It’s Finally Here…

The essence of Beaming…

BEAMING:  to radiate, shine or glow….a radiance of light. 

Two years ago I embarked on a personal wellness journey that opened my eyes to the true power of food as medicine.  I was going through my own health and hormone challenges and looking for natural remedies that didn’t involve a little white pill.  I am sure you are familiar with the quote “let food be thy medicine” by Hippcrates,  but have you ever really thought about what this means?  I know I hadn’t.  It wasn’t until I saw health activist, author and Beaming “unicorn” princess extraordinaire, Kris Carr speak at an event in NYC that it really hit me.  As a cancer survivor who had truly used “food as medicine,” and continues to live this every day, her message was bold and unforgettable — that we have a RESPONSIBILITY to take control of our health and it begins with what we eat, think and drink.  For those of you familiar with Kris Carr, she truly is the essence of BEAMING – a glowing, radiant light of love that is magnetic and contagious.  Her words and beaming light became the beginning of my quest to learn more.  As I learned what I learned, I knew that I now had a responsibility to share this knowledge by offering anEXPERIENCE that would teach how powerful our food choices are in how we look, FEEL and experience life while making it SIMPLE, REALISTIC & ENJOYABLE.

Last November, with the guidance & influence of my dear friend, holistic chef and cleansing expert, Adina Niemerow, I launched the Beaming Rejuvenation Cleanse in San Diego as a “test” — what would happen if you put nothing but DELICIOUS pure, organic juices & raw foods in your body for 4-5 days?   Would you look and FEEL so amazing that you would be inspired to want more?  Would you want to continue the journey of becoming more mindful of what you eat, making better choices for how you care for your mind & body for the long term?

The answer to all of the above was a resounding YES — so much so that over 600 of you went through the program and continued to ask for more.

And so my Beaming friends, it is with tremendous gratitude to my team, the San Diego community & the incredible people who have supported me along the way, that I am thrilled to announce the birth of Beaming’s first SUPERFOOD VITALITY BAR, the bBAR – “a place you want to be.”

BEAMING’s mission is to empower & inspire people of all ages to experience greater health, happiness & vitality.
The bBAR is here…the bBAR is here….
Barring no more surprises (and this year has certainly been full of them…but I will save that for another blog post :-)), we will officially open on …drum roll…:

Wednesday, December 19th!

TEAM BEAM have poured their heart and soul into helping me bring this vision to life.  With the wonderfully talented and adored Susan Sbicca as our head chef along with our GM, Simone Powers, formerly with Cafe Gratitude in SF, the rest of our fantastic team and my crazy obsessed passion for wellness, inspiration & going above and beyond (my friends call me “Turbo”), you have our commitment to giving you the best of the best.  We have put together a menu that will knock your socks off and is like no other “juice bar” — in fact, we don’t call ourselves a juice bar – we are a SUPERFOOD VITALITY BAR.

A sneak peak at what’s in store at the bBAR:

  • An amazing selection of ORGANIC cold-pressed juices using San Diego’s only hydraulic press.  Why is this cool?  Because this special juicer presses the juice without heating it like normal juicers, extracting more vitamins & nutrients and allowing the juice to stay fresh and “alive” for up to 5 days.  Why is organic so important – especially when it comes to juice?  Because there is up to 3 pounds of produce in one 16oz bottle of juice and would you really want to drink 3 pounds of pesticides and insecticides?  We didn’t think so.
  • Superfood Smoothies that ROCK — a Post Workout Smoothie, “Rockstar”, that is so delicious even your kids will love it.  Made with sprouted almond milk (yes, we make our own almond milk after we sprout the almonds because you are worth it!), coconut water, BEAMING Protein, banana, date, e3live Blue Majik (for cellular rejuvenation, anti-inflammation and muscle recovery), coconut butter and other good-for-you stuff.  Or the “Sexy Mayan” made of cacao, sprouted almond milk, coconut water, almond butter, maca, daminana and other libido enhancing superfoods that is sure to get your mojo on.
  • Our infamous chopped salads among all sorts of new salad creations including some insanely delicious quinoa salads.
  • Raw foods – raw lasagna, raw zucchini spaghetti (the one you loved on our cleanse!) and more
  • Our Pre-Workout Elixir, “B’baaam” (yes, there is a story here) with cordyceps, coconut water and BEAMING Superfood Smoothie Blend among other natural energy enhancing nutrients for optimal sports performance.
  • hang-over cure called “Yikes” because, lets face it, we’ve all been there 🙂
  • The coolest cleanse menu, allowing you to pick a program that best suits your needs – just in time for JANUARY!
  • Those of you who have done the Rejuvenation cleanse and are all asking if the “Mojo Maca” smoothie will be available at the bBar, the answer is absolutely!
  • And so much more….this truly is just the beginning of all the goodness to come

And of course, our commitment to going above and beyond in all that we do.  While we are passionate about providing you with delicious, organic plant-based foods & juices, we hope to inspire your wellness journey for the whole family.  We intend to make being “healthy” fun, simple & enjoyable so much so that even your kids will ask to come to the bBAR — I have 3 young kids of my own so the menu was definitely designed with kids in mind.

Beginning in the New Year, led by our fabulous Education Director, Meredith Gnau, we will offer classes, continued education and connections to many of the amazing people in our community that are here to support each of us in our pursuit for greater health, happiness and vitality.

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