Healthy Summertime Cocktails

Life is really all about balance, so why not have your greens and your favorite vodka in one glass? We love mixing our favorite organic cold-pressed juices with a little booze to create the perfect healthy cocktail that won’t leave you in a sugar coma. Skip the processed sugars, dyes and extra calories and try our famous Skinny Coolerita.

Here’s a couple of our favorite Beaming cocktail recipes. Stop by one of our Organic Superfood Cafe’s in Del Mar, Brentwood, West Hollywood or Santa Monica to stock up!


Skinny Coolerita

8 oz Beaming Skinny Cooler  (pineapple, cucumber, mint, jalapeno)

1 oz tequila

1 tsp agave (optional)

1 oz damiana (Damiana is a delicious liquor also known to be an aphrodesiac making for the perfect – “Horny Coolerita”)

lime wedge



Elixir Love

8 oz Beaming Electrolyte Elixir (only 3g of sugar!)

1 oz vodka

1 tsp agave (optional)

lemon wedge



Cheers to you and your health!

4 things Dad will love.

Today is that extra special day to celebrate Dads! And while we know you want to do something special for him, it’s not always about the newest tech gadget, fishing pole or another fun tie you can add to his collection. You can celebrate Dad in ways that will feed his heatlh, heart and soul. Its likely very known now that feeling good and taking care of your body is definitely not just for women. When we opened our first Beaming in Del Mar, almost 85% of our customers were women – now nearly 50% is men (and kids!) – how cool is that?

So today, slow down, fuel up, get out and play and most importantly, take a moment to honor Dad with gratitude and appreciation.

Here’s 4 things Dad will love:

1. Quality time.

In a world where we are constantly on the go, quality time often takes the back burner. It’s so important to our overall health and well being that we spend dedicated time with friends and family – and not just in the car driving to and from work and school. Dad’s schedule is likely juggling work inbetween kids sports practice, helping with homework and managing the household. Today, we challenge you to stay off your cell phone and electronics and spend quality time together without the distraction – kids, too. Perhaps he will take on the challenge as well? Our guess is that Dad will thank you for making him a priority today.

2. Superfoods .

You know we’d never miss an opportunity to talk about how incredibly powerful superfoods are! And not just for dad – for the entire family! Superfoods by definition are the “most nutrient dense foods on the planet” which means you get a whole lot of amazing nutrients with not a lot of effort! Raising a family doesn’t always leave a lot of time to make sure you’re taking care of yourself and as a parent myself, I created Beaming because I knew I didn’t have the time to make all these healthy foods and juices and assumed I wasn’t alone. What I really love about superfoods is that they can keep you healthy, fueled and loaded with the nutrients your body needs even if you don’t have time to make a full meal (because who does these days?)!. Grab a bag of our organic Superfood Plant-Based Protein Powder to add to his morning smoothies, oatmeal, pancakes or post-workout shakes. (Score 15% off our Superfood Proteins today with DADS15)

3. Play time.

Hello, Southern California sunshine! We live in a place where the weather is consistently sunny (ok, so maybe it wasn’t these last few weeks but now it is just in time for Father’s Day!), the waves are not far away and the outdoor activities are available almost all year long. (Have we convinced you to move here yet!?). Yet, with the hussle and bussle of life, we don’t always get the time to enjoy all the benefits of getting out of the house, car or office and taking advantage of mother nature. So today we challenge you and your dad to go on a walk, play in the ocean or simply share a home cooked meal.

Dad’s love to play as much as kids (actually maybe even more!) so today is the day to let go of the To Do lists and hit the outdoors and see what happens!

4. Show appreciation with the little things.

And lastly, show Dad how much you appreciate him – here are some quick ideas:

  1. At dinner, go around the table and each take a turn sharing “what you love most and appreciate about Dad.”  Maybe even share a special moment that brings back great memories.
  2. Homemade cards may be one of the best ways to show how much you care.  My kids make us cards every special holiday, and every time they make me cry. I have saved them all. Get out some construction paper, pens and maybe even some pictures and get creative – these are keepsakes that will go a long way while teaching your children about acknowledging those they love.
  3. Stay off your phones today. While I mentioned this one above, it may be the best way to show how much you love him so I couldn’t help but to mention it again.

So celebrate Dad today by showing him how much you care by slowing down.

Is good health as simple as getting sleep?

A good night’s sleep is essential for ALL aspects of your health. It’s during sleep that your body regenerates and detoxifies. Chronic, long-term insufficient sleep increases your odds of diabetes, depression, cardiovascular disease, and even weight gain. Not just logging hours in bed, but quality sleep is one of the most important factors to keep your brain sharp, and immune system strong. A recent study showed that a good night’s sleep is even responsible for promoting skin health and a youthful appearance.

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, we know the coming months are going to be filled with family gatherings, late nights and less sleep. By making sure your body gets the rest it needs, you will help strengthen your body to ward off common colds. Follow these healthy sleep habits, which you can put in place immediately, to get a head start on feeling incredibly well-rested and energetic all season long!

