Why nut milk?

Nuts contain phytic acids, referred to as “anti-nutrients” because they bind to minerals and prevent uptake. You can make nut milks with almost any nut or seed – walnuts, pepitas, cashews and even sunflower seeds and hemp seeds.  Each have different benefits and a different flavor profile but all are good for you.  Cashew, sunflower and hemp milk is the easiest because you don’t need to strain it.  Cashew milk is made by soaking raw cashews for 4-6 hours and then blending with water – and voila.  We recommend 1 cup of raw almonds to 3-4 cups of water depending on how creamy you desire.  Almond milk is what we use the most at Beaming mainly because of the nutritional value and flavor.  Soaking almonds allows them to sprout and removes the phytates to enable the nutrients in the nuts to be more bio-available. Sprouting further improves the nutrition and digestibility, because a sprouted seed, nut or grain basically turns into a plant after they have been sprouted, making it easier for the body to digest and absorb nutrients.  Sprouting is just a longer soak… simply soak for 6-8 hours / drain / replace the water a couple times of day (approx. every 12 hours) until little ‘tails’ start to poke out of the end of the nut.

Almond Milk is one of the most nutritionally valuable milk substitutes available today. Not only is this delicious milk substitute great for improving energy and immunity, it is high in vitamins and minerals including vitamin manganese, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, selenium, iron, fiber, zinc and calcium. Even better, almond milk is low in calories (about 40 calories per eight ounce serving) and low in fat too! It contains only three grams of fat per eight ounce serving. Almond milk is lactose, gluten, casein and cholesterol free – and is also free of saturated fats.

What you probably don’t know is that the majority of the U.S. population does not have the enzymes required to digest milk. The end result, problems like gas, bloating, constipation and diarrhea.


Make your own almond milk at home with this simple recipe!

A good blender – Vitamix (or one with a  strong blade!)
Nut Milk bag or fine strainer

The following ingredients:

1 cup raw organic almonds
4-6 cups of filtered water
Himalayan Pink Salt


2 dates

Soak your almonds for 6-8 hours in filtered water. Rinse and strain. Check out your sprouts by opening the shell of the almonds. Fill your blender with filtered water – 4-6 cups depending on how creamy you want it. Blend on high speed for at least a minute. Then pour through the nut milk bag into a bowl gently pressing the milk through the bag and holding the top closed. Once you have your milk fully pressed, you can then return to blender and add a dash of sea salt and any other flavoring you may desire – 2 dates, vanilla?  Cinnamon?  We use them all in our almond milk so you can’t go wrong.  Adjust the sweetness based on how many dates you use. You can also use maple syrup in place of the dates.
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