Fueled by Plant-Based Protein

It’s true! You really can get enough protein from plants and more and more athletes are stepping up to advocate for plant-based diets and even saying they’re seeing their peak performance when they eliminate protein from animal products from their diets. Rich Roll, Author & Ultra-Distance Triathlete, says it best:

“We live in a society in which we have been mistakenly led to believe that meat and dairy products are the only source of dietary protein worthy of merit. Without copious amounts of animal protein, it’s impossible to be healthy, let alone perform as an athlete, train and race at your peak. The message is everywhere – from a recent high profile dairy lobby ad campaign pushing chocolate milk as the ultimate athletic recovery beverage to compelling food labels to a dizzying array of fitness expert testimonials. Protein, protein, protein — generally reinforced with the adage that more is better.

Whether you are a professional athlete or a couch potato, this hardened notion is so deeply ingrained into our collective belief system that to challenge its propriety is nothing short of anathema. But through direct experience I have come to believe that this pervasive notion is at best misleading, if not altogether utterly false, fueled by a well funded campaign of disinformation perpetuated by powerful and well-funded meat and dairy lobbies that have spent countless marketing dollars to convince society that we absolutely need these products to live. The animal protein push is not only based on lies, it’s killing us, luring us to feast on a rotunda of factory farmed, hormone and pesticide induced foods generally high in artery-clogging saturated fat, a significant contributing factor to our epidemic of heart disease and a number of many other congenital infirmities.”

Our Organic Plant-Based Superfood Protein is the perfect way to add protein and superfoods to your favorite smoothie, baked goods, and snacks. Loaded with organic superfoods like hemp, chia, pea protein, brown rice protein – it’s healthy, easy, and delicious way of getting superfoods in every scoop to power your workout. Shop our Superfood Protein with Greens or with Vanilla.


To read the entire article from Rich Roll click here.


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