It Takes 21 Days To Change A Habit

Guest blogger: James Gilbert, Beaming Customer

Did you know it takes 21 days to create new habits?  To support the creation of new healthy habits, we developed our new, custom designed 21 Day program to help you establish a foundation for long term health and well-being. Each day you create a menu that works for you based on receiving 6 items from our delicious menu of cold-pressed juices, smoothies, salads, raw foods, snacks, elixirs and more. Recently, one of our customers took the challenge – read on to hear James Gilbert’s Story of 21 Days of Beaming….

Something’s gotta change… don’t ask me “what” – just settle for a moment and realize it.

With that statement, I think my body was telling me something. I read a lot about nutrition,  know all the facts, have friends that do amazing things, honoring themselves with what they put in their body and what they get out of their body. Then there’s me…I know so much about what I should do, but, I don’t do it to the extent that I should. We as a family eat clean…cleaner than most I’m sure. But as I read more, the idea of “cleansing” or “fasting” was of interest since giving your body a break seemed to re-boot everyone.

I like to make up challenges for myself and if I can stay connected, I enjoy the process. The whole cleanse/fast thing is interesting once you’re done, but didn’t seem like a fun process to move through, so I avoided it.

January is a great time to start again, it’s a reset of the clock, time to break bad habits, create better habits and we as a culture thrive in January, right? Hah, it’s cyclical at best. So, I put out some physical goals for the new year and thought I’d start with a #30in30 which is at least 30 minutes of running for 30 consecutive days. I’ve done it before, so knew I could complete it…and therein lies the problem. I’ve done this. As I ran on my third day, my mind wandered off and I got bored…really bored. I needed something to basically scare me or make me uncomfortable enough to want it.

I’d been thinking about cleansing but didn’t want to do a starvation cleanse of just juice or the Master Cleanse – I wanted something that was about long term health and not just short term weight loss.  I wanted to create habits I could implement for the long term that would be realistic and not miserable.  So I went to Beaming and learned about their newly launched 21 Days of Beaming cleanse.   Twenty one days? Are you kidding? Sure! I did some reading, found some great resources on what can happen in 21 days, besides weight loss and I was hooked.

So, on the Sunday before my cleanse started, I had a normal day of meals, but made sure I “enjoyed” a nice sub, some chips and an extra glass or two of wine that night, you know, stocking up so to speak!

Below are my Instagram/Facebook posts:


Got bored with running another #‎30in30 so decided to try something I’ve never considered. Today is a Day 1 of my 21 Day#‎livebeaming “Cleanse”… It’s not just juice so don’t start posting whacked comments. It is #‎vegan and super tasty. Adding in 30-90 minutes per day of low HR running and riding. Today sucked as I jones’d for espresso and wine … Looking forward to how my psyche will calm in the coming days, or not.


Slept like a champ. Day 2 of my 21 day #‎livebeaming “Cleanse” started of early and well. Found a hilly 2 mile test course I’ll use this year. Ended the run with a Beaming Bite, crack-like addictive flavor and chock full of protein


Super easy 4 miler up the coast to start Day 3 of my 21 day #livebeaming“cleanse”. Body is liking it so far minus some obvious cravings!


One week done of my #livebeaming 21 Day “Cleanse. “How much weight did you lose so far?” Almost 6 pounds…in 7 days. Wow. Lots of that was junky weight I’m sure.

Here are the facts…I feel unreal. I am much more awake, have almost no sugar cravings, don’t feel as dragged down in the afternoons, feel lighter and fresher. I have some reaction to either dairy or bread since I’ve been w/o both for a week and don’t miss either AND feel less “full/puffy”.

So, this isn’t necessarily a cleanse, it’s more a lifestyle…just like they say!

I will continue eating like this but will most likely add in a bit more protein mostly plant-based with a little salmon now and then. I will have pizza and red meat just to test my reaction, since that’s what I do. If I feel like crap, those will leave me for the long term. I have 3 juices per day, mostly greens, not a lot of fruit. I have two smoothies that have protein. I have two of the Beaming “crack” bites with protein. And, I have two big salads with Avo. That is all I require. And, it’s a LOT of food. I also snack a bit on nuts when I’m in a binge mood.

Great mid day run at TP to celebrate my one week…those hills are a blast! ASK QUESTIONS if you want!


No. I’m not a vegan. Or a paleo. Or whatever foodie label comes to mind… But, here’s my take on my self-experiment. We went to PA over Christmas for 8 days and I ate like a king – amazing pizza, pasta, and world-renowned cheesesteaks! EATING was pure joy. But, I felt a bit like crap afterwards, not always, but most of the time. I felt heavier, slower, and was always hungry and wanting to snack. No big deal, right? I’ve now completed 8 days of the #livebeaming “cleanse”, which has food, so it’s more just a lifestyle change in what I eat, not a restrictive diet by any means. As I said yesterday, I feel GREAT. The main difference is that my body is fueled with less. Takes me less time, costs me less, and feeling myself “wake up” is amazing. You can survive on pretty much anything, but I’m thriving right now based on the simple foods I’m eating and drinking.

DAY 15

Day 15 of my #livebeaming 21 day “cleanse”…I’ve figured out a lot about myself and my, ummm, emotionally-fueled eating habits over the past two weeks! Suffice to say, I’m on a new track, feel way better and dropped 10 lbs to boot! Should be a great week!

