only way it knows how: by pumping out the oil) and even makes wrinkles worse. Aim to drink half of your body weight in filtered water every day for radiance from the inside out.

Eat For Beauty. In my first book, The Recipe For Radiance, I share the secrets to using food for beauty. But for the cliff’s notes version, think of it this way: food is not just energy, it’s also the building blocks for your skin, hair, nails, organs, and more! Throw crap in the mix, and you’ll have a house made of crap 😉

Take A Probiotic. Your gut’s health is directly linked to your skin’s radiance. Adding a clean probiotic to your daily routine is a great way to take your skincare routine to the next level, especially if you’re prone to breakouts. One key tip I learned from my girl Meredith Gellar: mix up your probiotics every month or so since no single one contains all the strains of bacteria you need.

Own It. A lot of the times when people say “beauty comes from within” they mean it in a placating way, but go with me for a moment. Think of the most beautiful women you know – not a celebrity whose picture you’ve seen countless times and who you’ve repeatedly been told is beautiful, but a woman in your life. What makes her radiate? Sure, she may have glowing skin and luscious locks, but more often than not, it’s something else: it’s a confident energy that exudes from within. Own your beauty. Stand tall. Walk into a room confident. Trust me: it’s the best beauty tip around (well, that and a smile!).

Be Choosy. With your energy, your time, the people you hang with, and the conversations you have. An elevated life will elevate your beauty!

Read Labels. Your skin is your body’s largest organ and it absorbs what you put on it. Read those ingredient labels like you do your food labels – the fewer, more recognizable ingredients the better (hi, coconut oil!) – and your skin will thank you.


Alexis Wolfer is the founder and editor-in-chief of, an online women’s magazine founded in 2009 to bring women their beauty, fitness and wellness fix in a way designed to make them feel better about themselves. Less than 2 years later, Forbes Magazine named one of the Top 10 Women’s Lifestyle Websites.

Alexis has simultaneously become a well-known beauty and lifestyle expert, as seen on the Today Show, E!, The Doctors, NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX as well as in print outlets from WWD to AOL, to, Teen Vogue to Star Magazine and even the United Kingdom’s leading newspaper, The Independent. Access Hollywood even named Alexis the ‘Female Beauty MacGyver’ and People StyleWatch has dubbed her ‘The DIY Beauty Queen.’

Additionally, Alexis advises and invests in early stage startups, helping them in the areas of female user/customer acquisition, product development and strategy, and public relations and marketing.

Alexis graduated summa cum laude from Washington University in St. Louis, earned her Master’s Degree from Columbia University, and is a Certified Holistic Health Coach by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

She is the author of The Recipe For Radiance: Discover Beauty’s Best-Kept Secrets In Your Kitchen (Running Press, April 2014) and Radiant Bride: The Beauty, Diet, Fitness, And Fashion Plan For Your Big Day (Running Press, January 2016).

She currently lives in Los Angeles, but will always be a NYer at heart.

Strength is a State of Mind

Strength is a State of Mind

Week 3: BODY // Strength

By Founder, The Greatness Foundation, Mike Sherbakov

“All done” said the tattoo artist proudly. I looked at my wrist and there it was, a reminder for the rest of my life.

Rewind back a few years.

“Dig deep! You feel like quitting?! Good, that’s just the start!” yelled my drill instructor at Marine Corps bootcamp.

As much as I didn’t want to admit it.. with my face in the sand, covered in dirt and sweat, breathing so hard I felt like my heart was going to explode… he was right.

Fast forward.

“23 units in one semester?! I mean, it’s not recommended but I certainly can’t stop you” said my guidance counselor as I explained my plan to earn two bachelors degrees in 3 years.

As much as she didn’t want to admit it.. I possessed a quality, a certain characteristic that would guarantee success in whatever I decided to take on… and she was right.

Whether physical or mental, we’ve created limits for ourselves. We’ve taken our past experiences and decided, at some point, that we were only capable of so much. The problem? Well more often than not, the limits we’ve set are actually just a fraction of our true potential.

What if you were capable of more? What if you pushed beyond your self-imposed limits and realized that you were capable of greatness?

From one extra repetition exercising at the gym when you feel like quitting to one extra minute finding stillness in your morning meditation when your mind won’t slow down, this particular quality may just be the single biggest predictor of future success.

Strength. A commitment to pushing beyond our “limits” and doing our best in every moment.

Strength comes in many forms. Sometimes, we cultivate external strength by embodying full-body wellness, a combination of proper nutrition and effective training. We provide ourselves with the right foods and place enough external resistance on the body so it grows stronger. Other times, we cultivate internal strength by navigating a challenging situation in life with grace and ease. We embrace challenges and change our perspective to see them as opportunities in order to grow. 

In both examples, we’re pushing beyond comfort zones and that, interestingly enough, is where the magic happens.

Strength to me is a state of mind. It’s about getting comfortable being uncomfortable, knowing it’s not always easy but certainly always worth it. 

