Our healthy guide to the holiday season

The holiday season has officially begun and we’re on the road to holiday treats, cocktails, and foodie-forgiving stretch pants and bulky tops. This is one of the hardest times of the year to stay on track, and it may take a little extra effort on your part to set yourself for staying healthy and vibrant over the holidays. Our goal at Beaming is to help support you through this ‘season of temptation’ with a season of simplistic health, swoon-worthy sips, and overall health and well-being.

Follow our tips to effortlessly stay on top of your health while keeping your cravings curbed and sweet tooth satisfied all winter long.

Drink half your body weight in ounces of water DAILY. Hunger is most often mistaken for thirst. Stay hydrated this season so you aren’t fooled into tempting holiday fare when you truly don’t have stomach hunger. Start each morning with a glass of hot water and lemon to alkalize your body and keep sipping your H2O throughout the day.

Drink a green juice a day – the more greens the better. Remember, green means alkaline and helps to reduce inflammation. It also helps to nourish your cells which is even more important during times of depletion. If you juice at home, think kale, cucumber, celery, spinach, turmeric and ginger (and whatever other greens you can find or enjoy) with a touch of green or red apple or pear. Apples and pears are lower glycemic and therefore won’t spike insulin levels. But remember to minimize how much fruit you use to less than 1 apple per 16-20 oz.  Or stop by Beaming and stock up on our cold pressed green juices such as Beaming Zing with e3live, Balanced Green or Radiance.

Eat only whole foods: fresh & unprocessed. Resist pretty packages and savvy marketing – these products are typically filled with cheap, low-grade ingredients. Instead, reach for raw almonds, Beaming granola or other organic fresh options from your local farmers market or grocery store.

Enjoy herbal teas. Consider carrying a thermos with you. As long as it’s not caffeinated it can count toward your daily water intake. In addition, herbal teas will help curb your appetite which is another bonus for minimizing the holiday snacking temptations.

Enjoy a superfood smoothie daily as a meal replacement to get your fill of immunity & energy boosting superfoods. You can pick up Beaming’s delicious superfood plant based protein powder or superfood smoothie blend on line or at Beaming. Blend up your own creation or pick from our expansive menu of nutrient dense smoothies at Beaming. 

Eat your largest meal of the day at lunch and eat light at night. That’s not to say that your lunch should be so big and heavy it puts you to sleep, but your digestive fire is hotter during the day than at night. Dinner should be supplemental to lunch. Keep your dinner light (like soups) and eat early enough so you aren’t trying to digest your last meal at bedtime.

Go light at happy hour. Who said you had to have a cocktail? Enjoy a Kombucha, a sparkling water with a twist of lime or slice of fresh orange, or create your own happy hour mocktail from rosemary, pomegranate arils, and sparkling water. Serve in your favorite cocktail glass with a large square ice cube. Our Electrolyte Elixir is a great mocktail option with alkaline water, coconut water, MSM, ginger, lemon, cayenne and other superfoods to hydrate and balance. It also happens to be really good with alcohol should you want a healthier cocktail!

Limit the caffeine. Caffeine is acidic and causing your bones to leach the very minerals you are working hard to supplement and it creates unsightly inflammation in your body. If kicking coffee seems daunting, switch to green tea or yerba mate, which is less acidic in your body.

Keep your body moving. You were given great legs, hips and a bootie so let’s use them! Go for a hike or vigorous walk and breathe in some fresh air. Grab a friend and gab as you go, or simply spend time in self-exploration, but get your body parts moving to increase blood flow and maximize detoxification.

Go for the reset. It’s safe to say that we’re all going to indulge and that’s perfectly ok! Life is all about balance and enjoying that cookie with your kids. Your body is going to crave a reset at some point (or two!) during the holiday hustle. Sign up for a One Day Reset or any of signature superfood cleanses to help your body feeling its best.
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