Can superfoods and green juice make you pregnant?

Because we just had triplets!
Introducing Beaming Superfood Cafes (and 2 more coming!)


Beaming Santa Monca, Flagship – 1426 Montana Ave., 90403



Beaming Brentwood – 131 South Barrington Ave., 90049



Beaming Del Mar, 2683 Via de la Valle, 92104





…A Sneak View of what’s to come Ocotober 2012 – B bar Del Mar!

We’ll let you in on a secret. Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.

We urge you to live your life, on purpose. And create an everlasting relationship between your mind, body, and soul. Anyone can take something simple and make it complicated. True creativity is taking something complicated and making it gloriously simple.

So we simplify the things that you put into your body. We created the health food cliff notes; you no longer have to read the book (or even watch the movie.)

We have opened the door to extraordinary health. The bbar is our take on take out, it’s the new pick up spot, and the Ultimate juice, Superfood, and Vitality bar. It’s a physical manifestation of the beaming lifestyle, a health haven that provides you with organic meals in the buff. We have raised the juice bar. Because we know wellness doesn’t stop after the last sip of invigoration or final swallow of nourishment. It is way of being, a way of beaming, and we get you there. And we take you beyond.

Who knew food in the nude could be so life changing.

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Yoga For Hope – Saturday, August 11

Join us at Yoga for Hope on August 11 for a beautiful day with some of Southern California’s most beloved yoga instructors supporting an incredible cause.  Begin your day with yoga and stay after for the social – We will be there with samples of our new juices, smoothies and salads and plenty to take home.  A day not to miss!

Visit Yoga for Hope, for more information.

Beaming Into Spring

Beaming Into Spring: Simple, Raw Superfoods For Everyday Vitality


Start: April 15, 2012 10:00 am

End: April 15, 2012 1:00 pm


Featuring Beaming Education Director, Meredith Gnau & Beaming Head Chef, Jesus Gonzalez.

Spring is the season of renewal.  It’s the perfect time to cleanse and purge, and there is no time better to commit to eating right.  This season is abundant with garden fresh produce just waiting for you to enjoy.  In this workshop Beaming’s Education Director, Meredith Gnau, and Holistic Chef, Jesus Gonzalez, will show you how to create a plant-based lifestyle with easy to prepare seasonal finds that make your body BEAM with joy and enable you to feel confident in the kitchen armed with kale, collards, or a mock tuna pate.  This class will prepare and enjoy Mock Tuna Pate, Burritos in Collard Greens, Almond Milk, a Superfood Smoothie, Kale Salad, Green Juice, Chia Pudding and Raw Choco Chip Cookie Dough Balls for dessert!

$65 – sign up directly through cups.  Class size limited!


Beaming often offers cooking classes, tastings and new events;
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Rejuvenate with your BFF – Private cleanse party!

BFF Rejuvenation Cleanse –

Invite 12 friends or more for a very special program


There is no better way to do our program than with a friend or even better, a group of friends.  We can customize a special program for groups of 12 or more and the person hosting will receive a FREE 4 day cleanse!  We offer the choice of either a special  kick-off “party/event” with foods & treats along with an informational meeting to get the most out of your week OR a post cleanse party to help you continue your radiant journey of health.  An amazing way to experience Beaming and to enhance your experience with some of your closest friends.  Special pricing available for large groups.
Truly no better way to kick off the new year right while celebrating your new Beaming glow together with some of your friends!  Contact Lisa for more information in customizing a program for you –

New Year, New You

Post Holiday Raw Food Cleansing, Cooking and Sampling class

Cups La Jolla’s fabulous Culinary Kitchen
Featuring Meredith Gnau with Beaming & Joy Houston of Rocking Body Raw Food

Saturday, January 14th from 2:30-5:30

For more information or to sign up please visit Cups La Jolla’s website: