Your Beaming Year!

Each year brings with it new personal growth. Each year also brings with it personal set-backs.  It’s a combination of both of these that create your unique and poetic story. So while we hope you can find the goodness in embracing it all, we also want to give you a few tips to start this year off on the right foot and create your brightest beaming year yet. A GREAT book to read on this topic is E2 by Pam Grout or  download this great free ebook from life coach, Jeannette Maw, who was instrumental in teaching me about the power of our thoughts.

Intentions Work!

Beaming was created with clarity, intention and belief/faith. I was clear that I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives by sharing the power of food as medicine – more importantly, I was (and clearly still am) passionate about helping people live a beaming (healthy, joy-filled, vibrant) life! There have been and continue to be so many moments in the creation of Beaming that I am reminded about the power of setting clear intentions.

One of my favorite testaments to this power, was the day I decided to bring Beaming to life. I had just returned from a morning run and told my friend and business coach that I was going to open a “juice bar” – I didn’t know exactly what this meant but I put it out there to the universe that this was going to happen. Later that morning I was at the local market shopping for groceries when I met an older woman with a walker who was buying veggies to make green juice at home.  She was frail but shared the magic she had experienced in her health when she started juicing.  As we talked, she mentioned that her juicer wasn’t working very well anymore and was concerned about how she was going to continue to make her “magic green juice.”  In that moment I knew — the Universe had sent her as a messenger. I drove the woman home and returned to give her my juicer. I then knew in that moment that there was no turning back — that the vision for Beaming was now in play — meeting her and giving her my juicer had confirmed that I was on path.  She was no doubt a gift and one of those signs in life that tells you, yep, make it happen….And so I did.

In the spirit of the New Year, we thought it would be fun to host your own “Intention party” – in fact, we are hosting one ourselves this week!

Start by creating your Dream Team

  • Are there are set of individuals you feel you could gain from, share with, and mastermind with?
  • Is there someone who has always inspired you or you’ve wanted to connect with more or even partner with in creative ways?
  • Create a small tribe in your community and have ‘Dream It’ Gathering.
  • Keep it intimate and full of intention by choosing a fun, casual, yet powerful mastermind energy-building soiree.
  • Give everyone a journal and pen, some energy raising green juice, and let’s get this party started…

Are there are set of individuals you feel you could gain from, share with, and mastermind with? Is there someone who has always inspired you or you’ve wanted to connect with more or even partner with in creative ways? Create a small tribe in your community and have ‘Dream It’ Gathering. Keep it intimate and full of intention by choosing a fun, casual, yet powerful mastermind energy building soiree. Give everyone a journal and pen, some energy raising green juice, and let’s get this party started…

If you can Dream it, you can Build It.

You’ve heard of it before, maybe even played with it a bit: the law of attraction. There is no doubt that our world is made up of energy, and our personal outlook is based upon the energy we choose to create and participate in. Have everyone at your gathering use this step by step-by-step guide to bud their manifestations into action. Openly discuss together each point at the end. You may be amazed that your next business partner, intimate relationship, best friend, or mentor is sitting across from you or knows the person sitting across from you. This is where magic begins, magic gets shared, and connections get made. Grab a pen and paper. It’s time to start scribbling…

  1. Think Big.  What is your big, scary goal?  What would you do if you knew you could not fail?  Allow your mind to go wild.  Don’t filter or judge, just explore.
  2. Visualize.  Imagine it all as if it’s already happening.  Who is involved?  What is involved? What does it taste like, smell like, feel like?  Where are you?  What do you have?  What is a priority, and what isn’t?  Jot it all down.
  3. Call in the troops.  Perhaps you now see some people associated with your big scary goal.  It’s time to start calling them into your life.  Energetically visualize yourself with them utilizing their skill-set as needed.  Skip over the visualization of the beginning connections – look at it as if is ALREADY IS.  You are there, they are there.  The relationship is strong.  REPLICATE this is real life by reach out to them and ASKING for their help.  FEEL how you will feel when you achieve or attract your vision into your life.  FEELING is key to manifesting.
  4. Make Action. Manifestations happen more swiftly when you put it into action.  Those troops you just ‘energetically’ called in.  Now it’s time to book a meeting, make a reconnection, form a new relationship, and be presently working to make this relationship bloom, and to be OPEN to what it is you are looking to create from your connection.  Don’t expect others to know how you fit into their lives.  You have to TELL/SHOW them.
  5. Be patient, but persistent. It most likely will not all fall into place overnight, but it will happen with your persistence.  Start each day with a smile, affirmation, and 3 actions steps to make sure you are forward moving. Read books on personal development.  Be actively participating in keeping your vision alive, and be patient with the process. Everyone’s many manifestations and moving parts may not be in the direction for which you are steering yours.  Allow time to iron out the kinks, and keep your mind, eye, and energy focused fully on the prize.

Discuss each line you’ve all written with the group. See who knows others that can help you on your path. Who has similar visions and which ones align? Who has been down a similar road and had to catch a few curve balls that can guide you over some of the speed bumps. There is so much to gain and learn from one another as you create your visions.

Cheers to you and 2014. Make it your Beaming Year!

Feel inspired, tell us about it along the way! Use #livebeaming or leave us a comment on our Facebook!

23 Ways to Give Back in December

Guest Blogger, Todd Durkin, MA, CSCS

We are getting into the swing of the holiday season. It’s a fun, festive time spent with friends and family. Ahhh—this is an extraordinary time.

As we prepare for the holidays we are reminded that living with an “attitude of gratitude” puts us in the right mindset for success and for significance. “Gratitude” is a powerful word and an ethos to live by.

In the spirit of all this goodness, what if you set a GIVING BACK theme for the month of December? It always feels so good to give to others. Good for the mind and good the soul. In Beaming terms, think of it as a “soul cleanse”. When you can put a smile on someone’s face and know that your attention, your kindness, your love or your resources made a massive difference… That is true IMPACT!

Because there are 23 days left in the month (counting today) I’ve made a list of 23 ways you can make a difference this month in someone else’s life:

1. Create a care package and send it to an active duty military unit.

2. Host a holiday dinner at your home this year and invite another family less able to host their own dinner.

3. Clean out the clothes in your closet that you haven’t worn in a year and donate them to Goodwill.

4. Surprise your mail carrier/ UPS Driver/ salon stylist/ gardener/ housekeeper with a $5 or $10 gift card in a thank you note.

5.  Select one of your favorite books you read this year and gift it to someone who would enjoy it.

6. Invite a friend over for a home cooked meal.

7. Stop by a local nursing home and ask if there is someone without family or friends who might enjoy an unexpected visitor for 15 or 20 minutes.

8. Volunteer to help out or cook for the homeless one holiday morning.

9. Run in a charity Jingle Bell race where all of the proceeds go to a charitable cause.

10. Write a positive Yelp review about a local business you appreciate.

11. Donate blood this month. Remember: a pint of blood can save up to three lives. Locate your nearest blood drive.

12. Get involved with a philanthropic activity your church is sponsoring in the community.

13. Donate cat or dog food to an animal shelter. Call and ask what is needed.

14. Clear off your bookshelves and donate a box of books to a local charity (Friends of the Library, homeless shelters, etc.).

15. Perform at least one random act of kindness everyday.

16. Make arrangements to donate your gently read magazines to the local hospital. Stop by quarterly with a small box of magazines you have finished reading.

17. Contact the Big Brother/Big Sister program and see if there are any volunteer opportunities this month.

18. Write an inspirational note to 10 people in your life and thank them for what they do on a regular basis – choose randomly from your family and friends.

19. Sponsor or “scholarship” a friend, family member, or co-worker for a conference, event, class, certification or workshop this person really wants to participate in but can’t afford.

20. At least once a day compliment someone you know.

21. Smile at every stranger you see. A smile can make someone’s day.

22. Hugging is great medicine! Give someone a hug at least once a day.

23. Leave gratitude notes for your family / co-workers / friends to find when they would least expect it – inside a lunch box, taped to their computer screen, on the bathroom mirror, inside their luggage, in the pocket of a jacket, etc.

There you have it. Twenty-three ideas for you to choose from to make a difference this month. Carry this into 2014! Heck, imagine if each of us committed to doing one NEW thing from this list every month. Twelve months a year. That is massive IMPACT.

Here’s my commitment: I am choosing to do #2, #5, #17, #19, #21 and #23 from the list this month. OK, I’m an over-achiever. But I know I can do it.

How about you? What one, two, three (or more) of these do you COMMIT to doing this month to make a difference in someone’s life?

Post your answers below.

Much love… and much IMPACT!



About: We are HUGE fans of Todd and Fitness Quest 10 over at Beaming. Check them out at Want to learn more about Todd? Visit his personal website.

