10 Metabolism Boosting Spring Detox Tips

Spring is a time for renewal. The trees and flowers are blooming, and plant-based foods are becoming seasonal and more plentiful. Many of us feel motivated to clean out and declutter our closets, cupboards, drawers & garages. Spring is also a wonderful time to start fresh and cleanse to renew our body, mind and spirit – and kick our metabolism into gear!

Our digestive system, kidneys, liver, lungs, and skin are all channels for eliminating toxins.  But in our toxic, stressed out, hurried lifestyles, sometimes those channels can get a little bogged down.  When the body is not able to remove toxins and chemicals efficiently – it stores them in the safest place away from our brain and organs – our adipose tissue, or fat.  That is one way how chemicals and toxins in our diet and environment can cause the body to accumulate and hold on to weight.

Cleansing can lighten the load on our organs of elimination and help to improve our digestion and the balance of gut flora and bacteria, which can help to balance our mood and hormones, boost metabolism/energy, sleep, improve quality of our skin and hair; it can help us look and feel younger – and as a by-product of all this – our weight can often come into balance.

10 Cleansing Tips:

  1. Clean up. One of the key things to do to support the body to detox is to stop bringing in new toxins!  An Australian studyfound that just one week of eating organic reduced the amount of pesticides in blood by 90%.  I also recommend avoiding GMOs (which are typically high in pesticides), plastics (which have endocrine disrupting chemicals); and also using clean laundry detergent, home and personal care products. Toxins and chemicals can mess with our metabolism, hormones, and even raise our risk of diseases like cancer.
  2. Get Juicey. Fresh pressed juices are a wonderful way to naturally boost energy – one medium juice can have over 3 pounds of plant-based foods in it – that is a lot of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals!  I love juicing this time of year – try my Green Lemonade recipeat home, or pop into Beaming for their wonderful selection of fresh-pressed organic juices.  I always recommend having a little healthy fat with your juice – learn more.
  3. Tempting as it is to reach first for a cup of coffee in the morning – your metabolism will thank you when you start each day with a full glass of filtered or alkaline water.  Add a squeeze of lemon, which helps to support a healthy pH and supports detoxification and elimination. I also like to add a small pinch of Himalayan or Celtic salt to mine too – which supports the adrenals and helps to ‘turn on’ the thirst mechanism. Bored of plain old water?  Try my ginger lemonade and spa water!
  4. Break Up. Taking a break from foods with added sugars can reduce inflammation and boost our immune system and our sensitivity to the hormone insulin – which is important for energy and a healthy metabolism.  A diet high in added- sugars makes you hungrier, slows your metabolism, reduces immunity, and creates AGEs (advanced glycation end products – which damages the collagen and elastin in our skin).  Cutting out the sugar can help our skin to look more youthful and your tastebuds often become more sensitive to sweets – so you need and crave less.
  5. Boost! Most cleanses will have you eliminating gluten, dairy, sugar, soy and other food groups.  But instead of focusing on what you have to eliminate, focus on what foods you can add into boost your energy, mood and support your bodies’ detox channels.  Superfoods are foods that contain a high amount of nutrients and are a great way to really maximize your nutrition and energy! Some of my favorites are chia seeds, hemp hearts, moringa, maca, mushrooms, ginger and turmeric.  In addition to offering natural energy boosts, superfoods can also boost our immunity, help our body adapt to stress, reduce inflammation, balance brain function, and more!  Get your superfoods on with Beaming smoothie or bowl, or settle down at night with my Golden Milk Ginger & Mushroom Tea recipe!
  6. Stress is like kryptonite for our metabolism & health. Out of control stress causes an increase in the hormone cortisol, which increases our glucose and insulin levels, and causes fat to deposit in your midsection. High levels of stress also causes our digestive system to get super sluggish.  If allowed to go on for long, it can stress our adrenals, and cause imbalances in our other hormones.  Finding ways to reduce stress is very important for our metabolism and health – such as yoga, meditation, biofeedback, walking, etc.  One way to lower our stress levels is to unplug – turn off the electronics at least an hour before bedtime, and try to have a no phone zone at mealtimes.  It is amazing how much more we connect to people when we disconnect to our devices.
  7. Exercise Smarter. Long cardio workouts can raise our stress hormones – which tell our body to store fat in our midsection, and overtime can even damage the heart. So working out harder & longer could be working against your metabolism – leading to fat storage, not loss!  If you are a cardio junkie – and are frustrated that your workouts are not working anymore, consider mixing it up.  Go for lower stress exercise like yoga and walking.  Add in some weight-bearing exercises – because building up muscle boosts the metabolism.  Instead of long runs – go for short bursts of intensity – which are shown to boost the metabolism (and saves lots of time too). But because sweating is way for the body to release toxins – consider saunas, hot yoga classes, and adding in those short bursts of intensity.
  8. Our soils are becoming more minerally depleted, and so is our food, and as a result – we are too.  Minerals are crucial for all cellular functions, including bone building and detoxification.  Soaking in salt baths help to draw out toxins, while the skin soaks up the beneficial magnesium and other minerals. Avoid the salt baths loaded down with fragrance and artificial colors – that just defeats the whole point. Go for fragrance free epsom salt, or I like Dead Sea Warehouseproducts – high quality & reasonably priced salt products from the Dead Sea.  Soak for 20 minutes or less, and drink plenty of water after salt baths.
  9. Digestion problems are rampant today – so giving the digestion a break with easy to digest foods like smoothies and soups is a great thing to do periodically. And another way to support the digestion is to take digestive enzymes, which help to break down our foods, probiotics – which boost our beneficial bacteria, and supplements like Triphala which balance the overall digestion.  Our gut affects our weight, mood, brain function, heart health, and so much more.
  10. Oil-pulling is an ancient detox practice which helps to draw and usher out toxins, and remove bacteria and yeasts from the mouth.  Swish a spoonful of oil around your mouth for 10-20 minutes, then spit it into the garbage (don’t swallow it – because it will have toxins in it).  Sesame oil is often used, but coconut oil is my favorite – because it has natural antibacterial and antiviral properties. I like to use Skinny Coconut oil – which is a cold pressed alkaline coconut oil with peppermint oil in it!