 1. Avoid stimulants that interfere with your sleep

As any coffee lover knows, caffeine is a stimulant that can keep you awake. Curbing caffeine intake (found in coffee, tea, chocolate, and some pain relievers) after 2pm can have a huge impact on how quickly you’re able to fall asleep. Although that glass of wine after dinner is always tempting, it might be hurting you more than it’s helping. Alcohol may help bring on sleep, after a few hours it acts as a stimulant, increasing the number of awakenings and generally decreasing the quality of sleep later in the night. Aim to limit alcohol consumption and avoid drinking within three hours of bedtime.

 2. Create a pre-sleep routine

Ease into bedtime by creating an environment for quality sleep; this includes starting to dim the amount of artificial lighting, adjusting the room to have cooler temperatures, and taking note of activities that leave you feeling restless or anxious before bed.

Be cautious of watching TV or using other electronic devices as part of your bedtime ritual. Research suggests that screen time before bedtime interferes with sleep. Not only stimulating your brain before bed, electronics can also disrupt your body’s production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for making you sleepy and regulating your internal sleep clock.

 3. Keep a consistent sleep schedule

Aim to go to sleep and wake up around the same time everyday. Training your body’s “internal clock” to expect sleep at a certain time night after night. Try to stick as closely as possible to your routine on weekends to help increase the effectiveness. Schedule your morning yoga class ahead of time, committing to those feel good asanas will make it less tempting to keep hitting the snooze button.

 4. Lighten evening eating and drinking

Similarly to alcohol, a big meal before bed might make you fall right asleep but it will disturb your sleep (it’s likely you’ll wake up in the middle of the night “burning off” the heavy meal). Also, hydrate throughout the day so that as you approach bedtime you can limit your fluid intake to avoid waking up to use the restroom all night.

 5. Exercise early

We all know that regular exercise has incredible benefits on our physical and mental state. Sure it can even help us sleep better – but it’s good to note that timing is important. Try to finish working out at least 2 hours before bed, as exercising too close to bedtime can leave you feeling too energized to fall asleep.

 6. Try sleep-inducing snacks to increase your odds of a successful slumber:

  • Bananas – well known for being rich in potassium, are also a good source of Vitamin B6, which is needed to make melatonin.
  • Kale – green leafy vegetables, such as kale and collards, boasts a healthy dose of calcium, which helps you fall asleep.
  • Quinoa – a good source of the calming mineral, magnesium, which helps you stay asleep.
  • Almonds / almond butter –unsaturated fats will not only boost your heart health but also improve your serotonin levels, the “feel good” hormone in charge of regulating the sleep/wake cycle.

 7. Go to sleep when you’re truly tired

Struggling to fall sleep just leads to frustration. If you’re not asleep after 20 minutes, go to another room, and do something relaxing (such as reading or listening to music) until you are tired enough to sleep. If you find tomorrow’s to-do lists flooding your thoughts, try writing them down—and then putting them aside.


Meet Stacy McCarthy: Health and Wellness Guru

1. Tell us about yourself. What do you do?

As a Health & Wellness Professional with a specialty in Yoga, I’ve been teaching, producing, and investing in healthy ventures since the 1980’s including developing health clubs and yoga studios, producing products, speaking and writing. Currently, I’m a professor at Miracosta College lecturing and expanding the Yoga Curriculum. In addition, I teach Master Classes, Workshops, and lead Retreats.

Where do you practice?

For over two decades, I’ve had a daily practice of yoga and meditation. This discipline hasn’t always been easy, especially raising two children during that time. Life doesn’t always provide a tranquil yoga space for my practice, so I’ll practice anywhere and everywhere. Much to the chagrin of my kids, sometimes it’s on a field or court in between their games.

Who are you outside your practice?

For me, I strive not to just “do” a yoga practice, but to be more “yogic” and bring the qualities of my practice into everything; a loving and supportive wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend.


2. You’ve lead yoga all over the world. Where’s your favorite place to practice?

I’ve been very fortunate to travel extensively. The education and experience I receive from each adventure makes it difficult to choose a favorite, but I’ll give you my top three; India, because of the extreme dichotomy of crazy and calm; Maldive Islands, because of the privacy and serene, warm Indian Ocean; Colorado Rockies, because of the majesty of the mountains.


3. Taking time to sit and meditate can be really difficult when life is so busy. What’s your best advice on slowing down?

I believe in the KISS method, a mnemonic for “Keep It Simple Stacy”, so I use this simple, on the go meditation strategy.  When I find myself getting edgy, or stressed I do these four things; Stop, Take three deep breaths, Observe my thoughts and Proceed with loving –kindness. Use the mnemonic S.T.O.P. to remember the process.