DAY 16

This is no longer feeling like a “cleanse” or even a “program” – it just IS the way I eat. I love it and my body is responding well. I have a race-weight goal that I’m headed towards to rid myself of a few years of just being soft. To date, I’ve lost 12 pounds and have another 8 or so to go to be what I consider “my normal self”. I will start to race again, so I’m hoping for a total drop of 26-30 pounds by the end of June. I know I’ll even out soon, but I’m on the right path for sure. I always joke about “I feel beaming”, but in reality, I AM BEAMING.

Nearing the end

I must say that the first few days took a bit longer than expected, but when I walk into Beaming and get asked, “so, what day are you on?” – It’s easy to talk about the past couple of weeks as it feels like yesterday, but it also feels like I’ve been eating like this for a long time. Simple answer to the question of “Is this hard” is, “no”. It’s simple, really simple. Again, I’ve done this before, but nothing like the way Beaming does it. My energy level is so even, my mood is better, I’m rarely craving sweets or bread. Most importantly, I’m finally getting used to the way my body feels with less food going into it. This is the biggest change for me…not feeling stuffed.

My daily routine – how much I ate and when.

One of my biggest concerns was that I wouldn’t get enough to eat. I mean, I’m not a 140 pound woman. I’m 6’3″ and 225 (damn I’ve gained weight over the past couple of years). The first day or so was a bit unnerving in that I was sure I’d be starving…but I wasn’t. The staff at Beaming was gracious and told me to just add in another salad and avocado…so I did.  I also had two Beaming Superfood Protein Bites instead of just one.

The daily variety of Beaming products was fantastic and I never got bored. The flavors are unlike anything I’ve ever tasted and I looked forward to trying the next item. I found that my body reacted better to having the green drinks earlier in the day and the smoothies after lunch or as a late night snack. As a guy, I thought I’d miss chewing a bit more but found myself not finishing my dinner salad a few times and actually didn’t finish all the juices/smoothies every day!


I did run during the 21 days and short runs up to three miles were no problem, but I bonked on a five-miler since I didn’t have a lot in my system. I talked to a coach/friend of mine and he explained that since I was used to burning what I ate, my body was going to take a bit of time to learn how to better burn fat which is the body’s best fuel source – makes sense sort of. So, I kept the pace lower and mileage down a bit and felt good. By adding in some yams and other cleaner sources of carbs, I’ll be able to increase my run lengths and intensity. I did some online searches and found some great articles about endurance runners and “low carbohydrate training” — there’s always someone trying to find a new way to train! I do know that my body is way smarter than I am and will find it’s best source of fuel (fat) if I keep my carb intake down — win win!

Oh, did I cheat?

I get asked this all the time. If it’s a Yes/No answer, then Yes, I cheated. Here’s how I broke some of the rules that I made up, but after talking to Beaming, I realized that most of my “cheats” weren’t…they were just changes to my lifestyle and how I got through the 21 days.

Bread/Meat/Sweets/Dairy. None. Zip. Nada. I did want to eat the salmon I grilled for my family but didn’t. I only craved bread once and that was when I went in Baker and Olive…but I left and realized that I didn’t need it. The big surprise is that I didn’t want any cookies or sweets…THIS alone is a miracle. I wanted a bit of ice cream one day, but the urge left me in moments.

Grains. I had a bit of quinoa in some of Beaming’s salads but no rice or other grain. I’ve been eating quinoa for over 10 years and know it’s not an allergen. It was interesting NOT eating rice and, again, didn’t really miss it!

Coffee/Wine. Yes, I did have some during the 21 days. Not nearly as much as I usually drink, but I did some self-tests to see how my body reacted. I realized that IF I drank any coffee, I’d want wine at night. I usually have a double espresso in the morning and a bit of coffee and cookie around 3pm as my body crashed. With Beaming, I didn’t get the afternoon blues…which is amazing for me, proving that my blood sugar was regulated. I drank a bit of wine in the second week but, again, not as much as I normally do. To be honest, it’s more of a social habit at home and not something I needed. It was nice to not drink or to at least be aware of when/why I was. One night I did have an extra glass and my body reacted really well to it, I felt the sluggishness return, didn’t sleep well, and craved coffee immediately upon rising. DING! Hey, maybe these two liquids are related! A nice lesson learned on how coffee and alcohol are related and create a bad cycle for my body if I have even a bit too much.

We all know that life is balance and for me, I’m not living on the edges of having to define myself in any way. It’s not as if you’re either “dry – alcoholic” or “vegan – paleo”. I can exist by making choices that can change as I move through my days and weeks. One thing for sure? I’ll stay on the path Beaming so graciously shared with me, add in some fish and some clean carbs like yams, but for the most part, this wasn’t a cleanse…really…it’s just a better way to eat, hence, lifestyle.

Ready to try 21 Days of Beaming?

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  1. kathryn binney says:

    Loved this blog! I signed up for 4 consecutive weeks of the 4 Day Cleanse, started on January 6, 2014. I’m on my last week and feel amazing! Beaming hadn’t launched their 21 day Cleanse yet but I kind of just made up my own thing by going with the four weeks. I agreed with every thing you said about this cleanse. Thanks for sharing! Congrats on the weight loss and commitment to the process!

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