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The Key to Your Big-Picture Wellness: Cleanse with Food

How appropriate that National Friendship Day and National Forgiveness Day fall on the same calendar date! Forgiveness is often an integral part of honest friendship, as mistakes are bound to be made by perfectly imperfect people.

National Forgiveness / Friendship Day:

How appropriate that National Friendship Day and National Forgiveness Day fall on the same calendar date! Forgiveness is often an integral part of honest friendship, as mistakes are bound to be made by perfectly imperfect people.

My #ChefLife in Color

“Eating well can, and should, be joyful,” is my motto, and I’m thrilled to share both my motto and my culinary creations with Beaming. I believe that the food you eat should be full of bright colors and scrumptious flavors that leave you feeling satiated, not restricted, and I’m proud to have made a career out of proving just how possible that task is for everyone!


Do you wake up every day remembering how miraculous this thing called life is?

I’ll be honest: I don’t. I need constant reminders. That’s one of the reasons I started Breakfast Criminals and continue to remind myself and my community to start the day with a nourishing meal prepared with love.

How to Start Your Day with Intention

Do you wake up every day remembering how miraculous this thing called life is?

I’ll be honest: I don’t. I need constant reminders. That’s one of the reasons I started Breakfast Criminals and continue to remind myself and my community to start the day with a nourishing meal prepared with love.

Beaming Cleanse Concierges Tell All!

Cleansing is an art and science as everybody is different and lifestyles are unique to each individual. That’s why we love sharing the Beaming Cleanse Program! We work with you to identify the best cleanse to meet your health and wellness goals and lifestyle. We’re so passionate about wellness education and sharing with to you – after all, knowledge is power!

So, we asked our seven Beaming Cleanse Concierges to share the top questions they receive from guests…perhaps your question is answered here!

Setting Intentions & Forming New Habits

Setting Intentions & Forming New Habits: Sharing Life’s Lessons

Plus, join me on a 21-Day Total Transformation Beaming Cleanse!

by Colleen Angeles



The practice of setting an intention…

Each year I set an intention, in the form of a word. In 2016, my word for the year was: SPONTANEOUS. I am naturally spontaneous, yet I found that in the year prior I wanted to root more in LA and travel less, so I did. Then 2016 hit and my fire was relit! I set a goal to travel out of the country every month, and with the exception of only a few months (which I still traveled within the U.S.) – I nailed it! For me, adventure is a core value. I’d live in my bikini, traveling the world, chasing the sun, on/in the ocean, exploring cultures and helping to create impact in people’s lives all-day long, every day if I could. Well I do…and I want to do more of it! I’m a bikini nomad + social entrepreneur and I love it.

As I look to the new year, I haven’t 100% locked in on my word, and my gut says it will be: EXPANSION. Expansion in many different ways — expansion of my heart (and my soul), expansion of my personal development and growth, expansion of my professional development and growth, expansion of my mind thru intellect, yoga and meditation, expansion of my body through nutrition and reclaiming my rhythm of workouts, and expansion of my vulnerability to be open to things I may otherwise miss out on. I’m ready to spread my wings even more beautifully and take flight!

Through discipline, we form habits…

My vision is clear to me. Now the Type A in me then thinks: HOW. I’ve learned that setting goals is deeply important; however, not as a checklist, rather as a guide. There are two key things that come to mind when I think of the HOW – DISCIPLINE and HABITS.

For me, discipline is a part of having a practice (less about having control) – whether that practice is yoga, getting eight hours of sleep a night, focused work time, regular workouts, staying present with those around you, or prioritizing quality time with family and friends. It all takes discipline. There are so many “shiny things” (as my dear friend Alex says) that distract us. And yet, it’s not the shiny things that determine our actions, it’s our discipline (or lack of) that influences whether or not, for example, I will get up at 5:30 a.m. for yoga (that’s a real challenge for me). I’m not always disciplined and that’s okay. And I know that to reprogram my brain and to let go of old habits and form new ones that align with what I want in life and who I want to be, I must cultivate a consistent practice of discipline so I can tap into it when I need it.

Learn from others, as you don’t have time to learn it all on your own…

So that leads me to habits. There are many quotes I gravitate toward from life’s greatest teachers. Sharing a few here to spark reflection and inspiration for you as you think about your own habits.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Greatness then, is not an act, but a habit.” Aristotle

“Cultivating inner discipline is something that takes time; expecting rapid results is simple a sign of impatience.” – Dalai Lama

“A disciplined mind leads to happiness, and an undisciplined mind leads to suffering.” – Dalai Lama

“I am what I am today because of the choices I made yesterday,” Stephen R Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change

“The time is always right to do what is right.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Powerful, right?

So, how many days does it take to form a new habit?