Think about it this way – our metabolism is kind of like a computer – if we are eating a lot of processed foods, get dehydrated, relying on quick sugar fixes and caffeine, and under a lot of stress – it can cause our metabolic ‘processors’ (hormones) to misfire.  We can literally “reprogram” our metabolism and get it humming again with a well-designed cleanse.  When we clean up our diet and lifestyle – we feel cared for, our skin gets it’s glow back, and we can recharge our batteries.

The great thing about doing a Beaming cleanse – is they do the planning and prep for you – so you can focus on getting revitalized!

A Nutritionist, Author & Speaker, Sara Vance was overweight as a child, and suffered from a long list of chronic health issues for decades. Sara found the answers right at the end of her fork, and is passionate about teaching others to heal with foods. Her book The Perfect Metabolism Plan busts the diet myths, and details the 10 keys to an optimal metabolism. It also has over 50 delicious recipes and a plan to put it all into action to regain your energy and achieve your ideal weight.  A regular guest on local San Diego television stations for over 5 years, Sara also hosted The Metabolism Summit – an online event featuring 31 of the top experts on metabolism and health.  Sara loves to take her dog for hikes, create healthy recipes, spend time with her family, and practice yoga.

Give Your Gut A Break

It’s just about noon and you are standing in line to order a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread. You have not taken a bite, yet digestion has begun. The digestive process actually started back at the office when the thought of lunch set off the release of salivary enzymes, thus preparing your gut for what’s to come. Now, as you chew and break up your sandwich, saliva mixes in, and when you swallow, the food begins it’s way down a 30-foot-long digestive process. The partially digested meal further brakes down in the stomach, passing into the small intestine where nutrients are absorbed. Over the next 4-6 hours the non-digestible portions of your meal move to the large intestine and are then are excreted 24 to 72 hours later.

There is no question… poor digestion leads to poor health and a compromised immune system.  Think about it, the harder your body has to work to digest your food, the less energy it has for mainting a strong immune system and well, just overall energy.

Our digestive system is extremely complex and can be disrupted by many factors such as diet, emotional stress, hormone imbalance, disease and toxicity, as well as by various prescription and over the counter medications. Sadly enough, one in four Americans suffer daily from digestive symptoms such as bloating, gas, nausea, heartburn, diarrhea, or chronic constipation. Food allergens and intolerances to dairy and gluten can also cause extreme discomfort.

At Beaming, we feel that addressing intestinal dysfunction is critical to getting to the root cause of overall health and vitality. Not to mention, many seemingly unrelated conditions including autoimmune disease, allergies, migraines, fatigue, weight loss or gain, arthritis, joint pain, and mental-emotional imbalance.

Food is medicine. And, in simplest terms… we believe in giving your digestion a break, knowing that whole, organic, unprocessed plant-based foods create the most healthy and delicious food available. A 3 – 21 day retreat from your daily habits can change the way you look and feel both internally and externally. It is our mission to inspire and empower people of all ages to experience greater health, happiness and vitality which is why we’ve teamed up with some of the country’s leading raw food culinary chefs and cleansing experts to help us develop exceptional tasting, high integrity juices, foods and cleansing programs.


Stay’in Grounded While Cleansing

by Adina Niemerow – Chef, Author, Mind, Body, Spirit Nutrition

I wrote my book SUPER CLEANSE to inspire a spiritual journey toward inner peace and clarity. Food is the anchor in my spiritual quest for good health because what we eat has an effect on our whole being.

A 4 day cleanse is a quick tune up and a perfect opportunity to connect with our energy body. So much of, the food we eat today fogs our life force energy and creates havoc on our mind, body and spirit connection. We’re so “jacked” up on junk food we can’t feel. This disconnect from the mother earth is a major contributor to our dis-ease.

This year I started a masters program in Energy Medicine. My most important take away from class so far, is the beautiful reminder to use my tools to “ground” everyday all day. We can cleanse ourselves into green juice bliss, and we also need to stay firmly grounded to the earth.

“A strong grounding connection creates a stable platform from which to operate in the world. It creates more awareness, clarity and confidence and a sense of peace.” – Francesca McCartney

SIGNS OF BEING UNGROUNDED: anxiety, indecisive, struggling to reach goals, bumping into things, insecurity, fear,

SIGNS OF BEING GROUDED: Peaceful, mentally clear, decisive, trust in the path, aware of the synchronicities, feeling balanced- emotional evenness.

Below: is a grounding exercise and grounding soup that you can integrate into your daily life.

EXERCISE: You can do this in a chair at home-

1) Find a nice path of grass to sit on.

2) Sit down in the grass and imagine all resistance in your body and feel the heaviness of your body

3) Flush out any frustration, anger or resentment and let it flow right down through your body through your feet and into the earth-

Let it go.

