From our gut to yours

From my gut to yours

Did you know that over 80% of us suffer from gut issues? For most of us, this usually translates as poor digestion and in some cases, something you may have recently heard called “leaky gut.” In it’s simplest terms, “leaky gut” is a condition when your gut is compromised as a result of eating too many processed foods, as well as stress and most often from too many antibiotics over the years. The gut then creates “holes” that leak toxins into your bloodstream. Instead of your body absorbing necessary nutrients, toxins leak into the body and vital nutrients are not absorbed properly.

While this post isn’t really about leaky gut, it is intended to help you understand that your gut is the epicenter of your overall health while offering simple ways to help heal it. In most cases, your gut effects everything from how your brain functions, to the effectiveness of your thyroid, to how well you absorb nutrients, to focus and clarity, inflammation, aging and on and on. Even your overall mental spirit is controlled by the health of your gut.

The good news is that it’s fixable with considerable discipline and a few lifestyle modifications.

While our bodies are resilient, we ask a lot of them and eventually our gut can become compromised from eating too many processed foods, drinking too much soda, consuming way too much bread and pasta (aka gluten), eating steroid laden non-organic meats, as well as non-organic fruits and vegetables. And of course stress (not that any of us have any stress in our lives) is equally if not more damaging to our health and especially our gut.

So what to do?

The first step is to start looking at your diet. Be honest and really start to pay attention to this. Read the labels of anything boxed and try to focus more on foods that come from mother nature vs. foods that come in a box. Before running to the doctor (unless its an emergency of course), We always recommend to first consider what you are eating. Healing your gut begins with eating “cleaner” / less processed foods and incorporating more vegetables, little to no processed foods and choosing organic as often as possible including organic, nitrate free meats.

While choosing a cleaner diet, incorporating probiotics as well as probiotic-rich foods such as kefir, kimchi, sauerkraut and coconut yogurt, are all a critical part of the healing process for your gut.

We should mention that healing your gut is a commitment. For those of you who suspect you may have gut issues (remember, over 80% of us do!) such as significant digestion challenges as well as some of the other symptoms I listed above, we highly recommend seeking out a nutritionist or integrative doctor who can help further diagnose what is going on. That being said, in absence of a thorough exam, it’s very safe to say that we can all benefit from incorporating more fruits, seeds, legumes and veggies in our diet as well as incorporating probiotic-rich foods.

By eating cleaner and adding these foods into your diet, you will likely start to see a significant improvement in your digestion almost immediately. Even better, you may start to feel less gassy and bloated and you will quite possibly lose weight too – all with making just a few simple adjustments to your diet. That’s cool stuff  🙂

So let’s talk probiotics. First, we highly recommend incorporating a mega dose of oral probiotics daily, which you can find in any natural health store. Make sure you select a really good one and don’t skimp on price. Second, we recommend that you start eating and drinking more probiotic-rich foods daily like kefir (We love coconut kefir), fermented foods such as sauerkraut and kimchi as well as coconut yogurt. On that note, our new Coconut Yogurt was just released a few weeks ago and is soooo good!! If you’re not near a Beaming in San Diego or Los Angeles, you can find recipes for coconut yogurt online and you may also find it in some specialty natural markets. We want to clarify some confusion that unfortunately, most of the dairy-based yogurts available in grocery stores claim to be probiotic-rich but sadly are not, and worse, are filled with cane sugar and have little to no nutritional benefits.

Try our coconut yogurt … it’s fermented, has little to no sugar, is loaded with probiotics and kefir and tastes amazing.

You can get it at our new Beaming Superfood Porridge Bars as well as our new grab-and-go coconut parfaits with wild berry chia jam and our homemade superfood granola. YUM!!

We hope that this was helpful and as always, we love to support you on your journey to greater health and happiness.

Cheers to you and your commitment to your health.

NEW! Coconut Yogurt

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    I have had food poisoning for the last 4 days 🙁 I’m going to get to beaming today to replenish my body!!!!! I need my good bacteria back stat!

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