This perspective suddenly turns life into an adventure! No need for perfection, no need for judgment or comparison. We begin to explore personal edges in every area of our lives. We push past physical boundaries in the gym or the yoga studio. We push past mental boundaries, intuitively listening to and bringing awareness to self-limiting beliefs we’ve created and slowly break them down.

Just as a tiny seed planted in the ground has the potential to become a massive oak tree, so we have the potential to become the greatest version of ourselves, if only coupled with the strength to actualize this potential.

“Strength” is tattooed on my wrist as a reminder and commitment. I hope the words above act as a reminder for you to live with strength, inside and out.


Mike Sherbakov is the founder of The Greatness Foundation, on a mission to positively impact one billion lives. Learning the importance of integrity, honor, and hard work during his time on active duty in the United States Marine Corps, Mike is fascinated with exploring human potential. He inspires others to choose greatness as a leader in the community and passionately pursues humanitarian efforts around the globe.

Navigating September’s Cosmic Energies


We’re on cosmic energy adventure this month — as eclipse season comes to an end and we journey toward the energy of the Fall Equinox, we have a powerful opportunity to make some major transformations. Chances are you felt the effects of last Friday’s Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse, which brought a huge surge of cleansing energy and invited us to go deep into the subconscious. Worn out thought-patterns, old wounds, and unhealthy behaviors resurfaced in our psyche, calling for our true compassion so they could be acknowledged and cleared. Navigating this space can be intense and uncomfortable, but how you respond to the challenges is a determining factor for your spiritual and personal evolution.

When we develop a relationship with these cosmic cycles, we can use the energy appropriately to take us to the next level. The Fall Equinox on Thursday creates a portal that we can access through our practice to propel us in the right direction. You have a window of opportunity to leave a lot of subconscious garbage, past karmas, and limiting beliefs behind. Let the energy move through you! I suggest taking the time to meditate, write freely, and speak into existence your deepest truths and desires around your health, career, and relationships. May you receive the gifts of this potent time, heal and move forward with confidence and grace.

Feeling stuck or maybe need a bit of accountability? I would love to support you! Connect with me @fernolivia and onFacebook for daily inspiration to live your most radiant, powerful life! You’re also invited to join me for an incredible 4-day thyroid healing immersion this November in LA, learn more here.


fernolivia_5Fern Olivia Langham, founder of Thyroid.Yoga™, is a Los Angeles–based instructor and wellness expert renowned for her artful approach to self-healing. Through her own journey recovering from Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism, Fern Olivia combines her extensive knowledge of yoga, meditation, breathwork, mantra, holistic health, and plant-based alchemy into a one-of-a-kind integrative approach. Learn more about her live Thyroid Yoga training for teachers, wellness practitioners and those looking to heal on an accelerated timeline.

Welcome to Week 2 of Our Wellness Journey

Welcome to Week 2 of Our Wellness Journey

MIND // Thought Leadership


Today we shift from mindfulness to those people who inspire us, stretch our thinking, help us tap into our creativity and imagination, and challenge us to think BIG. This week, we’ll share a curated list of thought leaders and their podcasts – after all who doesn’t love a great podcast! Share your favorite podcasts below and let’s inspire one another.

Lewis Howes – School of Greatness


If you don’t know Lewis Howes and his “School of Greatness,” you should. A dear friend and self proclaimed lifestyle entrepreneur, he helps people of all ages reach their full potential through his books, podcast, online school (of Greatness :), speaking engagements and more. I love listening to his podcasts on my commutes back and forth to LA. This year he is hosting his first Summit of Greatness in Columbus, OH (his home town) from September 29 – October 1, 2016. Check it out.



Vishen Lakhiani Mind Valley Academy


“Education for People who refuse to fit into the ordinary world.” Mind Valley Academy is an incredible online personal growth academy filled with online courses, podcast and tools for living your best life. Vishen Lakhiani is the visionary behind the Academy and author of one of my favorite new books, The Code of the Extraordinary Mind.



Marie Forleo


One of the best podcasts and “Marie TV” – Marie is a fantastic interviewer and always features interesting, dynamic, relevant speakers – anyone from Tony Robbins to Elizabeth Gilbert to Jason Silva to Sir Richard Branson. And, she’s extra special to me because she played an influential role in the inspiration behind Beaming :).



Jonathan Fields Good Life Project


Authentic, introspective and deep are the first three words that come to mind when I think of Jonathan Fields. A man of tremendous intregrity, Jonathan is committed to helping people live more meaningful, connected lives. His conversations with some of the greatest teachers and thought leaders are powerful and thought provoking. And he’s releasing his next book, How to Live a Good Life, which will most certainly be a game changer.



Ali Brown – Glambition Radio


When I head out for a run or power walk, I take Ali Brown and her “Glambition Radio” podcasts with me. Named one of the top podcasts for female entrepreneurs, Ali interviews some of the most amazing women doing extraordinary things. From Ali Webb of Dry Bar to Jessica Herren of Stella & Dot to JJ Virgin and so many more, I am always inspired by her conversations with takeaways that I apply in my business and life.