4. Balance is so important. What are 3 tips to staying balanced that we can practice daily?

I have a plaque on my wall that reads, “Ne Quid Nimis”, a latin phrase that means moderation in all things. It reminds me that there will be times when I’m absorbed in a passionate pursuit and may find myself sacrificing other parts of my life, but it is only temporary. If my daily habits fill me with energy and vitality, then the times of over doing it won’t make a significant difference. The following three tips maintain my daily balance, so that when life throws me an opportunity or a curveball I can handle it without sacrificing my health and happiness.

Tip #1 Watch the quality of your thoughts, they will create your beliefs and will determine the quality of your life.

Tip # 2 Fill your tank with low-glycemic, nutrient dense foods on a regular basis, that way when you are in situations of over indulgence, it’s easier to get back on track.

 Tip #3  Move your body mindfully and with integrity to bring muscular imbalances and structural irregularities back into balance.


5. Favorite Beaming cold pressed juice or smoothie?

I’ve made up my own concoction of mixing half of Beaming Pure Green with half of Beaming Antioxidant Elixir which I have every morning. In the afternoon I have a Longevity Juice. Why? My morning “Green Elixir” starts every day as a low glycemic detox and my afternoon Longevity Juice boosts my brain health during the afternoon slump.


6. What does it mean to live Beaming?

The dictionary defines beaming as “A Ray of Light”. To me, live Beaming means to let your inner light shine. When I walk into Beaming, I unconsciously feel those around me beaming their inner light and letting their vitality shine.


Join Stacy for a FREE Mindful Mediation Hike!

Join Stacy and Beaming for a free Mindful Mediation Hike. Hike the lagoon trail with views of San Dieguito River. Yoga along the way, before and after (no yoga experience needed). Dogs Welcome- Yes, on leash only (must be socially friendly).

September 20th at 9:00 am. Meet at Beaming Del Mar.

Get all the details about our month of wellness and Ultimate Post Summer Clean Up right over here.

5 Simple Tips to Feel Great Every Day.

by Julie Morris
Culinary Director at Beaming, and best-selling author of Superfood Smoothies.

It’s practically a requirement to have fun and let loose a little during the core summer months, right? But while our sunshiney relaxed vibe may be good for the soul, not every aspect is so great on the body (I’m looking at you, bottomless margaritas). That’s why before we get swept away in the holiday hustle, September serves as the perfect time to get back in touch with a healthy routine, renew our energy, and re-light our glow. September is a time of transition. September is a time to cleanse.

Cleansing can come in many forms: from juices to jogging, pretty much any healthy action is going to help the body renew and repair, and keep us in our prime. It all adds up! So, with fall fast approaching, here are five healthy habits to keep in mind:

  1. Have a nutrient-dense beverage every day.  Even if you’re not going on a full-blown cleanse, folding in a smoothie or a juice (ideally, both!) into your everyday lifestyle really is a must. Why? Because smoothies and juices are hyper-packed with detoxifying and deeply nourishing nutrition, in one of the most easily digestible forms: liquid. Green smoothies and juices will be the most cleansing because of their chlorophyll content, but truthfully any variety that includes superfoods and natural ingredients will be beneficial.
  2. Boost your water. The elevated heat during the summer is usually reminder enough to drink all the water we need throughout the day (water, of course, being a paramount component of keeping our bodies flushed and clean from the inside-out). But come fall and its cooling weather, many times maintaining proper hydration can become forgotten and more difficult to manage. To help increase your daily water consumption, try putting in slices of alkalizing lemon/lime, or different types of fresh herbs like mint or rosemary inside of your water bottle. Within just a half an hour, you’ll have a delicately flavored water that tastes as good as it feels, and the flavor enhancement will help serve as a motivation to drink more … all without adding any additional calories. Bonus: it looks so beautiful, too!
  3. Choose superfood snacks. Don’t deny yourself from snacks, just choose them wisely. Incorporating snacks that are composed of superfoods makes sure that you make the most of every crunch and munch via vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Kale crisps, seed-based crackers, and bars or bites made with invigorating foods like goji berries or coconut are a great way to simply swap out the bad with the good … and by good we’re also talking deliciously good.   And if you happen to be by Beaming, they have ahhhhhmazzzzing Superfood Snacks – I especially love their “Love Brittle” and the infamous “Beaming Superfood Protein(crack) Bite”.
  4. Add chia seeds. Chia seeds are like a safety net for cleansing: because of the high fiber, mucilage (healthy and filling plant compound), and good fats, chia seeds make any food just a little more satisfying, while adding bona fide nutrition. And, thanks to having almost no taste at all, they’re ideal to add to … well… anything! Keep them on hand to make any meal a superfood one, with just a little sprinkle.
  5. Pick seasonally. Sure, everyone knows that eating more fruits and veggies is a core part of a clean diet, but admit it: sometimes actually following through can be a challenge. To ensure you never get bored, rotate in peak season produce for an excitingly diverse addition of flavor, color, and even nutrition. Challenge yourself to buy one different hyper-seasonal fruit and vegetable each week. A trip to the farmer’s market can offer loads of inspiration!