4) Now -Imagine you are part of a large tree and visualize the trunk of the tree extending through you deep down into the center of the earth and the roots of the tree locking into the earth’s core. Feel you’re grounding energy flowing from you through the tree trunk into the center of the earth and feel the energy of the earth flowing up the tree into your body.

5) Repeat this a few times.

Books on grounding –“Body Of Health-by FRANCHESCA MCARTNEY”



Fall Miso Soup**

Makes 2 servings

Miso soup is light, yet it’s really filling as well.  I find it helps me get grounded after a long day at work.  The optional ingredients in this recipe add a yummy twist to the broth. 

4 cups purified water

1 green onion thinly chopped

1 Fennel bulb- cut into small bite size pieces

1-cup Butternut squash- cut into small bite size pieces

1 clove garlic, minced

1 teaspoon fresh ginger, peeled and minced

Pinch of mustard powder

2 tablespoons- or more to taste- chickpea or miso of your choice –

1/2 teaspoon sesame oil

Squeeze of fresh lemon juice

Optional:   handful of sprouts of your choice, 2 tablespoons chopped tomato, 2 tablespoons chopped avocado

Directions:  Oil a sheet pan, Pre- heat oven to 400 and peel and cut the yam into small bite size pieces. Roast for 10 minutes or until done. Set aside. Bring the water to a boil in a medium saucepan. Reduce heat and stir in the green onion, ginger, garlic and mustard powder. Cover and simmer for 10 minutes.  Remove from heat, add miso paste and stir until dissolved.  Add the sesame oil, lemon juice, yams and extra vegetable of your choice.  Ladle a serving into a bowl and enjoy. For a creamy texture- whiz in high speed blender for 2 seconds.

To find out more about Adina visit adinaniemerow.com 


Why Cleanse with Beaming | Our Ultimate Cleanse Experience

At Beaming we approach cleansing a little differently – our goal is to support long term health and wellbeing while inspiring a deliciously addictive healthy lifestyle. Unlike most other cleanses, juice or water fasts, we include food in our cleanse programs allowing the process to be effective & enjoyable without starvation and deprivation. We believe the benefits of cleansing are even more powerful using the nutritional power of organic plant-based foods and superfoods. It’s an opportunity to reset, renew and rejuvenate, helping you to experience the physical, mental and emotional benefits of a healthy lifestyle without disrupting your every day life.

We believe cleansing should and can actually be enjoyable, which is why we have partnered with some of the top holistic and raw food chefs to create programs that are as delicious as they are effective. Our cleanse programs have been designed to allow your body to heal & transform from the inside out by reducing inflammation, supporting improved digestive and allowing your body to feel how good you can feel when you are well nourished through a plant-based diet.

Whether you choose our signature LifestyleCleanse, LeanCleanse or ActiveCleanse programs, each offers a gourmet menu of organic cold-pressed artisan juices (most are low glycemic!), superfood smoothies (loaded with plant-based protein) and/or sprouted nut milks with Beaming Superfood Plant Protein, soups, organic salads, superfood elixirs and superfood snacks. And because we understand that each of you and your needs are unique, we have designed 3 programs to meet your health goals, lifestyle and caloric needs.

The other big question we receive about cleansing is what happens after?

  • Each of our 3-5 day programs include our 30 page Post Cleanse eBook that gives you the tools to keep up your new healthy habit
  • We provide you with post-cleanse tips and support to help you transition from your cleanse

The Benefits You’ll Experience

The Beaming Cleanse purifies and detoxifies your system without starvation and deprivation and is designed to rejuvenate at a cellular level, leaving the body in a state of balance and optimum vitality.

Our plant-based cleanse is the optimal way to allow your body (and mind) to reset, renew and rejuvenate while giving your digestion a break, reducing inflammation and restoring inner balance.

These are some of the amazing benefits you can experience:

Total Body Detox

Cellular Rejuvenation

Increase Energy

Mental Clarity

Improve Digestion

Elevate Mood

Reduce Inflammation

Wellness Jumpstart

Immunity Boost

Improve Sleep

Decrease Anxiety

Lower Triglycerides

Combat Aging

Lose Weight

Reduce Body Fat

Real people, real testimonies

“I’ve done juice cleanses with Nektar the last two years and they were really painful experiences. I did them because I felt good afterwards and my body/mind needed the reset after a grueling year. However, they were far from enjoyable. I thought your cleanse was awesome.  I loved the blend of juices, to warm soups, to crunchy foods to salads, etc. The day to day diversity actually made it a pleasure. Beyond that, I never felt depleted of energy along the way, which was the issue with my cleanses in the past. I’ve mentioned the process of your cleanse to a variety of people already and everyone loved your approach of diversity (flavors, texture, etc) verses a traditional juice cleanse. Score that a 10 out of 10!” Paul Conroy, The Agency Group, Chief Strategy & Revenue Officer

“I wanted to tell you how happy I am with Beaming 10 day cleanse. I have been doing a cleanse at least once a year since 2007. I have done raw juice/food cleanses in San Diego and New York. I have also done several Ayurvedic cleanses. I have to tell you that the Beaming cleanse is the most balanced and delicious cleanse. The juices, smoothies and salads are incredible. I feel great and am even considering the 21 day cleanse. I would recommend this cleanse to everyone. Its easy because everything is so yummy.” Teresa Rutherford, Beaming Customer

“This cleanse was so powerful and rewarding that I still had serious cleanse side effects day 1, and I started this cleanse directly after I participated and coached a wellness cleanse. I was energized, clear headed, and felt ready to tackle the day. Other juice cleanses have left me crashing mid-way through. When I’ve crashed, I went directly for the steak and potato dinner. The Beaming cleanse never left me feeling hungry and wanting to “cheat” with other foods. Due to its low glycemic cleanse (I believe I received only ¼ of a green apple juice per day!) I was able to stabilize and maintain my energy. A lot of other juices taste “great” due to the amount of high glycemic fruit which breaks down into sugar and wreak havoc on the body.” Beaming Customer

“I had done 21-Day Sugar Detoxes twice in the past with the total elimination of gluten, sugar and dairy, but it was a LOT of planning, food shopping, and food prep to try to feed myself foods that tasted complex and interesting enough, as well as juicing. I felt like it took too much time out of my day to figure out my food and kept me in the grocery store and kitchen too much.

