The ULTIMATE Post Summer 21 Day Clean up Challenge – Beaming Style!

The Beaming lifestyle is all about a life of balance – indulging in moderation and celebrating life while also knowing when you feel your best and how to make choices accordingly. This is true in all aspects of life – food, love, exercise, mental & spiritual health, friendships, family, personal growth, and more. As we come off summer and the many celebrations it has offered (BBQs, s’mores, vacations, beach parties, sunset cocktails, busy kid schedules and perhaps a few missed workouts), we felt it was the perfect time to reset and rejuvenate. It’s a great time to get our mind and bodies back to feeling our best. Much like we enter each New Year ready to purge from the holidays, we decided to call September the new January and are unofficially launching a 21 Day Challenge.

September is the new January – 21 Day BEAMING Challenge

Throughout the month of September at our Beaming Del Mar location, we are offering an entire month of what we are calling “live the Beaming lifestyle” complete with our raw food cleanse programs, private beach workouts, yoga with some of our favorite local instructors, meditation classes, hiking, smoothie making & health workshops, wellness support and more. (click here to learn more about the month of Beaming in Del Mar)

For those of you not in San Diego, you can still join us for your own custom 21 Day “Back to you” Challenge from wherever you are. Here are some ideas for creating a month of wellness anywhere in the country Beaming style:

  1. Commit to a cleanse for at least 3 days.  Whether you make it yourself (check out our DIY Cleanse tips!) or purchase one of our Signature Raw Food Cleanse Programs, this is truly the quickest, most effective way to rejuvenate and reset your habits – especially coming off the summer binge. We can ship anyone of our cleanses anywhere in the country, so if you are not inspired to make your own, let us do the work for you. The Lean, Active and Lifestyle cleanses are each uniquely designed and available in 3 or 5 day formats. Did we mention that you will also get the Beam Me Up Beaming tank top and some of our individual Raw Superfood Plant-based Protein Blend individual packets as part of our special promotion this month? ($35 value). This is THE month to get back to your best self.
  2. Choose 3 things you are going to eliminate from your diet for the month – Alcohol? Coffee? Bread & pasta?  Soda?  Packaged & processed foods and snacks? Other? You choose and commit to at least 3 – its only 21 days, which is just enough time to reset habits and build new ones.
  3. Choose at least 3 new habits you would like to implement for the month. Perhaps you have always wanted to meditate and this is your month to start it! Maybe this is the month you are going to commit to exercising at least 3-4 times per week? Maybe it’s reading more or spending more time with your kids without your phone distracting you? Or no longer texting and driving? Maybe it’s giving a little more love to your partner and telling them every day how much you appreciate them? Whatever it is, 3 goals that you can commit to. Easy peasy.
  4. Choose at least 1 thing that you have been talking about doing but haven’t done yet. Maybe it’s taking a yoga class at a yoga studio you drive by every day but haven’t taken the time to check out a class! Or scheduling a meeting with a holistic doctor to get some blood work done because its time to have a deeper dive into your health? Or maybe it’s doing acupuncture for the first time or calling a meditation coach to start your meditation practice?

We look forward to a great month of health and wellness and hope to have you celebrate this Fall with the ULTIMATE Post Summer 21 Day Clean Up Challenge.


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