Slide Through the Holidays!

by Valerie Waters, Celebrity Trainer and Founder of Valslide

There is no question that December is the busy season. More parties, more shopping, more list making, more baking. More of just about everything except time. But that doesn’t mean you put your fitness on hold.

You are committed. You like to live Beaming. But how do you fit it in when you’re traveling, stuck inside or just tight on time?

Here are my 4 tips to show you, you can stay fit through the holidays!

Think short and (not so) sweet. Studies show that Hiit (High intensity interval training) workouts are more effective than tradition long slow cardio, for fat burning. This works in our favor. Get it done, then you can shop!

Do a proper dynamic warm up and then set at timer for 20 seconds on and 10 seconds of rest. (Try the Gymboss app). Get ready to sweat in less than 15 min.

Valslide Reverse Lunge, Rt. Leg

Valslide Reverse Lunge, Left Leg

Valslide Side Lunge, Rt Leg

Valslide Side Lunge, Left Leg

Valslide Mountain Climbers

Valslide Knee Tucks

Valslide Bodysaw

Valslide Sliding Crunch

Valslide Leg Curl

Repeat 3 x.

Take it with you. All my clients know, you don’t leave your fitness to chance. Pack your Valslides and your Valband (mini band) and turn your hotel room into a proving ground! Valslides, slide (obviously), creating mild instability that causes your core to engage and your stabilizing muscles to work harder. It feels easier at first but not for long. Start with Valband side steps, 20 each way. Then some skater lunges and squat jumps, 20 of each. Then do this:

Valslide Sprinter Lunge (touch the floor) 10 ea leg

Valslide Reaching Side Lunge 20 ea way

Valslide Push up Flyes 10 (okay to modify by doing 1 arm at a time)

Valslide Cross Body Mountain Climbers

Valslide Upside Snow angel

Valslide Mini Pike

Repeat 3-4x

Do it anywhere Get creative with your holiday workouts. They are not confined to a gym or a yoga studio. If you are in a new city, a great way to see explore is on a run. Catch up with family or friends on a hike instead of a meal. If you do like the class format, take advantage of your new location or different schedule to try something slightly outside your box. Maybe it’s Cardio Barre or boxing class. If you are in a more remote area, if you have your Valslides and 6 square feet, you’re set!

Split it Up I do favor workouts of 45 to 60 minutes but when that’s not possible I think in chunks. 10 minutes of mobility work in the morning, 15 minute strength workout at lunch and then possibly some Commercial Break Abs while watching tv.

Short intense workouts do help you maintain your fitness but ever more important in my opinion is that they help keep the habit of working out. That way, resuming your regular workouts after the holidays doesn’t feel so daunting.

Enjoy the holiday season and know that staying fit is totally possible!

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