From the initial emails I received, to the convenient packaging, I’ve felt supported. It’s been “one trip” every 2 days to get two days worth of sustenance. That freed up time for me to live my life, be productive at home, be able to do some exercise, enjoy some sunshine, enjoy walks with my dogs, and be with my family. Having everything handled for me, from the numbering on the bottles and the handy reminder card of “when to consume what” took the guesswork out of it. All I had to do was enjoy it. Which brings me to the MOST important point: EVERYTHING TASTES AMAZING!!!!! I’ve been having the experience of eating in a gourmet raw food restaurant, right here at home. Beaming’s recipes are obviously created by amazing chefs and qualified by discerning tastebuds. Every juice, smoothie, soup and salad has been absolutely scrumptious! And most of all, I have not felt deprived in the least. My body has been flushing throughout the process, my skin color looks better and is glowing a bit more, and my thinking is clearer. I feel absolutely fantastic.” Hilary Dunning, Beaming Customer

Let’s Get Cleansing

It’s time to look and feel your best in just a few days. We’ve put together the ultimate cleanse. Receive a FREE copy of Crazy, Sexy Diet by Kris Carr and get over $85 in perks from our partners.

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The ULTIMATE Post Summer 21 Day Clean up Challenge – Beaming Style!

The Beaming lifestyle is all about a life of balance – indulging in moderation and celebrating life while also knowing when you feel your best and how to make choices accordingly. This is true in all aspects of life – food, love, exercise, mental & spiritual health, friendships, family, personal growth, and more. As we come off summer and the many celebrations it has offered (BBQs, s’mores, vacations, beach parties, sunset cocktails, busy kid schedules and perhaps a few missed workouts), we felt it was the perfect time to reset and rejuvenate. It’s a great time to get our mind and bodies back to feeling our best. Much like we enter each New Year ready to purge from the holidays, we decided to call September the new January and are unofficially launching a 21 Day Challenge.

September is the new January – 21 Day BEAMING Challenge

Throughout the month of September at our Beaming Del Mar location, we are offering an entire month of what we are calling “live the Beaming lifestyle” complete with our raw food cleanse programs, private beach workouts, yoga with some of our favorite local instructors, meditation classes, hiking, smoothie making & health workshops, wellness support and more. (click here to learn more about the month of Beaming in Del Mar)

For those of you not in San Diego, you can still join us for your own custom 21 Day “Back to you” Challenge from wherever you are. Here are some ideas for creating a month of wellness anywhere in the country Beaming style:

  1. Commit to a cleanse for at least 3 days.  Whether you make it yourself (check out our DIY Cleanse tips!) or purchase one of our Signature Raw Food Cleanse Programs, this is truly the quickest, most effective way to rejuvenate and reset your habits – especially coming off the summer binge. We can ship anyone of our cleanses anywhere in the country, so if you are not inspired to make your own, let us do the work for you. The Lean, Active and Lifestyle cleanses are each uniquely designed and available in 3 or 5 day formats. Did we mention that you will also get the Beam Me Up Beaming tank top and some of our individual Raw Superfood Plant-based Protein Blend individual packets as part of our special promotion this month? ($35 value). This is THE month to get back to your best self.
  2. Choose 3 things you are going to eliminate from your diet for the month – Alcohol? Coffee? Bread & pasta?  Soda?  Packaged & processed foods and snacks? Other? You choose and commit to at least 3 – its only 21 days, which is just enough time to reset habits and build new ones.
  3. Choose at least 3 new habits you would like to implement for the month. Perhaps you have always wanted to meditate and this is your month to start it! Maybe this is the month you are going to commit to exercising at least 3-4 times per week? Maybe it’s reading more or spending more time with your kids without your phone distracting you? Or no longer texting and driving? Maybe it’s giving a little more love to your partner and telling them every day how much you appreciate them? Whatever it is, 3 goals that you can commit to. Easy peasy.
  4. Choose at least 1 thing that you have been talking about doing but haven’t done yet. Maybe it’s taking a yoga class at a yoga studio you drive by every day but haven’t taken the time to check out a class! Or scheduling a meeting with a holistic doctor to get some blood work done because its time to have a deeper dive into your health? Or maybe it’s doing acupuncture for the first time or calling a meditation coach to start your meditation practice?

We look forward to a great month of health and wellness and hope to have you celebrate this Fall with the ULTIMATE Post Summer 21 Day Clean Up Challenge.


green juice

Spring Cleaning: Daily Detox Tips

It’s Spring!

Who doesn’t love Spring?  We feel alive and re-energized as we say good-bye to winter and await the arrival of Summer.  For most of us… this is also when we’re reminded that bikini season is on its way and we start to trade hearty soups and comfort foods for salads, fruit and lighter meals.