FMTV – Food Matters TV


Finally, a website that has all of the best health and wellness videos, documentaries and online podcast series in one place featuring the top doctors and health influencers in the world. The founders, James Colquhoun & Laurentine ten Bosch are the Filmmakers for the thought provoking documentaries Food Matters & Hungry For Change so needless to say, they didn’t mess around when creating this online resource. My one caution, it’s addicting … in the best of ways :).



Elizabeth Gilbert – Magic Lessons


Perhaps my favorite woman on the planet (sorry Mom), or at least my favorite female author and speaker :). If you don’t know Elizabeth Gilbert, you have been living under a rock. She’s the author of Eat, Pray, Love among many other books and one of my favorite books released this year, Big Magic. If you have not read this book or listened to it on audio, it’s a must do immediately. She’s witty, real, playful and the true essence of authenticity. And somehow she always has the perfect words to convey what I am thinking and feeling. She gets it. Enjoy!



Tony Robbins


Tony doesn’t need a formal introduction, as he is by far one of the most influential, powerful, life changing individuals on the planet. If you haven’t been to one of his seminars, it’s an experience like no other. And his recent documentary, I Am Not Your Guru gives an inside look into on of his most transformational workshops, Date with Destiny is phenomenal. His new podcast, which, like everything else Tony does, is exceptional – another one of my favorite inspirations to devour during a run or power walk.



Tim Ferriss 


Named the #1 podcast on all of itunes, clearly he has something to say about business (and other topics) that people want to hear. And his best selling book, The Four Hour Workweek, is a business staple. Tim’s content is thought provoking, witty and extremely useful as he interviews some of the greatest influencers & business thought leaders in the world – from Seth Godin to Malcolm Gladwell to Tony Robbins to Marc Andreessen to Jamie Foxx.



Dave Asprey Bulletproof Radio 

@dave.aspry @bulletproofcoffee

You don’t have to drink Bulletproof Coffee to appreciate Dave’s candidness and commitment to “hacking” conventional western medicine theories. He’s brilliant, controversial and a fantastic interviewer.




Rich Roll 


An accomplished vegan ultra endurance athlete and former entertainment lawyer turned plant-based and wellness advocate, Rich and his wife Julie are a dynamic duo of optimism and inspiration helping to illuminate our minds to the power of food as medicine and all things wellness. His personality is powerful, yet subdued, and his interviews are as authentic as they come. I love listening to his podcasts on runs and beach walks as he has a way of finding some of the most fascinating people around the world doing incredible things.

WEEK 1: MIND // mind•ful•ness

mind • ful • ness

a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment,
while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations.

Meditate with Megan >> listen to her meditation podcast

If I look back on my life prior to my meditation practice I realize I spent very little time in the present moment and even less time accepting my feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations. To be clear: I absolutely spent time in my feelings/thoughts/body, but there was only the occasional element of acceptance. There was a time when I would start a cleanse not thinking, “I’ve been listening to my body and I think it could use a break and a reset,” but then “I wonder how much weight I’m going to lose.” A time when I would go on a date and think, “I wonder if he’ll call?” instead of asking myself if I thought he had the qualities that I look for in a partner. A time when I would go on a job interview wondering if they thought I was good enough to hire instead of asking the questions to ascertain whether or not I thought it was a good fit.

I lived my life reacting to the world around me doing my best in whatever state that moment left my mind, body or spirit in. I rarely pondered my existence, my desires, my purpose, and how I was serving the world. I lived in the most tangible and micro layers of my being.

Meditation introduced me to who I was beyond the tangible roles that I played, beyond what others thought of me, beyond my body even. Allowing mindfulness to be what sponsored the thoughts I favored, the words I spoke, and the actions I took changed my very experience of reality. When you are able to witness the state of your being, whether it’s in the form of a thought or feeling, while simultaneously having the thought or feeling you open up the space between the two. You invite in the ability to lovingly accept what is first and foremost, before you begin to judge and impose your will onto the reality you find yourself in. As a result, you stop arguing with reality! What a concept – allowing ‘what is’ outside of yourself to simply be what it is. You focus instead on how you’re choosing to respond, in turn becoming the conscious and mindful author of the story you’re living out instead of allowing everyone else’s story to narrate your life.

Meditate with Megan >> listen to her meditation podcast

Haven’t meditated before? PERFECT! We’re so excited to connect you with one of our favorite meditation teachers. Take time for YOU and enjoy this meditation.


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screen-shot-2016-09-10-at-7-04-09-pmMegan is a meditation teacher @wanderlusthlwd, @unplugmeditation @chopracenter, and she also teaches privately. “My life, my journey, what wakes me up in the morning is about remembering who I am. I’m a big believer that we all start off in a state of wholeness and we then proceed to layer onto that wholeness our experiences and stories, many of which block us from living in a state of trust and flow. The moment you start shining the light of awareness onto that residue and begin to clean off the elements of your story that don’t serve you, let go of the thoughts that don’t propel you, you see glimmers of your greatness – of who you really are.” You can find Megan at her Beaming “home cafe” in West Hollywood and Brentwood.