Love your body. Kathryn Budig speaks at #Revitalize2015

A week ago I had the opportunity to join Mind Body Green at their Revitalize2015 wellness retreat at the Miraval Resort & Spa – a gathering of some of the most interesting, knowledgeable and influential people within health and wellness. We enjoyed two full days of incredible speakers on fascinating topics. Fortunately, the talks are all available online so you can enjoy any of the topics from the comfort of your home.  I highly recommend taking the time to watch any or all of them.

One of the most moving presentations was by yoga teacher, author and woman extraordinaire, Kathryn Budig – “I’m a real woman. And so is every other woman.”  Her message was powerful as she challenges the expectations we have as women to uphold to societies pressure of being skinny and fitting into size 0 clothing.  She started her talk referencing those moments when you don’t want to go to yoga class because you feel “bloated” and don’t want to be seen in your tight yoga clothing.  Perhaps some of you can relate to this?  My raw confession – I didn’t attend her yoga class that morning because I felt bloated and fat and didn’t want anyone to see me like that….

Yikes – she was speaking to me.

Rationally I knew this was ridiculous but even with that, I skipped going to class so I didn’t have to be “embarrassed” by my “bloated” body.

She asks the questions – “What does healthy really look like? What expectations are we setting for ourselves?  What false expectations is social media influencing what we think a woman should look like?  ….As a mother of a young daughter, what effect is this having on our daughters? 

Kathryn shared her experience of being on the cover of Yoga Journal magazine and was referred to as a “big girl” (among other ridiculous and cruel comments). She’s an absolutely beautiful woman who wears a size 4, hardly what one would consider “big.”

I wanted to share her talk because I feel strongly that everyone needs to hear Kathryn’s message. I am guilty for falling into this trap of self-criticism and ridicule. Social media is escalating these pressures and expectations and it needs to stop.  And, unfortunately, our young ones are being affected the most.

Kathryn’s talk is only 25 minutes. I encourage you to take the time to watch it and share with your daughters. If you feel as inspired as I did, I hope you will also share with your friends and family.


Click here and start Kathryn’s 27-minute video.

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