The perfect post holiday healthy breakfast the whole family will enjoy!

Everyone loves pancakes but let’s face it, pancakes don’t always love us. Loaded with a ton of sugar and starch leaving our brains mushy and a sugar crash to go with it, they are hard to digest and are about as good for us as eating a half dozen donuts. So we decided to change that and make a breakfast favorite still taste amazing but better for you. Thus…The Beaming Pancake was born. By adding our Superfood plant based protein powder to any mix and replacing dairy milk for a nut milk and vegetable oil for coconut oil, you turn a breakfast sugar bomb into a breakfast favorite that kids will love and thrive on all day.

How to make our favorite Superfood Protein Pancakes – it’s so easy!

  • Start with a gluten free pancake mix or whole grain mix. Red Mill has a good gluten free option and there are many other great options now too. Kids (and adults) without gluten sensitivity love Trader Joes Multi-grain pancake mix as well.
  • Replace the oil with coconut oil (better for the brain, heart and joints – vegetable oils are ideally avoided all the time).
  • Replace the dairy milk with almond milk – this is of course optional, but we always promote almond milk over cow’smilk to achieve optimal digestion and reduce phlegm& inflammation that effects brain power. If you choose to use dairy milk, try raw milk for the purist milk with good enzymes. Note: Add about 2-3 T of extra milk as needed for the addition of plant based protein powder.
  • Add 2-4T of Beaming Protein (with or without greens) to the mix, which will add 8-16g of plant protein and superfoods to achieve super results.

Blend well per the instructions. Serve and enjoy! Or, make them extra special with the ideas below.

Ideas for making your pancakes even yummier:

  •  Add chocolate chips to the mix
  • For extra flavor, slice thin banana slices on one side of the pancakes while they are cooking
  • Add blueberries to the mix
  •  Whip cream on top is of course is always a treat topped with berries
  • Add a fresh, pure maple syrup

In addition to Beaming Protein being great in smoothies and pancakes, it’s great to add to any baked goods recipe. It’s the perfect way to amp up your protein and nutrition while adding a slightly nutty sweet flavor making any baked good taste even better and better for you.

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