Spring is the traditional time for spring-cleaning.  And thanks to the rising awareness around holistic health, many of us spring clean more than just our house.  This is nature’s time to cleanse as well – many cleansing herbs such as dandelions and milk thistle, bloom during this time of year.

Whether you’ve already started a spring detox, or are planning to do one, it’s important to create healthy lifestyle habits that support our body’s natural detoxification process on a daily basis.

Start your day with lemon and water

First thing upon waking, squeeze the juice of half a lemon into a glass of warm water.  This alkalizes your body and supports your liver’s detoxification process.  Make sure to drink sufficient water throughout the day as well – about 6 to 8 glasses.

Drink your AM greens

You can do this instead of, or in addition to your lemon water.  Having greens first thing in the morning is alkalizing for the body, and provides you with a boost of vital nutrients (aka energy!) to start your day.  You can add a handful of greens to your morning smoothie, or use a powdered superfood greens blend like Amazing Grass Raw Reserve (available at the Beaming Store or Wholefoods) or Mighty Maca Greens that contain superfoods like spirulina, chlorella, broccoli, wheat grass, blue-green algae, maca, probiotics and more.

Beaming’s Superfood Smoothie Blend , with 14 superfoods  such as Acai, Pomegranite, Spirulina, Maca, Camu Camu and others is also a great option or our organic Superfood Plant Protein Powder with Greens is a fantastic all-in-one option for busy mornings to get lots of superfoods in one scoop along with easily digestable proteins (chia, hemp, brown rice and pea protein).  It’s a perfect way to alkalize, energize and start your day.

Move your body every day

Moving your body is so important.  It doesn’t have to be formal exercise.  You can take a walk, bike ride, jump on a trampoline or hike.  Moving your body by stretching, twisting, jumping, running or sweating stimulates your lympathic system – this is your body’s drainage system that is similar to blood vessels.  However, unlike your heart, which works to pump blood through the body, the lympathic system doesn’t have a built-in pump.  It’s movement that stimulates lympathic fluid to move through our body.  This is particularly important during a cleanse, but also as a regular part of our routine to ensure our lymph fluid is always moving.

Increase your daily fiber intake

In addition to our lympathic system, our digestive tract is another way that our body eliminates toxins.  Fiber not only helps the movement of our large intestine, it soaks up circulating toxins, excess hormones and cholesterol.  Getting a sufficient amount of fiber is extremely important in supporting daily detoxification in our body – the recommended intake is approx. 25-35g for women, and 35-45g for men.  Great sources of fiber are low glycemic fruit like apples and berries, all vegetables including leafy greens, carrots, celery, sweet potatoes and avocado, and whole grains such as brown rice, quinoa and oats.

Remove toxins and chemicals from your diet

While doing a short cleanse is very beneficial, it’s not going to do a lot for your long-term health if you eat processed food on a daily basis.  To support your overall health, you want to avoid packaged foods whenever possible and also read labels carefully – a simple rule of thumb – if you can’t pronounce or spell an ingredient, it’s probably not good for you!  Artificial colors, flavors and preservatives should also be avoided as much as possible.

Eat more fruit and vegetables, especially dark leafy bitter greens

Whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian or carnivore, everyone can benefit from a diet that’s rich in plants.  This includes fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and whole grains. Eating lots of plants supports your liver in detoxification and aids in the elimination of toxins through a healthy digestive tract.

These tips are a great way to support your body to “cleanse” every day – especially during Spring Cleaning – helping to create healthy lifestyle habits you can maintain throughout the year.


About Victoria:

Victoria Bailey is a Certified Nutritionist, Wellness Coach and Weight Loss Expert, passionate about helping women and men transform their body, lifestyle and relationship with food through a holistic mind and body approach.   Connect with Victoria on Facebook and her website  www.victoriabaileywellness.com.

To Cleanse or Not To Cleanse

You may be surprised to hear from us that at Beaming, we don’t actually believe in “cleansing” as it is currently defined by the popular 3-day juice-only, powdered drinks or water/maple syrup/lemon fasts/cleanses.  Believe it or not, your body is an amazingly brilliant machine that “cleanses” naturally.


In saying this, what we do believe that food is medicine and that we can all benefit from removing the foods and liquids that wreak havoc on our bodies like sugar, gluten, wheat, dairy, alcohol, meat, caffeine and processed foods and replacing them with a nutrient rich plant-based diet for a duration of time.  So the definition of “cleansing” for Beaming is about taking out the foods that aren’t helping us thrive and putting in the good.  Perhaps a better word is REJUVENATION.


When we nurture our bodies with a raw food plant based diet/”cleanse”, we experience how good we can feel when we feed our body an anti-inflammatory diet of LOW GLYCEMIC nutrient dense vegetables with a very small amount of fruit (to stabilize blood sugar levels).  A plant-based “cleanse” WITH FOOD is the optimal way to allow your body and mind to reset, rejuvenate and recalibrate while giving your digestion a break and helping your body to achieve it’s ideal state of PH balance/alkalinity for optimal health.


We also believe that a good “cleanse” should be enjoyable and not involve starvation or deprivation thus creating an overall state of wellness that inspires you for the long term. The popular juice-only cleanse, for example, is filled with fruit sugars – most juices on these cleanses have up to 2 apples in them and 100-200g of sugar per day on the diet – YIKES! Fiber is also extracted in the juicing process so drinking juice all day actually challenges your ability to properly eliminate waste.  When you starve your body of necessary nutrients, you create a state of panic for your body that spikes insulin levels and slows your metabolism ultimately leading to weight gain.  Probably not the results you were hoping for.