Remember, it’s about progress, not perfection. So challenge yourself to an inclusive renewal this month, and enjoy the expediential rewards.


How are you doing on your 21 Day Live Beaming Challenge?  We would love to hear from you! Make sure you’re sharing with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Challenges are more rewarding with friends!


The ULTIMATE Post Summer 21 Day Clean up Challenge – Beaming Style!

The Beaming lifestyle is all about a life of balance – indulging in moderation and celebrating life while also knowing when you feel your best and how to make choices accordingly. This is true in all aspects of life – food, love, exercise, mental & spiritual health, friendships, family, personal growth, and more. As we come off summer and the many celebrations it has offered (BBQs, s’mores, vacations, beach parties, sunset cocktails, busy kid schedules and perhaps a few missed workouts), we felt it was the perfect time to reset and rejuvenate. It’s a great time to get our mind and bodies back to feeling our best. Much like we enter each New Year ready to purge from the holidays, we decided to call September the new January and are unofficially launching a 21 Day Challenge.

September is the new January – 21 Day BEAMING Challenge

Throughout the month of September at our Beaming Del Mar location, we are offering an entire month of what we are calling “live the Beaming lifestyle” complete with our raw food cleanse programs, private beach workouts, yoga with some of our favorite local instructors, meditation classes, hiking, smoothie making & health workshops, wellness support and more. (click here to learn more about the month of Beaming in Del Mar)

For those of you not in San Diego, you can still join us for your own custom 21 Day “Back to you” Challenge from wherever you are. Here are some ideas for creating a month of wellness anywhere in the country Beaming style:

  1. Commit to a cleanse for at least 3 days.  Whether you make it yourself (check out our DIY Cleanse tips!) or purchase one of our Signature Raw Food Cleanse Programs, this is truly the quickest, most effective way to rejuvenate and reset your habits – especially coming off the summer binge. We can ship anyone of our cleanses anywhere in the country, so if you are not inspired to make your own, let us do the work for you. The Lean, Active and Lifestyle cleanses are each uniquely designed and available in 3 or 5 day formats. Did we mention that you will also get the Beam Me Up Beaming tank top and some of our individual Raw Superfood Plant-based Protein Blend individual packets as part of our special promotion this month? ($35 value). This is THE month to get back to your best self.
  2. Choose 3 things you are going to eliminate from your diet for the month – Alcohol? Coffee? Bread & pasta?  Soda?  Packaged & processed foods and snacks? Other? You choose and commit to at least 3 – its only 21 days, which is just enough time to reset habits and build new ones.
  3. Choose at least 3 new habits you would like to implement for the month. Perhaps you have always wanted to meditate and this is your month to start it! Maybe this is the month you are going to commit to exercising at least 3-4 times per week? Maybe it’s reading more or spending more time with your kids without your phone distracting you? Or no longer texting and driving? Maybe it’s giving a little more love to your partner and telling them every day how much you appreciate them? Whatever it is, 3 goals that you can commit to. Easy peasy.
  4. Choose at least 1 thing that you have been talking about doing but haven’t done yet. Maybe it’s taking a yoga class at a yoga studio you drive by every day but haven’t taken the time to check out a class! Or scheduling a meeting with a holistic doctor to get some blood work done because its time to have a deeper dive into your health? Or maybe it’s doing acupuncture for the first time or calling a meditation coach to start your meditation practice?

We look forward to a great month of health and wellness and hope to have you celebrate this Fall with the ULTIMATE Post Summer 21 Day Clean Up Challenge.


A few of our favorites this week!

Introducing our new Coconut Wrap!

Cucumber, mango, jicama, green onion, carrots, mint, basil, coconut wrap, nori, cashews, sesame seeds, sesame oil, miso, and orange ponzu sauce. Stop by Beaming Del Mar to try this delicious new item on our menu.

Beaming Superfood Smoothie eBook

Our mission with this eBook is simple. We give you the guidance to create a life of well-being. Amazingly, just a few minor shifts can make huge difference in how you look and feel. The healthy possibilities are endless and oh so delicious.

Download your copy instantly.

Milie’s Gelato at Beaming Del Mar

Vegan, gluten-free, so-free, GMO-free, made with organic ingredients, no gums or filters. Just simple, straight-forward ingredients. Made with sprouted organic almond milk and cashews.

Available in 4ox, 8oz, and 16oz containers.

Healthy Cocktails, really!

We all love a good drink and we don’t believe in depriving yourself. But, we do believe in mixing things up the healthy way. Grab a Beaming Skinny Cooler and mix it up with your favorite tequila or vodka for the perfect summer cocktail. Ditch the sugars and artificial flavors and sip on a cold-pressed juice with cucumbers, pineapple, mint, and jalapeños. Get to mixing!

