Why is everyone spring cleansing?

We live in a toxic world… and no matter how “healthy” we are, toxins are constantly being absorbed and stored in our bodies. (It’s a long blog today but worth the read … Happy Sunday!) Many toxins such as pollutants and chemicals are found in our food, water, homes and businesses, as well as the air we breathe. They quickly accumulate in our bodies and manifest themselves as immune system dysfunction, hormonal imbalances, auto-immune disorders, increased allergies, nervous system disorders, inability to shed weight, as well as fatigue and chronic pain which western medicine has now coined, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Our bodies are intelligent and will do what they can to save us from toxic chemicals and heavy metals. When our bodies can no longer process what’s coming in, it draws it into the fat cells — away from your vital organs in effect to SAVE you. The problem is that these toxins are literally living in your body, clogging up your channels, being stored as fat, and affecting you on multiple systemic levels.

The only way to break free from the constant onslaught of toxins is to do periodic cleansing. Springtime has historically been, and always will be the BEST time to cleanse. It’s Mother Nature’s re-awakening, and our bodies re-awakening from winter’s hibernation, nesting, and indulgences. It’s the MOST IMPORTANT time for you to tune into self, re-evaluate the patterns you’ve created, flush the body with nutrient dense foods, and create a space of healing to rebalance your mind and body.


Why you need to do a springtime cleanse.

Whether you cleanse with us, or create a cleanse on your own, we can’t stress the importance of shedding layers and tuning into self at this pivotal time in nature. Here are a few reasons you should consider seasonal cleansing:

  • It can take up to 72 hours to fully digest (and eliminate) your meal. If you have food in you from 3 days ago, and have been eating approximately 3 meals a day plus snacks, you’re holding on to WAY TOO MUCH BULK and WAY TOO MANY TOXINS. Your digestion needs to relax and reset. The only way to do this is to fuel your body with only nutrients, minimal food, and foods that take minimal processing time, so your body can focus on the healing process.
  • A reset for your sleep patterns and energy levels. Your ZZZZZz’s are so incredibly important and the stresses of life as well as the foods we consume can create imbalances in our sleep patterns – from insomnia, to nightmares or vivid dreaming, to restless sleep, and tossing and turning.
  • Are you constantly feeling bloated? You’re not alone. Are your elimination patterns irregular, dry, speedy, uncomfortable, foul smelling, or loose? This is all a reflection of the foods you consume, as well as what your body does not need.
  • Are you waking up with dark circles, puffy or crusty eyes, popping ears, sinus issues, spotty or systemically dry skin? You most likely are harboring toxins and are suffering from unknown food sensitivities and dehydration.
  • We can’t even fathom the amount of heavy metals that surround us and that we consume daily through air, food, amalgam fillings, and water.
  • The cleansing products in our homes, air fresheners, and candles (which are often filled with lead) pack our bodies and living environments with toxic chemicals that show up in our bodies, cause hormonal imbalance, and disrupt the function of our immune systems.
  • After a winter of indulging in acid producing traditional dishes, foods, and drinks, cleansing gives you the opportunity to create a more alkaline balance to your body. This eliminates chronic conditions such as inflammation, aches, and pains.


What happens when you cleanse? 

  • Look and feel better while creating greater overall vitality
  • Flush your body with nutrients to help oxygenate cells and push toxins out
  • Create alkalinity in the body to help address chronic or acute inflammation, water retention, and other painful responses to an overly acidic body
  • Rehydrate the body from the base level, healing chronic and systemic dryness
  • Encourage better nutrient absorption and assimilation
  • Break bad habits and cyclical patterns
  • Promote restful sleep
  • Create weight reduction by eliminating toxins stored in fat cells
  • Create mental health (clears and focuses the mind)
  • Create balance and well-being while resetting energy levels


Our approach to cleansing is a little different…

  • While we support cleansing as a regular ritual in achieving optimal health, we don’t believe it should involve deprivation or starvation. In our opinion, this defeats the point and ultimately leads to running back to bad habits when a cleanse is over. Our programs are enjoyable and incredibly easy to follow, making your body crave healthier food choices long after the cleanse is over.
  • We believe an effective “cleanse” involves a plant-based inflammatory diet for a series of days and should be balanced with low-glycemic food and juice choices. Most juice cleanses are VERY high in sugar which is not optimal – spiking your insulin levels which causes fat storage and metabolic confusion and continues the sugar cravings we are all so dependent on already. Our superfood cleanse programs are very low-glycemic and incorporate food, providing a more realistic and effective approach to cleansing.
  • People who have completed our cleanse programs not only look and feel great in just a few short days but are awakened to the power of “food as medicine”. A transformation occurs when people change the way they eat and think about food. For us, this is what it’s truly about – supporting a lifestyle of long term health.


Ready to cleanse? Join us this spring for one of our 3 superfood cleanses: lifestyle, lean and active. One is right for you!    

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