Introducing Superfood Coffee®!

Now On Tap: Superfood Coffee® at Beaming!

**FREE Cold Brew or Kefir Soda! June 13-19. 7 to 11 a.m.**

By Blake Lewis, Founder & CEO, Superfood Coffee Co

Hey Beaming Community,

My name is Blake and I’m the founder of Superfood Coffee Co. I’m excited and honored to share that our Superfood Coffee and Kefir Soda are now available in five Beaming cafes: Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Del Mar, La Jolla and La Costa @ Equinox. Awesome, right?!

unnamed-1About Our Journey

We founded Superfood Coffee Co a few years ago with a purpose to create a healthier alternative to traditional coffee. As a small team of three (shout out my co-founders Amanda and Christopher!), we collaborated to combine our passions for superfoods, quality ingredients and innovation to craft the next evolution of beverages. Our main inspiration is fueled by our passion for health, nutrition and overall well being. We like to say that we are Cold Brew and Kefir specialists who are strongly influenced by ancient traditions, and cultures from around the world. As much as we like to explore new ways of crafting beverages, we have two major products at the core: Superfood Coffee® & Kefir Soda™.

Now On Tap

Superfood Coffee® is simple but thoughtful. We start with the highest quality Peruvian coffee beans, infuse them with fresh ground superfoods and cold brew to perfection. Each blend is crafted with two things in mind: flavor and nutritional compounds. Featuring one or two superfoods, revered for their unparalleled medicinal health benefits, and coupled with two or more support herbs, which help to build complexity and depth. To finish it off, we pour through a nitro-tap, creating a naturally creamy and full bodied cup of delicious heaven on earth.

Signature Peruvian Cold Brew Superfood Coffee

Peruvian Coffee + Burdock Root + Roasted Dandelion Root

Created to showcase the beautiful flavor of Peruvian coffee. Smooth and bold to get your day going, enhanced by super roots. Great for coffee lovers.

Pair with: Beaming Carrot Muffin for a yummy breakfast.

Mexican Style Cold Brew Superfood Coffee

Peruvian Coffee + Mesquite + Aronia Berry + Cinnamon + Cocao Bean + Clove + Vanilla Bean + Star Anise + Demerara

Specifically influenced by Mexican culture and tradition. Great pick me up and a delicious coffee, perfect on it’s own. An instant bestie.

Pair with: Beaming Cookie for a fun delicious snack.

Kefir Soda

Kefir Soda™ was inspired by a 3000-year-old “soda” making technique, similar to kombucha, but created with living cultures that grow naturally at most mountain springs at 7,000 feet above sea level. We bathe these Kefir Cultures in only the highest quality water we could find, delivered to us direct from the heart of Palomar Mountain. Once fully cultured, we infuse the Probiotic Kefir Water into our Locally Sourced, Organic Cold Pressed juices. The end product is a deliciously refreshing and bubbly beverage, with no fermented flavor or caffeine. Fully loaded with a full spectrum of nearly two dozen beneficial strains of living bacteria and wild yeast; which are both critical for gut health and immune function. Memorable & addictive flavors with a purpose.

Ginger Raider Probiotic Kefir Soda

Water Kefir + Apple + Lemon + Ginger + Lemongrass

A true friendship of ginger and lemon. Both soothing and energizing, this bubbly beauty is one you’ll dream of. Ginger Raider = Happiness.

Pair with: Beaming Falafel for a fresh oh-la-la lunch!

Berry Blast Probiotic Kefir Soda

Water Kefir + Apple + Strawberry + Lemon + Beet + Purple Cabbage + Celery

This will make mom proud. Drink your veggies infused with the wonderful flavor of strawberry. Pure bliss in a cup.

Pair with: any Beaming salad, like the amazing Kale Caesar Salad. Hello lunch

Our NEW Superfood Coffee & Probiotic Kefir Soda are available at five Beaming cafes: Santa Monica, Del Mar, West Hollywood, La Jolla and La Costa @ Equinox.

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  1. jennifer says:

    congratulations bringing kefir soda out!! i love making this drink at home yet sharing it now as you are is exciting for a community needing the exposure to healthful probiotic soda fun this summer

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