WEEK 1: MIND // mind•ful•ness

mind • ful • ness

a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment,
while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations.

Meditate with Megan >> listen to her meditation podcast

If I look back on my life prior to my meditation practice I realize I spent very little time in the present moment and even less time accepting my feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations. To be clear: I absolutely spent time in my feelings/thoughts/body, but there was only the occasional element of acceptance. There was a time when I would start a cleanse not thinking, “I’ve been listening to my body and I think it could use a break and a reset,” but then “I wonder how much weight I’m going to lose.” A time when I would go on a date and think, “I wonder if he’ll call?” instead of asking myself if I thought he had the qualities that I look for in a partner. A time when I would go on a job interview wondering if they thought I was good enough to hire instead of asking the questions to ascertain whether or not I thought it was a good fit.

I lived my life reacting to the world around me doing my best in whatever state that moment left my mind, body or spirit in. I rarely pondered my existence, my desires, my purpose, and how I was serving the world. I lived in the most tangible and micro layers of my being.

Meditation introduced me to who I was beyond the tangible roles that I played, beyond what others thought of me, beyond my body even. Allowing mindfulness to be what sponsored the thoughts I favored, the words I spoke, and the actions I took changed my very experience of reality. When you are able to witness the state of your being, whether it’s in the form of a thought or feeling, while simultaneously having the thought or feeling you open up the space between the two. You invite in the ability to lovingly accept what is first and foremost, before you begin to judge and impose your will onto the reality you find yourself in. As a result, you stop arguing with reality! What a concept – allowing ‘what is’ outside of yourself to simply be what it is. You focus instead on how you’re choosing to respond, in turn becoming the conscious and mindful author of the story you’re living out instead of allowing everyone else’s story to narrate your life.

Meditate with Megan >> listen to her meditation podcast

Haven’t meditated before? PERFECT! We’re so excited to connect you with one of our favorite meditation teachers. Take time for YOU and enjoy this meditation.


Megan Monahan // Instagram: @megmonahan


screen-shot-2016-09-10-at-7-04-09-pmMegan is a meditation teacher @wanderlusthlwd, @unplugmeditation @chopracenter, and she also teaches privately. “My life, my journey, what wakes me up in the morning is about remembering who I am. I’m a big believer that we all start off in a state of wholeness and we then proceed to layer onto that wholeness our experiences and stories, many of which block us from living in a state of trust and flow. The moment you start shining the light of awareness onto that residue and begin to clean off the elements of your story that don’t serve you, let go of the thoughts that don’t propel you, you see glimmers of your greatness – of who you really are.” You can find Megan at her Beaming “home cafe” in West Hollywood and Brentwood.



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