Ready to reset after vacation?

Ahhhh, summer vacation. Or should I say VACATIONS with an ‘s’ since it seems that summer has become a big party of multiple trips, lots of BBQs and no small share of indulgences. And that’s what summer is about – CELEBRATING LIFE – good friends, family, connection, evolving, growing, exploring, relaxing, creating and of course….great food (and wine!).

I just returned from a two week vacation in Colorado with my kids and had an incredible time. We played outdoors, visited family and I reconnected with the Colorado girl in me. Our days were filled with mountain biking, hiking, running (at 10K ft above sea level – yikes!), river rafting, tubing, rock climbing and whatever the mountains had in store. When on vacation, anything goes – as it should.  We have “earned it” which usually leads to eating and drinking almost anything with little boundaries. I get it. And that is part of what vacation is about.   I confess, I had my fair share of ice cream (and my stomach cursed me for it), dessert and insanely delicious-ask-for-no-forgiveness bread (because nothing beats a beautiful hunk of artisan bread) and great wine. So yes, I have a hunch I vacation just like you. And, like you, I want to feel good when I get home and FAST!

So what happens when we get home? How do you reset? No matter how many bike rides or hikes or adventures you may have been on (or NOT!), you’re likely looking for that re-entry kick start. You need a vacation to recover from your vacation? Really, you do. Bloated? Perhaps carrying a couple extra pounds (not that anyone but you noticed!)? Feeling tired and foggy? Craving sugar, wine and pizza?

So how do you get back on track? Here are some simple tips that I help me look and feel better in no time – and it only takes a few days! I promise.

Here are some simple tips to get your Beam back after vacation:
  1. Start your day with warm water and lemon (and turmeric!) If you can include freshly pressed turmeric or at least a high quality capsule of turmeric. It’s alkaline, incredibly anti-inflammatory (bye bye bloat) and it’s oh so good for you.
  2. GREENS, GREENS and more GREENS. Try eating nothing but vegetables or consume a plant based diet for at least 1 day, if not 3 or even 5. This could include a green juice, green smoothies, salads, raw or cooked veggies, vegetable soups or whatever greens you can get your hands on.  At a minimum, try incorporating at least 1 green juice every day. Minimize fruit – you have likely had plenty of sugar on your vacation so ideally we can kick the sugar craving and get you back to feeling your best. Want some great juice and smoothie recipes?  You can find our Superfood Smoothie ebook with over 30 pages of juicing, smoothie and lifestyle tips to looking and feeling amazing.
  3. Exercise. Duh. Even if it is just 30 minutes a day.  You may likely have been relaxing by the pool more than hitting the gym while on vacation and nothing feels better than getting your body going again. Work up a sweat – imagine the toxins you will flush.  Go for it! Your body will thank you.
  4. Say no to alcohol.  That nightly glass of wine that you got used to on vacation?  Put it aside – not forever, of course, but can you go at least 5 days without? Talk about minimizing inflammation! Almost nothing gets your beam back then taking out alcohol. You will suddenly see your cheek bones and the whites of your eyes again, and perhaps add a little bounce out of bed in the morning. It’s worth it.  Trust me.
  5. Ixnay on the Glutenay.  So we convinced you to let go of alcohol for a few days and now its time to take out the gluten.  Yep – no pizza, bread, pasta, cereal or crackers. Maybe stay away from gluten free for a few days as well – it’s easier on your digestion while you let your body heal. You probably had your fair share of breads on vacation, so lets agree to put it aside for a few days – can we shoot for at least 5? You want to minimize inflammation, help support your digestion and get your beam back.
  6. Drink LOTS and LOTS of water.  And just when you thought you couldn’t drink anymore, drink some more.  For added benefit, add lemon.  It will alkalize and reduce inflammation.  Sweet.
  7. Cleanse.  Feeling extra motivated?  Nothing is better to reset than a post vacation cleanse.  And since we don’t believe in juice cleanses, we are always going to promote cleansing WITH FOOD!  Phew – no more starving yourself . We all know that doesn’t work. Follow our blog here on a DIY (do it yourself) cleanse or sign up for one of our Signature Raw Food Cleanses. We take care of all the details for you so not only does it not get much easier than this, the menu is delicious and changes daily. We can almost guarantee we will have you back to your best in just a few days – perhaps even better than before you left on vacation! Pick from any one of our new Signature Raw Food Cleanses:
Lean (1000-1200 calories)
Lifestyle (1200-1400 calories) or
Active (1600-14900 calories)

A new menu each day includes combinations of our some of our most popular juices, protein smoothies, soups, salads, superfood snacks, superfood elixirs and more.

Ready to Cleanse?

So I challenge you. 5 days and let us know how you do. What’s so amazing is that with pretty minimal commitment, you can get your Beam back in no time and be back on track looking and feeling your best.  ARE YOU IN?

Feeling inspired?   We would love to hear from you on Facebook!  Tell us how this works for you!


