Superfood Smoothie Spotlight: Pregnancy and Fertility Smoothies with Lori Bregman

We are so excited to announce that we have partnered with renowned doula, life coach, healer and author of, The Mindful Mom to Be, Lori Bregman, on the creation of two new extra super superfood smoothies focused on fertility and pregnancy. Lori is an incredible woman who has over 14 years of experience working with hundreds of women to help them have beautiful, loving, calm, healthy pregnancies.

Besides the fact that we at Beaming adore Lori, what makes her especially unique is her innate ability to blend her spiritual coaching, years of healing and intuition that is integrated into her Doula practice.

She is the founder of the Rooted for Life Pregnancy Coaching Program, a complete mind, body and spirit support system that helps women throughout fertility, pregnancy and birth as they transition into new motherhood.


A quick hello and intro to these great new smoothies from Lori….

I am thrilled to announce that Beaming and I have collaborated on two superfood smoothies for pregnancy – one for fertility (#getpreggy) and one for pregnancy (#knockedup). The Get Preggy fertility smoothie has over 30 superfoods and helps repair and build healthy cells, balance hormones, calm the nervous system and boosts mood, increase sex drive, supports endocrine system, increase sperm quality and mobility as well as boost testosterone levels in men. They nourish the ovaries, help produce healthy eggs, increases fertility, aklines your PH levels to help sperm live longer inside your body and  lowers FSH levels.

Knocked Up, our pregnancy smoothie, also has more than 28 superfoods and is full of omegas and good fats for optimal brain development and even helps the mama to be with her “pregnancy brain “, helping with memory, mood boosting, clarity and focus. Its high in iron to help prevent anemia and folic acid to prevent birth defects, loaded with calcium for building strong bones and teeth as well as helps the soon-to-be-mamas body relax. It’s also high in potassium to ward of those annoying leg cramps and to support a healthy nervous system in both you and your baby. And lets not forget about all the antioxidants that this smoothie has to help build healthy cells. It’s high in fiber to keep your digestion moving and full of highly digestable plant-based protein. This smoothie is great to help balance blood sugar levels and gives you tons of energy.

And of course, because its Beaming, they taste AMAZING and are made with the best, highest integrity superfoods available including their own organic superfood plant protein that I love (you can order it right over here!) and their delicious homemade sprouted almond milk!

Now guys…don’t be shy…the GET PREGGY smoothie isn’t just for ladies…it will definitely boost energy, get your mojo flowing for sure and rev up your sex drive, increase sperm quality and mobility as well as boost testosterone levels.

Stop by any Beaming location and try one today!  Learn more about our partnership and these incredible smoothies or more about Lori Bregman at


Lori Bregman

Not close to a Beaming location?
No worries.  We are very excited to pre-announce that we will be releasing our superfood smoothie kits for our pregnancy and fertility smoothies so you will soon be able to make them from home anywhere, anytime. 

Know a friend that is pregnant or trying to conceive and would love to have a Beaming pregnancy? They will be so grateful if you share this with them!

Model: Elicia Starkman
Photo: Lisa Boyle

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