Welcome to Week 2 of Our Wellness Journey

Welcome to Week 2 of Our Wellness Journey

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Today we shift from mindfulness to those people who inspire us, stretch our thinking, help us tap into our creativity and imagination, and challenge us to think BIG. This week, we’ll share a curated list of thought leaders and their podcasts – after all who doesn’t love a great podcast! Share your favorite podcasts below and let’s inspire one another.

Lewis Howes – School of Greatness


If you don’t know Lewis Howes and his “School of Greatness,” you should. A dear friend and self proclaimed lifestyle entrepreneur, he helps people of all ages reach their full potential through his books, podcast, online school (of Greatness :), speaking engagements and more. I love listening to his podcasts on my commutes back and forth to LA. This year he is hosting his first Summit of Greatness in Columbus, OH (his home town) from September 29 – October 1, 2016. Check it out.




Vishen Lakhiani Mind Valley Academy


“Education for People who refuse to fit into the ordinary world.” Mind Valley Academy is an incredible online personal growth academy filled with online courses, podcast and tools for living your best life. Vishen Lakhiani is the visionary behind the Academy and author of one of my favorite new books, The Code of the Extraordinary Mind.




Marie Forleo


One of the best podcasts and “Marie TV” – Marie is a fantastic interviewer and always features interesting, dynamic, relevant speakers – anyone from Tony Robbins to Elizabeth Gilbert to Jason Silva to Sir Richard Branson. And, she’s extra special to me because she played an influential role in the inspiration behind Beaming :).




Jonathan Fields Good Life Project


Authentic, introspective and deep are the first three words that come to mind when I think of Jonathan Fields. A man of tremendous intregrity, Jonathan is committed to helping people live more meaningful, connected lives. His conversations with some of the greatest teachers and thought leaders are powerful and thought provoking. And he’s releasing his next book, How to Live a Good Life, which will most certainly be a game changer.




Ali Brown – Glambition Radio


When I head out for a run or power walk, I take Ali Brown and her “Glambition Radio” podcasts with me. Named one of the top podcasts for female entrepreneurs, Ali interviews some of the most amazing women doing extraordinary things. From Ali Webb of Dry Bar to Jessica Herren of Stella & Dot to JJ Virgin and so many more, I am always inspired by her conversations with takeaways that I apply in my business and life.





FMTV – Food Matters TV


Finally, a website that has all of the best health and wellness videos, documentaries and online podcast series in one place featuring the top doctors and health influencers in the world. The founders, James Colquhoun & Laurentine ten Bosch are the Filmmakers for the thought provoking documentaries Food Matters & Hungry For Change so needless to say, they didn’t mess around when creating this online resource. My one caution, it’s addicting … in the best of ways :).  




Elizabeth Gilbert – Magic Lessons


Perhaps my favorite woman on the planet (sorry Mom), or at least my favorite female author and speaker :). If you don’t know Elizabeth Gilbert, you have been living under a rock. She’s the author of Eat, Pray, Love among many other books and one of my favorite books released this year, Big Magic. If you have not read this book or listened to it on audio, it’s a must do immediately. She’s witty, real, playful and the true essence of authenticity. And somehow she always has the perfect words to convey what I am thinking and feeling. She gets it. Enjoy!




Tony Robbins


Tony doesn’t need a formal introduction, as he is by far one of the most influential, powerful, life changing individuals on the planet. If you haven’t been to one of his seminars, it’s an experience like no other. And his recent documentary, I Am Not Your Guru gives an inside look into on of his most transformational workshops, Date with Destiny is phenomenal. His new podcast, which, like everything else Tony does, is exceptional – another one of my favorite inspirations to devour during a run or power walk.




Tim Ferriss 


Named the #1 podcast on all of itunes, clearly he has something to say about business (and other topics) that people want to hear. And his best selling book, The Four Hour Workweek, is a business staple. Tim’s content is thought provoking, witty and extremely useful as he interviews some of the greatest influencers & business thought leaders in the world – from Seth Godin to Malcolm Gladwell to Tony Robbins to Marc Andreessen to Jamie Foxx. 




Dave Asprey Bulletproof Radio 

@dave.aspry @bulletproofcoffee

You don’t have to drink Bulletproof Coffee to appreciate Dave’s candidness and commitment to “hacking” conventional western medicine theories. He’s brilliant, controversial and a fantastic interviewer.





Rich Roll 


An accomplished vegan ultra endurance athlete and former entertainment lawyer turned plant-based and wellness advocate, Rich and his wife Julie are a dynamic duo of optimism and inspiration helping to illuminate our minds to the power of food as medicine and all things wellness. His personality is powerful, yet subdued, and his interviews are as authentic as they come. I love listening to his podcasts on runs and beach walks as he has a way of finding some of the most fascinating people around the world doing incredible things.


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