In the context of habits, my left-brain (analytical side) thrives in wanting to understand neuroscience and how our brains work. I think about research studies that say it takes 21, 66 or 100 days to from new habits. I don’t get stuck on the number, rather I believe it is totally dependent on the individual, the complexity of the habit, consistency and probably a bunch of other factors. What I do believe is that it takes repetition – and my personal baseline is typically 21 days (besides, 66 or 100 sounds like a lot of days!).

My coffee experiment…

I LOVE coffee. I spent eight years of my life working at Starbucks Headquarters in Seattle and loved every minute. Then one night here in LA, I was sitting in a Buddhism class at InsightLA and the subject of Non-Addition came up. I asked myself: what am I addicted to? The only thing I could think of was coffee. So I set out to practice non-addiction, and quite honestly to prove to myself that I could reprogram my mind and body (queue my fascination with neuroscience).

At first I went 7 days without coffee (like I would do for a cleanse), then 21 (first coined by Maxwell Maltz), then 30, 40, 50, 60 … at each milestone I would taste coffee to see if I still craved it. I did … until I hit day 100. It was then that I felt completely in choice of whether or not I wanted it. My craving was gone, and I was free to choose. Wa-lah! It was such an insightful practice for me. I had to reprogram my brain to not rely on coffee. I reprogrammed my habitual behavior of going to get coffee every morning and instead formed a new habit to enjoy a Beaming Vitality Shot poured into warm water (inspired by the Ayurveda practice of warm water with lemon). Along the way, I told everyone I was off coffee. Part of a winning formula for any goal is to tell people so they can rally around you to help!

And ultimately, I learned a lot about myself, what I am capable of, and I was reminded that I am the author of my life. Plus, my competitive side was really proud that I tackled this goal head on and accomplished it. It felt good to be disciplined – like when I make it to 6 a.m. yoga (which means going to bed early and pushing myself to get up in the 5s). And, there’s so much power in small wins. After all, how we do the little things is how we do the big things.

I’m rambling now…and there’s a method to my madness. Habits also take form in the ENERGY you take in and give out. As you set your 2017 intention and contemplate which habits you want to let go of and create, think about your energy management – how you want to feel, how you want to smile, laugh, connect with and inspire others. The secret to your new habits may not be found in a “tactical” goal – the secret may be INSIDE OF YOU!

My 21-day Beaming Cleanse challenge…join me in January!

As with the vast majority of humans at the onset of a new year, I too will be kicking off a 21-day challenge! Beaming has a 21-Day Total Transformation Cleanse that has my name all over it. It will be totally customized to my lifestyle and my health and wellness goals. This will be the first time that I have focused on my meal plan for 21 consecutive days. I’ve done things like eliminate dairy, wheat, meat for lots of days – dare I say I really accomplished other 30-day challenges I’ve tried. Discipline, I lacked discipline. This is my year of EXPANSION and I can’t do it without discipline. And saying it out loud to you here means I need your support!

If you’ve made it this far down, then I would love to invite you to join me on Beaming’s 21-Day Total Transformation Cleanse. Learn more about the cleanse here and feel free to reach out to me directly at cleanse@livebeaming.com. I love building community and would truly value some extra support to help me live into my 2017 intention and form new habits that will make me (us) glow!

Happy New Year!

I can’t wait to hear what your intentions are, please do share. I love the quote, “You never know who you will inspire.” So live out loud and let others rally around YOU!




First-Ever Beaming at Sea

First-Ever Beaming at Sea

by Colleen Angeles

You know those moments that you dream of being a part of something big – something that challenges you, stretches your thinking, pushes you out of your comfort zone, and something that makes an impact in the world? Well that just happened for me – and for Beaming.


This is a story of connection, inspiration and playing bigger – not just because you can, but because it’s our personal responsibility.

On November 9-12, 2016, Beaming Wellness joined the life-changing Summit at Sea and created the first-ever Beaming at sea pop-up. This year, the Summit team took on a goliath endeavor to transform the entire culinary experience onboard the ship. Mind you, the Norwegian Cruise Line
Escape is the fifth largest ship in the world. It is “home” to 1,700 crew from across 62 countries plus 4,000+ passengers. So, re-imagining how people eat WELL across this 1,098-foot-long and 20-deck-high mega-vessel was definitely playing big.


We were beyond honored to have been chosen as one of 40 world-class culinary partners from across the country. We took it to heart to redefine culinary at sea with a fully organic, gluten and dairy free menu thoughtfully curated for this experience.



