Exposing ways people cleanse in body, mind & soul

When we say the word “CLEANSE” what comes to mind? Chances are you may have thought things like: lose weight, get rid of bloat (inflammation), detox, get ready for bikini season.

We get it – people cleanse for many different reasons, sometimes we’re chasing a number on a scale and ultimately we know that CLEANSING IS A FEELING

Cleansing starts from within – for example, it’s how you eat that makes you feel light and vibrant, it’s how you think that makes you feel your best self, it’s how you believe that sets your soul on fire.

In addition to cleansing your body, consider cleansing mentally, emotionally and physically to create space. Welcome change, get out of your comfort zone, let go of bad habits and limiting thoughts, purge things and prioritize what’s important.

Cleansing IS the process of getting rid of, the process of letting go. Think of it in its truest, most holistic sense – in body, mind and soul. As you say YES to starting your Beaming Cleanse, our question for you is: WHAT ARE YOU WILLING TO LET GO OF? (What are you saying YES to?)

Over the next several weeks as a part of Beaming’s hottest spring cleanse special, now thru June 11, we’ll unveil a collection of photographs that powerfully communicate different ways people cleanse.

Our hope is that this will fuel your inspiration and stretch your thinking on what it really means to cleanse.

A special THANK YOU to LA photographer @penaphotograpy for curating this beautiful photo expose.