Imagine what you would feel like if you fueled your body with only the highest nutrients possible for 10 days?

If you have cleansed with us before, you know how transformative our 3 and 4 day programs are – imagine what 10 days of Beaming would do! Even better, you get to pick your favorite Beaming items to customize your program.

Program includes 10 days of the following suggested menu, or customize by choosing 6 of your favorites:

  • 2 cold pressed juices
  • 1 superfood smoothie
  • 1 power soup (raw or lightly cooked)
  • 1 superfood elixer
  • 1 salad or raw entrée
  • 1 protein bite or 2 boosts in a made-to-order smoothie

Programs also include some of Beaming’s favorite items to help support you throughout your detox:

  • 2 cooler bags and ice packs
  • Beaming Cleansing Tea
  • Triphala (a natural digestive aid)
  • Beaming’s Cleanse Ebook
  • Email Support
  • In store support to help you build your cleanses

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