Did I mention that we were nourishing the minds, bodies and souls of 3,800+ of the country’s brightest? And not to name drop, but it was so cool to share Beaming with presenters including Kendrick Lamar, Quentin Tarantino, Orlando Jones, Tony Hawk and my personal favorite the Tibetan Monks from the Drepung Loseling Monastery-in-exile in India. No really, I have such an affinity and admiration for monks – their presence is so peaceful, yet deeply powerful. They are my (our) teachers. Ohhhh, and they LOVED Beaming’s Rockstar with Fit Matrix Superfood Smoothie – I think they each may have had three a day! I miss seeing their smiling faces walk up to our pop-up café. Dear Monks, if you are reading this, please visit us in Los Angeles and San Diego – and we’d love to make a Rockstar Superfood Smoothie for His Holiness too  


screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-7-58-21-pmAnd the human connections we made were not just with the speakers and attendees. The crew on the ship were magical. They welcomed us into their kitchens, they trained with an openness to live Beaming (they literally learned our menu within hours), and they offered us the most amazing support – always with a smile. Bringing Beaming to these new friends from the Philippines, Indonesia, Brazil and Serbia to name a few countries was a gift. And to watch them light up wearing our Beaming t-shirts as we worked side-by-side to deliver the Beaming Experience was a moment I will not forget. If you happen to take a cruise on the Escape, please say hello to Chefs Ty, Andreas, Mel, Nicholas, Jero and the crew: Andi, Candize, Vincent, Edward, Fabiana, Rolando, Ketuit and so many more to name.



screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-8-02-21-pmBeing surrounded (truly in a container) by people who want to change the world is a priceless feeling. Through osmosis you feel your presence and purpose rise. Without going down this path, I will share that our first night together on the ship was election night. I can’t think of a more meaningful place I would have wanted to be. Experiencing this historical trice with people who care about what’s happening in our country, our world and with one another was uniting. Each session following that night started with a reflection. I reel on what the Herbie Hancock shared when he and Kamasi Washington spoke together: “Look inside to see what you can do to transform yourself.” Powerful. I was so inspired by the line-up Summit curated for this voyage. My key-takeaway: always surround myself with great people—people who inspire me and inspire others through their words, their thoughts, and their actions. And love more.



screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-8-04-45-pmAs I reflect, I’m also processing just how big this was for Beaming. I don’t have exact numbers, and I can share that what we produced and delivered in just three days on the ship was close to being the equivalent to three weeks’ worth in three of our cafes. Our Beaming at sea team blended and served thousands upon thousands of superfood smoothies, acai bowls and vitality shots plus tossed hundreds upon hundreds of superfood salads. This was a major production that I tease was like being at a bar in Tijuana at Spring Break (minus the alcohol of course!). When I think back to looking out at the lines of people waiting for a smoothie or acai bowl my eyes get really big and I still think to myself, WOW!


screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-8-06-21-pmAnd let’s talk for a minute about Beaming Vitality Shots – these were hot commodities on the ship! If you’ve been to Summit at Sea you know this is the radical combination of a once-in-a-lifetime intellectual immersion plus a global music festival. Programming is 24/7 and let’s say there is not much sleep that happens onboard – and why would you sleep when you are only on the ship with the most inspiring people for 72 hours. We’d pour power shots for people (who may or may not have slept the night before) and they would timidly sip on their first shot – then in the next moment pound two more and yell – whoo! I would smile and laugh. Queue the song: Shots, Shots, Shots! I’m certain they are believers in the power of pressed lemon, ginger and turmeric.



This experience reminds me that we can all play bigger, reach more people through our personal and professional missions, and help transform peoples’ Iives through human connections and the sharing of experiences and knowledge. And in Beaming’s case, it is ever so present that this organic superfood café with six locations in Los Angeles and San Diego has an immense role and responsibility to play big in our country – not only helping to lead the sea change in nutrition, but also in acting as a catalyst to inspiring the human connection and creating positive change in world.


The next chapter for Beaming is about to be authored – and I know the team is excited and ready to continue reaching people near and far as we look into 2017.

I will play bigger. Beaming will play bigger.

And to our Summit family – THANK YOU and I can’t wait to see you again soon.



p.s. sharing a few thought leaders and artists I met/learned about on this trip who you will want to look up!

  • Wim Hof – check him out and listen to his talk with my new friend Christopher Ryan, on Chris’s podcast Tangentially Speaking: http://chrisryanphd.com. Chris also spoke at Summit at Sea about the pre-history of sex.
  • Gallant – OMG, you will love this amazing R&B artist! To me, he’s a unique blend of John Legend, Usher, and Marvin Gaye – and completely his own. He’ll blow your mind!
  • Jose Gonzalez – I got lost in his voice. And Flavia, our General Manager of Santa Monica Beaming who also lead operations for our pop-up café is a big fan!

screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-8-19-18-pm screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-8-19-30-pm