Beaming’s raw food cleansing programs have a unique approach to cleansing that supports a lifestyle of wellness. When you feel how good you can feel when you remove the foods that are not helping your body to thrive and replace them with a plant-based diet of foods and vegetables juices, you have the tools and inspiration to incorporate these into your every day life. Unlike other short-term weight loss fads or juice fasts, we promote finding a balance that ultimately sets you up for long-term success and true vitality.


A good cleanse resets your health, your habits and your entire whole-being. Beaming’s raw food cleanse programs have a unique approach to cleansing that supports a lifestyle of wellness (which, thankfully includes food)! When you remove the foods and habits wreaking havoc on your body, you quickly experience how amazing you will look and feel. At Beaming, we don’t believe in starvation or deprivation diets such as juice-only cleanses, water fasts or other powder based gimmicks that starve your body of necessary nutrients, calories and fiber. For us, it’s about nourishing your body with whole foods and juices that you can incorporate into your every day life, setting you up for success long after your cleanse is over.

The Top 5 Benefits of a good plant-based cleanse with food:

  • Reduces inflammation – the root of all disease
  • Loads your body with vitamins, minerals & nutrients
  • Alkalizes your body for optimal PH thus helping your body to thrive
  • Gives your digestion a break
  • Removes common allergens & food sensitivities that are difficult to digest such as sugar, wheat, gluten, dairy, meat, alcohol and caffeine.


Shared below is a great article in the February issue of Natural Health Magazine about cleansing with food including recipes and tips.  Enjoy and as always, feel free to comment!  We love hearing from you.


Ready to cleanse with Beaming?

Sign up for one of our Signature Cleanse Programs today!



It Takes 21 Days To Change A Habit

Guest blogger: James Gilbert, Beaming Customer

Did you know it takes 21 days to create new habits?  To support the creation of new healthy habits, we developed our new, custom designed 21 Day program to help you establish a foundation for long term health and well-being. Each day you create a menu that works for you based on receiving 6 items from our delicious menu of cold-pressed juices, smoothies, salads, raw foods, snacks, elixirs and more. Recently, one of our customers took the challenge – read on to hear James Gilbert’s Story of 21 Days of Beaming….

Something’s gotta change… don’t ask me “what” – just settle for a moment and realize it.

With that statement, I think my body was telling me something. I read a lot about nutrition,  know all the facts, have friends that do amazing things, honoring themselves with what they put in their body and what they get out of their body. Then there’s me…I know so much about what I should do, but, I don’t do it to the extent that I should. We as a family eat clean…cleaner than most I’m sure. But as I read more, the idea of “cleansing” or “fasting” was of interest since giving your body a break seemed to re-boot everyone.

I like to make up challenges for myself and if I can stay connected, I enjoy the process. The whole cleanse/fast thing is interesting once you’re done, but didn’t seem like a fun process to move through, so I avoided it.

January is a great time to start again, it’s a reset of the clock, time to break bad habits, create better habits and we as a culture thrive in January, right? Hah, it’s cyclical at best. So, I put out some physical goals for the new year and thought I’d start with a #30in30 which is at least 30 minutes of running for 30 consecutive days. I’ve done it before, so knew I could complete it…and therein lies the problem. I’ve done this. As I ran on my third day, my mind wandered off and I got bored…really bored. I needed something to basically scare me or make me uncomfortable enough to want it.

I’d been thinking about cleansing but didn’t want to do a starvation cleanse of just juice or the Master Cleanse – I wanted something that was about long term health and not just short term weight loss.  I wanted to create habits I could implement for the long term that would be realistic and not miserable.  So I went to Beaming and learned about their newly launched 21 Days of Beaming cleanse.   Twenty one days? Are you kidding? Sure! I did some reading, found some great resources on what can happen in 21 days, besides weight loss and I was hooked.

So, on the Sunday before my cleanse started, I had a normal day of meals, but made sure I “enjoyed” a nice sub, some chips and an extra glass or two of wine that night, you know, stocking up so to speak!

Below are my Instagram/Facebook posts:


Got bored with running another #‎30in30 so decided to try something I’ve never considered. Today is a Day 1 of my 21 Day#‎livebeaming “Cleanse”… It’s not just juice so don’t start posting whacked comments. It is #‎vegan and super tasty. Adding in 30-90 minutes per day of low HR running and riding. Today sucked as I jones’d for espresso and wine … Looking forward to how my psyche will calm in the coming days, or not.


Slept like a champ. Day 2 of my 21 day #‎livebeaming “Cleanse” started of early and well. Found a hilly 2 mile test course I’ll use this year. Ended the run with a Beaming Bite, crack-like addictive flavor and chock full of protein


Super easy 4 miler up the coast to start Day 3 of my 21 day #livebeaming“cleanse”. Body is liking it so far minus some obvious cravings!


One week done of my #livebeaming 21 Day “Cleanse. “How much weight did you lose so far?” Almost 6 pounds…in 7 days. Wow. Lots of that was junky weight I’m sure.

Here are the facts…I feel unreal. I am much more awake, have almost no sugar cravings, don’t feel as dragged down in the afternoons, feel lighter and fresher. I have some reaction to either dairy or bread since I’ve been w/o both for a week and don’t miss either AND feel less “full/puffy”.

So, this isn’t necessarily a cleanse, it’s more a lifestyle…just like they say!

