Beaming Cleanse Concierges Tell All!

Cleansing is an art and science as everybody is different and lifestyles are unique to each individual. That’s why we love sharing the Beaming Cleanse Program! We work with you to identify the best cleanse to meet your health and wellness goals and lifestyle. We’re so passionate about wellness education and sharing with you – after all, knowledge is power!

So, we asked our seven Beaming Cleanse Concierges to share the top questions they receive from guests…perhaps your question is answered here!

Q: How is the Beaming Cleanse different from juice or other cleanses?

Jasmine Singh, Beaming Del Mar Cleanse Concierge

Jasmine Singh, Beaming Del Mar Cleanse Concierge

A: The Beaming Cleanse Program offers a unique plant-based diet that activates a lifestyle change and healthy habits. Our cleanses are whole foods-based and low glycemic so you won’t experience the debilitating hunger pangs and blood sugar crashes that often accompany juice-only cleanses and liquid fasts. Plus, the fiber in our superfood smoothies, soups and entrees helps to absorb toxins and carry them out of your body quickly, minimizing detox symptoms and leaving you energized and satisfied, not moody and hungry.

We offer 3, 4 and 5-day dynamic cleanse programs to accommodate to every lifestyle: Lean, Lifestyle and Active. Plus, we offer a 1-Day Reset Cleanse, 10-Day Total Reboot Custom Cleanse, 21-Day Total Transformation Custom Cleanse and a Bride-to-Be Cleanse. With our Beaming Cleanse Program you will learn mindful eating tips and how to listen to what your body is communicating with you. Your cravings will change and you will naturally gravitate towards healthier foods (even after you cleanse). You will become hooked on the feeling of Beaming! We invite you to reward yourself with one of our signature cleanses. Your body, mind and spirit will thank you! 

Q: Will you help me through my cleanse program?

A: YES, of course! Each of our cafes has a dedicated Cleanse Concierge to help you customize your cleanse program based on your goals and lifestyle. Plus, when you start a cleanse with us, you will receive a series of emails guiding you through your experience – from how to prepare and what to expect, to day 1 of your cleanse, to coming off of your cleanse, to us checking in with you to ensure you’re still Beaming! In your cleanse bag, you’ll also receive a cleanse card to give you a tangible tool you can refer to at-home or at-work. And as a part of your cleanse order, we’ll provide you with an incredibly educational Post-Cleanse eBook to support your healthy habits at-home. We’re in this together! 

Q: Can I drink coffee (caffeine) during the cleanse?
A: Caffeine of any kind (coffee or tea) is acidic to the body and therefore doesn’t support an alkaline cleanse program that is designed to reduce acidity and inflammation. If you absolutely must have caffeine, we recommend organic green tea or organic matcha green tea. For optimal results, you will want to decrease caffeine intake during your cleanse … and we understand how key coffee can be to daily life. 🙂 

Q: Is it okay to exercise?
A: You can definitely maintain an exercise routine during our cleanses. Since this is not a juice-only, liquid fast, you’re getting sufficient energy to sustain moderate exercise during your cleanse. Rather than pushing your body through high-intensity training, this is a time to regenerate and rejuvenate.

Q: Can I just start cleansing today or tomorrow?

A: To maximize cleanse benefits and minimize detox side effects, we recommend that you start phasing out the “bad stuff” and replace it with healthy, whole foods over a period of 2-3 days before you start your cleanse. That includes weening off of coffee and caffeine 2-3 days out to avoid caffeine withdrawal symptoms. We’ll guide you through this as you prepare for your cleanse.

Q: What if I would like to leave out certain items or have a food sensitivity?

Sarah Vita, Beaming La Costa @ Equinox Cleanse Concierge (second from right) & Beaming team at 2016 KAABOO

Sarah Vita, Beaming La Costa @ Equinox Cleanse Concierge (second from right) & Beaming team at 2016 KAABOO

A: If there are just one or two items you would rather not have, we can swap with another item so that you love your cleanse! And once we better understand your food sensitivities, we can work with you to determine if our custom cleanse programs (10 or 21-day cleanses) are a better fit so you are able to choose items you would like to enjoy each day. Remember, this is your cleanse! We’re here to guide and support you and help with modifications that work best for you.

Q: What can I expect when I do the Beaming Cleanse?

A: First and foremost, you can expect to feel fabulous – especially upon completion of your cleanse when your body has detoxed and is in a thriving alkaline state. When you flood your body with fresh, high-quality, nutrient-dense (not to mention delicious) foods, you’ll experience reduced inflammation, increased energy and mental focus, plus a radiant glow.

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