7 Tips To Make Healthy Habits Stick From an NYC Health Coach

Guest Blogger: Amita Patel

As a health coach, I’m often asked how to create sustainable lifestyle changes. Working with busy New Yorkers, many people come to me looking for a quick fix. The truth is that a crash diet will only get you so far. The key to success is making your healthy habits stick! A common issue my clients have (especially on a Monday) is this: “I eat well & exercise during the week…and then the weekend comes. All of a sudden, my healthy habits are gone and I give in to my cravings. What gives?”

Here’s what I tell them:

You’re completely normal! During the week, we have the structured time to guide us.  Between work, family, and social commitments, we are mindful of how we spend our free time. In fact, we get even more done with less free time!

Those of us who maintain a healthy self-care schedule during the week know that the key to success is planning.

Secret to Success: Take 10 minutes on Sunday night to plan when you will exercise, shop for groceries, and cook. Write it in your calendar like it’s a can’t-miss appointment. 

When the weekend comes and we lose our structure, our minds go haywire! In fact, many people actually feel less happy on the weekends. When we’re given more time for our minds to wander, it can be difficult to deal with emotions that come up and we may want to squash them before we even have them. This is when many of us have cravings: sugar for energy, carbs out of boredom, etc. Here are a few tips to keep up the self-care:

1. Zone in & zen out

Meditating everyday is the best thing you can do for your health and happiness. This is especially true on the weekends. Why? Free time is your inner critic’s playground. Why not rein in the fear-based negative talk by starting your day on a positive note? Giving yourself the time to clue into your feelings will allow you to process them through your heart and not your plate.

2. Shape your day

When you structure your weekend schedule, you will avoid the time-killing pitfalls that make you feel worse like hours of TV or long brunches that turn into day-drinking marathons.

3. Plan for fun

You can’t make the “I don’t have time” excuse for exercise, but that doesn’t mean you should suffer on the treadmill. See exercise as a fun, social activity by trying something new: go for a hike with a friend, take a dance class, maybe even some aqua Zumba! Step outside your comfort zone. Trying something new with a friend or significant other helps you to bond and creates shared memories.

4. Plan for relaxation

The same way you carve out time for friends and exercise, create time just for you. Whatever “me time” looks like for you, plan it and make it a non-negotiable. Maybe it’s reading a book outside, maybe it’s a mani-pedi, maybe it’s going to the park with your dog. Whatever it is, you’re worth it, so do it.

5. Go ahead and splurge

So you know you’re going to get brunch with your friends on Sunday and you know the nutella-stuffed French toast sounds way better than the egg white omelet. I’m not going to give you some lame tip that justifies deprivation. It’s nutella!!! Knowing that you’ll get to splurge at some point over the weekend will help you to make the healthy choices you won’t regret.

6. Stay present

Mindfulness is the key to making decisions that best serve us. So when you start to feel off or you are presented with a choice of what to do or eat, stay present to your emotions and thoughts. With your higher self as your guide, you’ll always make the right decision. And yes, sometimes that decision is cake.

7. Sleep similarly

Many people try to make up for a week’s worth of bad sleep on the weekends. Guess what? Sleep debt doesn’t work like that. For every all-nighter you pull, it takes 2 weeks for your body to repair itself. You can’t just make it all up in one swoop! So, on the weekends, keep similar hours to your workweek. Want to sleep in an extra hour? Go for it, but don’t waste an entire weekend in bed. Not only will you feel depressed, but you are likely to be unproductive during your waking hours and make poor food choices.

Above all else, the key to sustainable health is working it into your daily practice in easy and actionable ways. Beaming’s fresh cold pressed juices & superfood goodies are a great and easy way to set yourself up for success. And when you get off track, remember: it isn’t what we do once in a while that defines our health, it’s what we do consistently.

Have any tips that help to keep you on track? Continue the conversation and let me know in the Comments section below!


About Amita:

Amita is the owner and founder of Aligned Holistics, a coaching services company employing nutrition, physical activity, lifestyle and personal philosophy geared toward helping you create your ideal life, increase your well-being, and reach your full potential, holistically. The 5 Pillar approach and 3 Signature Programs empower you to create a life you love. As a coach, writer, and wellness expert, Amita can help you to achieve your highest potential. Join the community at Aligned Holistics and get your free Ready, Set, Intent! eBook. This 50 page guidebook will help you to set your intentions for the life you want to create.  Check out Aligned Holistics on Facebook and Twitter!

It Takes 21 Days To Change A Habit

Guest blogger: James Gilbert, Beaming Customer

Did you know it takes 21 days to create new habits?  To support the creation of new healthy habits, we developed our new, custom designed 21 Day program to help you establish a foundation for long term health and well-being. Each day you create a menu that works for you based on receiving 6 items from our delicious menu of cold-pressed juices, smoothies, salads, raw foods, snacks, elixirs and more. Recently, one of our customers took the challenge – read on to hear James Gilbert’s Story of 21 Days of Beaming….