I will continue eating like this but will most likely add in a bit more protein mostly plant-based with a little salmon now and then. I will have pizza and red meat just to test my reaction, since that’s what I do. If I feel like crap, those will leave me for the long term. I have 3 juices per day, mostly greens, not a lot of fruit. I have two smoothies that have protein. I have two of the Beaming “crack” bites with protein. And, I have two big salads with Avo. That is all I require. And, it’s a LOT of food. I also snack a bit on nuts when I’m in a binge mood.

Great mid day run at TP to celebrate my one week…those hills are a blast! ASK QUESTIONS if you want!


No. I’m not a vegan. Or a paleo. Or whatever foodie label comes to mind… But, here’s my take on my self-experiment. We went to PA over Christmas for 8 days and I ate like a king – amazing pizza, pasta, and world-renowned cheesesteaks! EATING was pure joy. But, I felt a bit like crap afterwards, not always, but most of the time. I felt heavier, slower, and was always hungry and wanting to snack. No big deal, right? I’ve now completed 8 days of the #livebeaming “cleanse”, which has food, so it’s more just a lifestyle change in what I eat, not a restrictive diet by any means. As I said yesterday, I feel GREAT. The main difference is that my body is fueled with less. Takes me less time, costs me less, and feeling myself “wake up” is amazing. You can survive on pretty much anything, but I’m thriving right now based on the simple foods I’m eating and drinking.

DAY 15

Day 15 of my #livebeaming 21 day “cleanse”…I’ve figured out a lot about myself and my, ummm, emotionally-fueled eating habits over the past two weeks! Suffice to say, I’m on a new track, feel way better and dropped 10 lbs to boot! Should be a great week!

DAY 16

This is no longer feeling like a “cleanse” or even a “program” – it just IS the way I eat. I love it and my body is responding well. I have a race-weight goal that I’m headed towards to rid myself of a few years of just being soft. To date, I’ve lost 12 pounds and have another 8 or so to go to be what I consider “my normal self”. I will start to race again, so I’m hoping for a total drop of 26-30 pounds by the end of June. I know I’ll even out soon, but I’m on the right path for sure. I always joke about “I feel beaming”, but in reality, I AM BEAMING.

Nearing the end

I must say that the first few days took a bit longer than expected, but when I walk into Beaming and get asked, “so, what day are you on?” – It’s easy to talk about the past couple of weeks as it feels like yesterday, but it also feels like I’ve been eating like this for a long time. Simple answer to the question of “Is this hard” is, “no”. It’s simple, really simple. Again, I’ve done this before, but nothing like the way Beaming does it. My energy level is so even, my mood is better, I’m rarely craving sweets or bread. Most importantly, I’m finally getting used to the way my body feels with less food going into it. This is the biggest change for me…not feeling stuffed.

My daily routine – how much I ate and when.

One of my biggest concerns was that I wouldn’t get enough to eat. I mean, I’m not a 140 pound woman. I’m 6’3″ and 225 (damn I’ve gained weight over the past couple of years). The first day or so was a bit unnerving in that I was sure I’d be starving…but I wasn’t. The staff at Beaming was gracious and told me to just add in another salad and avocado…so I did.  I also had two Beaming Superfood Protein Bites instead of just one.

The daily variety of Beaming products was fantastic and I never got bored. The flavors are unlike anything I’ve ever tasted and I looked forward to trying the next item. I found that my body reacted better to having the green drinks earlier in the day and the smoothies after lunch or as a late night snack. As a guy, I thought I’d miss chewing a bit more but found myself not finishing my dinner salad a few times and actually didn’t finish all the juices/smoothies every day!


I did run during the 21 days and short runs up to three miles were no problem, but I bonked on a five-miler since I didn’t have a lot in my system. I talked to a coach/friend of mine and he explained that since I was used to burning what I ate, my body was going to take a bit of time to learn how to better burn fat which is the body’s best fuel source – makes sense sort of. So, I kept the pace lower and mileage down a bit and felt good. By adding in some yams and other cleaner sources of carbs, I’ll be able to increase my run lengths and intensity. I did some online searches and found some great articles about endurance runners and “low carbohydrate training” — there’s always someone trying to find a new way to train! I do know that my body is way smarter than I am and will find it’s best source of fuel (fat) if I keep my carb intake down — win win!

Oh, did I cheat?

I get asked this all the time. If it’s a Yes/No answer, then Yes, I cheated. Here’s how I broke some of the rules that I made up, but after talking to Beaming, I realized that most of my “cheats” weren’t…they were just changes to my lifestyle and how I got through the 21 days.

Bread/Meat/Sweets/Dairy. None. Zip. Nada. I did want to eat the salmon I grilled for my family but didn’t. I only craved bread once and that was when I went in Baker and Olive…but I left and realized that I didn’t need it. The big surprise is that I didn’t want any cookies or sweets…THIS alone is a miracle. I wanted a bit of ice cream one day, but the urge left me in moments.

Grains. I had a bit of quinoa in some of Beaming’s salads but no rice or other grain. I’ve been eating quinoa for over 10 years and know it’s not an allergen. It was interesting NOT eating rice and, again, didn’t really miss it!

Coffee/Wine. Yes, I did have some during the 21 days. Not nearly as much as I usually drink, but I did some self-tests to see how my body reacted. I realized that IF I drank any coffee, I’d want wine at night. I usually have a double espresso in the morning and a bit of coffee and cookie around 3pm as my body crashed. With Beaming, I didn’t get the afternoon blues…which is amazing for me, proving that my blood sugar was regulated. I drank a bit of wine in the second week but, again, not as much as I normally do. To be honest, it’s more of a social habit at home and not something I needed. It was nice to not drink or to at least be aware of when/why I was. One night I did have an extra glass and my body reacted really well to it, I felt the sluggishness return, didn’t sleep well, and craved coffee immediately upon rising. DING! Hey, maybe these two liquids are related! A nice lesson learned on how coffee and alcohol are related and create a bad cycle for my body if I have even a bit too much.