6 Ways To Create Healthy Habits, Not Restrictions

How many times have you picked up a healthy habit only to fall off in a couple weeks?

You’re not alone. We all struggle with our habits, addictive patterns, and suboptimal choices. The good news is I’m here to remind you that you’re in control (That’s Right!!! I know you may have forgotten). It’s time to take the driver’s seat back to your best health. So put on your seatbelt, set it in drive, and let’s go for a cruise.

It takes about a month to change your habits, so first and foremost be patient with yourself. Instead of focusing on breaking your lackluster habits right now, try out a couple of these techniques that allow for a more gradual shift. It might just happen that you lose your bad habits without even trying.

1. Recognize that true health starts from within.

How many times have you gone on a crash diet, cleanse, or gave up alcohol, chocolate, sugar (even fruit GASP), or did something crazy like ate all meat and fat because you were told it was going to help you lose a little bit of weight quick? Did it? And if it did, did it stay off? If you want to fit into your skinny jeans long-term, you need to start respecting that your physique is a reflection of your internal health and your DAILY habits. It’s not until you truly respect health from within (and correct your patterns and diet to reflect this), that your outsides will naturally shift into place.

2. Let go of perfection & be sompassionate to Self.

Dismiss the idea that you have to do everything right 100% of the time…. even 90% of the time.  Simply do your best to be your best self.  You know what makes you feel good and you know what doesn’t.  Choose that which make you feel good.  In the event you slip up, forgive yourself.  It doesn’t help one bit to beat yourself up or hold onto guilt for your less than optimal choices.  Depreciating and criticizing oneself in this way only contributes to stress and leads you deeper into a downward spiral.  Rather, dust yourself off and put it behind you.  If it was a food choice that left you less than proud, acknowledge that you make over 200 food choices in a day, and make your next one your best.

3. Crowd out the bad with the good.

This is the best tip I’ve got for you, and really the only one you need. The more you put the good stuff in, the less room there is for the bad. Fill up your calendar with friendly dates for a green juice or tea, hikes and yoga classes, and fill up your grocery cart with seasonal produce and sweet fresh fruits, herbal teas, and sparkling water and limes. The less room you have for junk, the less will go in.

4.  Meditate

I know you don’t have time for meditation. That 10 minutes of your day could be spent on Facebook, checking the sports page, or taking a series of flattering self portraits or photos of your dog to share on Instagram.  There are a lot of things you could do with 10 minutes of your day, but most likely none as important or transforming as the 10 you sit your duff down on a meditation pillow, close your eyes, and simply tune out to tune in. I’m not the first to say “those that are too busy for meditation are the ones that need it most”. If you are new to meditation check out Deepak Chopras guided meditations.

5. Journal and become aware of your triggers.

Food Journaling is one of the easiest ways to get familiar with your true patterns.  When I first started journaling it really opened my eyes to how often I put something in my mouth, be it out of boredom, because I was socializing, or simply because I was cooking. It also made me privy to some pretty indicative patterns in my life (i.e.: if I drink wine I’ll eat everything in sight, if I skip breakfast or lunch I start munching at 3 and don’t stop till 9, if I don’t get enough sleep I’ll crave and over-eat sweets.) These were huge for me, and helped me adjust my daily patterns so I could be my best self. If you’ve never kept a food journal, all you need to do is keep a little notepad with you and write down what you eat and when you are eating it, as well as any other notes around feelings such as hunger, light headedness, fatigued, cravings, etc. After a few days you’ll be able to look back at patterns to see where you can make some adjustments.

6. Knowledge is power, and so is your support system.

Surround yourself with others who are striving for similar goals. Find ‘meet up’ groups on yahoo, workshops by experts at colleges, natural health schools, and yoga studios. Create a private group on Facebook with a group of friends near or far that have similar health interests to start sharing articles and inspirations.  Rent films and buy books that will help inspire you and teach you the whys behind the shifts you’re making so you can continue to educate those around you. Consider inviting your friends and family to watch these films with you.  Great films to check out: Food Matters, Food Inc, Hungry for Change.  Great Books:  Super Cleanse, Diet for a New America, Omnivore’s Dilemma, and The Skinny Bitch.

Meredith Gnau is Beaming’s Health Educator. Her struggles with her own health concerns lead her to seek healing through food as medicine.  Certificated as a holistic health practitioner and yoga teacher, Meredith passionately shares her years of education and experimentation with a very relatable and authentic flavor.


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