Something’s gotta change… don’t ask me “what” – just settle for a moment and realize it.

With that statement, I think my body was telling me something. I read a lot about nutrition,  know all the facts, have friends that do amazing things, honoring themselves with what they put in their body and what they get out of their body. Then there’s me…I know so much about what I should do, but, I don’t do it to the extent that I should. We as a family eat clean…cleaner than most I’m sure. But as I read more, the idea of “cleansing” or “fasting” was of interest since giving your body a break seemed to re-boot everyone.

I like to make up challenges for myself and if I can stay connected, I enjoy the process. The whole cleanse/fast thing is interesting once you’re done, but didn’t seem like a fun process to move through, so I avoided it.

January is a great time to start again, it’s a reset of the clock, time to break bad habits, create better habits and we as a culture thrive in January, right? Hah, it’s cyclical at best. So, I put out some physical goals for the new year and thought I’d start with a #30in30 which is at least 30 minutes of running for 30 consecutive days. I’ve done it before, so knew I could complete it…and therein lies the problem. I’ve done this. As I ran on my third day, my mind wandered off and I got bored…really bored. I needed something to basically scare me or make me uncomfortable enough to want it.

I’d been thinking about cleansing but didn’t want to do a starvation cleanse of just juice or the Master Cleanse – I wanted something that was about long term health and not just short term weight loss.  I wanted to create habits I could implement for the long term that would be realistic and not miserable.  So I went to Beaming and learned about their newly launched 21 Days of Beaming cleanse.   Twenty one days? Are you kidding? Sure! I did some reading, found some great resources on what can happen in 21 days, besides weight loss and I was hooked.

So, on the Sunday before my cleanse started, I had a normal day of meals, but made sure I “enjoyed” a nice sub, some chips and an extra glass or two of wine that night, you know, stocking up so to speak!

Below are my Instagram/Facebook posts:


Got bored with running another #‎30in30 so decided to try something I’ve never considered. Today is a Day 1 of my 21 Day#‎livebeaming “Cleanse”… It’s not just juice so don’t start posting whacked comments. It is #‎vegan and super tasty. Adding in 30-90 minutes per day of low HR running and riding. Today sucked as I jones’d for espresso and wine … Looking forward to how my psyche will calm in the coming days, or not.


Slept like a champ. Day 2 of my 21 day #‎livebeaming “Cleanse” started of early and well. Found a hilly 2 mile test course I’ll use this year. Ended the run with a Beaming Bite, crack-like addictive flavor and chock full of protein


Super easy 4 miler up the coast to start Day 3 of my 21 day #livebeaming“cleanse”. Body is liking it so far minus some obvious cravings!


One week done of my #livebeaming 21 Day “Cleanse. “How much weight did you lose so far?” Almost 6 pounds…in 7 days. Wow. Lots of that was junky weight I’m sure.

Here are the facts…I feel unreal. I am much more awake, have almost no sugar cravings, don’t feel as dragged down in the afternoons, feel lighter and fresher. I have some reaction to either dairy or bread since I’ve been w/o both for a week and don’t miss either AND feel less “full/puffy”.

So, this isn’t necessarily a cleanse, it’s more a lifestyle…just like they say!

I will continue eating like this but will most likely add in a bit more protein mostly plant-based with a little salmon now and then. I will have pizza and red meat just to test my reaction, since that’s what I do. If I feel like crap, those will leave me for the long term. I have 3 juices per day, mostly greens, not a lot of fruit. I have two smoothies that have protein. I have two of the Beaming “crack” bites with protein. And, I have two big salads with Avo. That is all I require. And, it’s a LOT of food. I also snack a bit on nuts when I’m in a binge mood.

Great mid day run at TP to celebrate my one week…those hills are a blast! ASK QUESTIONS if you want!


No. I’m not a vegan. Or a paleo. Or whatever foodie label comes to mind… But, here’s my take on my self-experiment. We went to PA over Christmas for 8 days and I ate like a king – amazing pizza, pasta, and world-renowned cheesesteaks! EATING was pure joy. But, I felt a bit like crap afterwards, not always, but most of the time. I felt heavier, slower, and was always hungry and wanting to snack. No big deal, right? I’ve now completed 8 days of the #livebeaming “cleanse”, which has food, so it’s more just a lifestyle change in what I eat, not a restrictive diet by any means. As I said yesterday, I feel GREAT. The main difference is that my body is fueled with less. Takes me less time, costs me less, and feeling myself “wake up” is amazing. You can survive on pretty much anything, but I’m thriving right now based on the simple foods I’m eating and drinking.

DAY 15

Day 15 of my #livebeaming 21 day “cleanse”…I’ve figured out a lot about myself and my, ummm, emotionally-fueled eating habits over the past two weeks! Suffice to say, I’m on a new track, feel way better and dropped 10 lbs to boot! Should be a great week!