We all know that life is balance and for me, I’m not living on the edges of having to define myself in any way. It’s not as if you’re either “dry – alcoholic” or “vegan – paleo”. I can exist by making choices that can change as I move through my days and weeks. One thing for sure? I’ll stay on the path Beaming so graciously shared with me, add in some fish and some clean carbs like yams, but for the most part, this wasn’t a cleanse…really…it’s just a better way to eat, hence, lifestyle.

Ready to try 21 Days of Beaming?


You may be surprised to hear from us that we don’t actually believe in “cleansing” as it is currently defined by the popular juice, powdered drinks or water/maple syrup/lemon fasts/cleanses.  Believe it or not, your body is an amazingly brilliant machine that “cleanses” naturally.

In saying this, what we do believe is that food is medicine and that we can all benefit from removing the foods and liquids that wreak havoc on our bodies like sugar, gluten, wheat, dairy, alcohol, meat, caffeine and processed foods and replacing them with a nutrient rich plant-based diet for a duration of time.  So the definition of “cleansing” for Beaming is about taking out the foods that aren’t helping us thrive and adding more of the foods that boost our health.

When we nurture our bodies with a raw food plant based diet or “cleanse”, we experience how good we can feel when we feed our body an anti-inflammatory diet of nutrient dense vegetables and some fruits.  A plant-based “cleanse” is the optimal way to allow your body (and mind) to reset, rejuvenate and recalibrate while giving your digestion a break and helping your body to achieve its ideal state of PH balance and alkalinity for optimal health.

We also believe that a good “cleanse” should be enjoyable and not involve starvation or deprivation thus creating an overall state of wellness that inspires you for the long term.

Beaming’s raw food cleansing programs have a unique approach to cleansing that supports a lifestyle of wellness. When you feel how good you can feel and learn so by actually eating foods in addition to drinking juices, you can incorporate this into your every day life. Unlike other short-term weight loss fads or juice fasts, we promote finding a balance that ultimately sets you up for long term success and true vitality.

Shared below is a great article in the February issue of Natural Health Magazine about cleansing with food including recipes and tips.  Enjoy and as always, feel free to comment!  We love hearing from you.



Cleansing You and Your House

By Adina Niemerow

Why cleanse your home? If you want your home environment to be as clean as your body. If you’re suffering chronic mystery allergies or ailments. If you’re having reactions such as headaches, congestion, dizziness or fatigue after using specific products, and it’s starting to feel suspect to you. If you want to be a more conscious consumer and want to protect your family from the unknown, we challenge you to a home cleanse!

To cleanse your body without considering the toxins in our homes would be an incomplete picture, because we inhale or absorb the chemicals that we use on our skin, hair, teeth, clothes, kitchens, bathrooms, floors and furniture.  We wouldn’t dream of drinking a household cleaner, but those chemicals can leach into our bodies through the skin or lungs.  Do we really know what’s in the products we use every day?

According to the World Resources Institute 17,000 chemicals appear in common household products.  Only 30 percent of them have been adequately tested for their negative effects on our health and nothing is known about the combined effects of these chemicals when mixed within our bodies.  And, the U.S. News and World Report estimates that we’re exposed to 200 chemicals a day through personal care products, alone – a fact that’s even more unsettling when you consider that federal law allows companies to put virtually any ingredient into these products with no required pre-market safety testing.

The fact is, a lifetime of habit combined with a general lack of knowledge has made it easy to stock our cabinets with harmful chemicals that hide behind the promises of a clean home and a beautiful body. Slowly, the toxins in these products can affect the way we look and feel.  

Just a handful of Hidden Hazards

The harmful chemicals in products we use are too numerous to list – and there’s been little research done on the cumulative effect of exposure to all these chemicals – but here’s a snapshot of a few of the bad eggs:

  • Alkyl phenoxy polyethoxy ethanols, found in many laundry detergents, have been linked with breast cancer.
  • Sodium hypochlorate, found in household bleach and cleaners, combines with organic compounds in the environment and has been tied to reproductive, endocrine and immune disorders.
  • Formaldehyde, phenol and naphthalene, used in many air fresheners have been connected to cancer, birth defects, and neurological damage.
  • Sodium lauryl phosphates, the foaming agent found in many toothpastes, is also used commercially to degrease engines and has been tied to mouth ulcers and canker sores.  Triclosan, an antimicrobial agent added to many toothpastes, has been linked to skin irritation, allergies, resistance to antibiotics and dioxin contamination.
  • Dioxins, a byproduct of process for bleaching tampons, have been linked to cancer and reproductive problems.  Organic tampons are a safer bet.

Go Green with your everyday house hold products.

Why use toxic brands when there are so many new healthier options available that work just as well or better? We hope this home cleanse will get you excited to create a newfound peace and trust in knowing your home is safer and healthier. The list of green cleaning products on store shelves grows all the time, with brands like Earth Friendly, Earth Choice, ECOS, Sun & Earth, OxiClean, CitraSolv, Shaklee, Melaleuca, Biokleen and Bon Ami to name a few. Trader Joe’s and other outlets also offer private label options. Enjoy the challenge and let us know the changes you’ve made we’ve love to hear your success stories!