Ready to reset after vacation?

Ahhhh, summer vacation. Or should I say VACATIONS with an ‘s’ since it seems that summer has become a big party of multiple trips, lots of BBQs and no small share of indulgences. And that’s what summer is about – CELEBRATING LIFE – good friends, family, connection, evolving, growing, exploring, relaxing, creating and of course….great food (and wine!).

I just returned from a two week vacation in Colorado with my kids and had an incredible time. We played outdoors, visited family and I reconnected with the Colorado girl in me. Our days were filled with mountain biking, hiking, running (at 10K ft above sea level – yikes!), river rafting, tubing, rock climbing and whatever the mountains had in store. When on vacation, anything goes – as it should.  We have “earned it” which usually leads to eating and drinking almost anything with little boundaries. I get it. And that is part of what vacation is about.   I confess, I had my fair share of ice cream (and my stomach cursed me for it), dessert and insanely delicious-ask-for-no-forgiveness bread (because nothing beats a beautiful hunk of artisan bread) and great wine. So yes, I have a hunch I vacation just like you. And, like you, I want to feel good when I get home and FAST!

So what happens when we get home? How do you reset? No matter how many bike rides or hikes or adventures you may have been on (or NOT!), you’re likely looking for that re-entry kick start. You need a vacation to recover from your vacation? Really, you do. Bloated? Perhaps carrying a couple extra pounds (not that anyone but you noticed!)? Feeling tired and foggy? Craving sugar, wine and pizza?

So how do you get back on track? Here are some simple tips that I help me look and feel better in no time – and it only takes a few days! I promise.

Here are some simple tips to get your Beam back after vacation:
  1. Start your day with warm water and lemon (and turmeric!) If you can include freshly pressed turmeric or at least a high quality capsule of turmeric. It’s alkaline, incredibly anti-inflammatory (bye bye bloat) and it’s oh so good for you.
  2. GREENS, GREENS and more GREENS. Try eating nothing but vegetables or consume a plant based diet for at least 1 day, if not 3 or even 5. This could include a green juice, green smoothies, salads, raw or cooked veggies, vegetable soups or whatever greens you can get your hands on.  At a minimum, try incorporating at least 1 green juice every day. Minimize fruit – you have likely had plenty of sugar on your vacation so ideally we can kick the sugar craving and get you back to feeling your best. Want some great juice and smoothie recipes?  You can find our Superfood Smoothie ebook with over 30 pages of juicing, smoothie and lifestyle tips to looking and feeling amazing.
  3. Exercise. Duh. Even if it is just 30 minutes a day.  You may likely have been relaxing by the pool more than hitting the gym while on vacation and nothing feels better than getting your body going again. Work up a sweat – imagine the toxins you will flush.  Go for it! Your body will thank you.
  4. Say no to alcohol.  That nightly glass of wine that you got used to on vacation?  Put it aside – not forever, of course, but can you go at least 5 days without? Talk about minimizing inflammation! Almost nothing gets your beam back then taking out alcohol. You will suddenly see your cheek bones and the whites of your eyes again, and perhaps add a little bounce out of bed in the morning. It’s worth it.  Trust me.
  5. Ixnay on the Glutenay.  So we convinced you to let go of alcohol for a few days and now its time to take out the gluten.  Yep – no pizza, bread, pasta, cereal or crackers. Maybe stay away from gluten free for a few days as well – it’s easier on your digestion while you let your body heal. You probably had your fair share of breads on vacation, so lets agree to put it aside for a few days – can we shoot for at least 5? You want to minimize inflammation, help support your digestion and get your beam back.
  6. Drink LOTS and LOTS of water.  And just when you thought you couldn’t drink anymore, drink some more.  For added benefit, add lemon.  It will alkalize and reduce inflammation.  Sweet.
  7. Cleanse.  Feeling extra motivated?  Nothing is better to reset than a post vacation cleanse.  And since we don’t believe in juice cleanses, we are always going to promote cleansing WITH FOOD!  Phew – no more starving yourself . We all know that doesn’t work. Follow our blog here on a DIY (do it yourself) cleanse or sign up for one of our Signature Raw Food Cleanses. We take care of all the details for you so not only does it not get much easier than this, the menu is delicious and changes daily. We can almost guarantee we will have you back to your best in just a few days – perhaps even better than before you left on vacation! Pick from any one of our new Signature Raw Food Cleanses:
Lean (1000-1200 calories)
Lifestyle (1200-1400 calories) or
Active (1600-14900 calories)

A new menu each day includes combinations of our some of our most popular juices, protein smoothies, soups, salads, superfood snacks, superfood elixirs and more.

Ready to Cleanse?

So I challenge you. 5 days and let us know how you do. What’s so amazing is that with pretty minimal commitment, you can get your Beam back in no time and be back on track looking and feeling your best.  ARE YOU IN?

Feeling inspired?   We would love to hear from you on Facebook!  Tell us how this works for you!


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