DAY 16

This is no longer feeling like a “cleanse” or even a “program” – it just IS the way I eat. I love it and my body is responding well. I have a race-weight goal that I’m headed towards to rid myself of a few years of just being soft. To date, I’ve lost 12 pounds and have another 8 or so to go to be what I consider “my normal self”. I will start to race again, so I’m hoping for a total drop of 26-30 pounds by the end of June. I know I’ll even out soon, but I’m on the right path for sure. I always joke about “I feel beaming”, but in reality, I AM BEAMING.

Nearing the end

I must say that the first few days took a bit longer than expected, but when I walk into Beaming and get asked, “so, what day are you on?” – It’s easy to talk about the past couple of weeks as it feels like yesterday, but it also feels like I’ve been eating like this for a long time. Simple answer to the question of “Is this hard” is, “no”. It’s simple, really simple. Again, I’ve done this before, but nothing like the way Beaming does it. My energy level is so even, my mood is better, I’m rarely craving sweets or bread. Most importantly, I’m finally getting used to the way my body feels with less food going into it. This is the biggest change for me…not feeling stuffed.

My daily routine – how much I ate and when.

One of my biggest concerns was that I wouldn’t get enough to eat. I mean, I’m not a 140 pound woman. I’m 6’3″ and 225 (damn I’ve gained weight over the past couple of years). The first day or so was a bit unnerving in that I was sure I’d be starving…but I wasn’t. The staff at Beaming was gracious and told me to just add in another salad and avocado…so I did.  I also had two Beaming Superfood Protein Bites instead of just one.

The daily variety of Beaming products was fantastic and I never got bored. The flavors are unlike anything I’ve ever tasted and I looked forward to trying the next item. I found that my body reacted better to having the green drinks earlier in the day and the smoothies after lunch or as a late night snack. As a guy, I thought I’d miss chewing a bit more but found myself not finishing my dinner salad a few times and actually didn’t finish all the juices/smoothies every day!


I did run during the 21 days and short runs up to three miles were no problem, but I bonked on a five-miler since I didn’t have a lot in my system. I talked to a coach/friend of mine and he explained that since I was used to burning what I ate, my body was going to take a bit of time to learn how to better burn fat which is the body’s best fuel source – makes sense sort of. So, I kept the pace lower and mileage down a bit and felt good. By adding in some yams and other cleaner sources of carbs, I’ll be able to increase my run lengths and intensity. I did some online searches and found some great articles about endurance runners and “low carbohydrate training” — there’s always someone trying to find a new way to train! I do know that my body is way smarter than I am and will find it’s best source of fuel (fat) if I keep my carb intake down — win win!

Oh, did I cheat?

I get asked this all the time. If it’s a Yes/No answer, then Yes, I cheated. Here’s how I broke some of the rules that I made up, but after talking to Beaming, I realized that most of my “cheats” weren’t…they were just changes to my lifestyle and how I got through the 21 days.

Bread/Meat/Sweets/Dairy. None. Zip. Nada. I did want to eat the salmon I grilled for my family but didn’t. I only craved bread once and that was when I went in Baker and Olive…but I left and realized that I didn’t need it. The big surprise is that I didn’t want any cookies or sweets…THIS alone is a miracle. I wanted a bit of ice cream one day, but the urge left me in moments.

Grains. I had a bit of quinoa in some of Beaming’s salads but no rice or other grain. I’ve been eating quinoa for over 10 years and know it’s not an allergen. It was interesting NOT eating rice and, again, didn’t really miss it!

Coffee/Wine. Yes, I did have some during the 21 days. Not nearly as much as I usually drink, but I did some self-tests to see how my body reacted. I realized that IF I drank any coffee, I’d want wine at night. I usually have a double espresso in the morning and a bit of coffee and cookie around 3pm as my body crashed. With Beaming, I didn’t get the afternoon blues…which is amazing for me, proving that my blood sugar was regulated. I drank a bit of wine in the second week but, again, not as much as I normally do. To be honest, it’s more of a social habit at home and not something I needed. It was nice to not drink or to at least be aware of when/why I was. One night I did have an extra glass and my body reacted really well to it, I felt the sluggishness return, didn’t sleep well, and craved coffee immediately upon rising. DING! Hey, maybe these two liquids are related! A nice lesson learned on how coffee and alcohol are related and create a bad cycle for my body if I have even a bit too much.

We all know that life is balance and for me, I’m not living on the edges of having to define myself in any way. It’s not as if you’re either “dry – alcoholic” or “vegan – paleo”. I can exist by making choices that can change as I move through my days and weeks. One thing for sure? I’ll stay on the path Beaming so graciously shared with me, add in some fish and some clean carbs like yams, but for the most part, this wasn’t a cleanse…really…it’s just a better way to eat, hence, lifestyle.

Ready to try 21 Days of Beaming?