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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Beaming still offer shipped cleanses?

We are currently offering our juice cleanses for delivery at this time.

When will I receive my products?

Beaming currently offers two ways in which to receive your juices: National Overnight Delivery and Local Delivery to select locations in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego. Please note that Local Delivery may be impacted by the current situation. For more information on our delivery options and estimated delivery windows, click here.

Pantry orders are shipped separately from your juice purchase and will require 5-10 business days for processing and delivery.

What are the benefits of Beaming vs. the other juice companies?


We believe that certified organic produce is the best choice for the health and safety of you and our planet.

  • SUPERIOR NUTRITION: Organic produce contains a nutrient density that is between 30% and 40 % higher than conventional produce.

  • SAFER: Non GMO, Pesticide and Chemical free - you consume nearly 20 pounds of produce each day of the Cleanse. Consuming the same amount of conventional produce would expose you to a toxic level of pesticides, making for a very ineffective cleanse.

  • PLANET FRIENDLY: The philosophy of organic food production maintains principles of biodiversity, ecological balance, sustainability, natural plant fertilization, natural pest management, and soil integrity.

Beaming is COLD PRESSED:

Beaming uses a cold pressed method that is proven to yield 3-5x more nutrients than other methods. Slow pressing eliminates heat from the juicing process and decreases oxygenation in order to create better tasting, more nutritionally beneficial juices! This is different from conventional juicing methods (centrifugal) which move very quickly, leave much of the nutrients behind in the pulp, generate heat from high speed motors and introduce oxygen into the juice, all of which diminish it's nutritional profile. The cold pressed method used by Beaming delivers maximum enzymes, vitamins and antioxidants through delicious tasting juice.

  • QUALITY: Our cold pressing process creates a smooth, pulp-free, vibrant and delicious tasting juice.

  • NUTRITION: Cold pressing is proven to yield 3-5x more nutrients than other methods; juice is extracted from the pulp with the most minimal oxidation.

  • TASTE: Cold pressing allows for maximum enzyme retention, creating a juice abundant in healthy nutrients your body can readily use.

Beaming is Simple & Convenient:

The juices are packaged in a recyclable PETE #1 bottles, the most environmentally friendly form of plastic. We deliver to your door nationwide!

Beaming offers Superior Liquid Nutrition:

Nearly each bottle of juice contains up to 5 lbs of 100% certified USDA organic produce! Before selling our first juice in 2012, we spent a year in research and development in our own production kitchen and consulting with the best food scientists in order to guarantee we are offering the most nutritionally balanced recipes that taste great! Your juice is our obsession.

Where does your produce come from?

We source most of our produce from local farmers who practice sustainable ORGANIC farming methods. Sourcing locally and organic not only ensures the freshest, most flavorful product, but also supports the environment (fewer miles traveled) and our neighboring communities.

How many calories are in a juice?

For a 14.5 oz. serving, our juices range from approximately 40 calories for an all-green juice to 340 calories for a nut mylk or shake.

I have allergies. Can I still consume Beaming juices?

All of our organic, cold pressed juices are:

* 100% VEGAN

For those with nut allergies, but interested in cleansing, we do offer a non-nut mylk alternative! However, please be advised that our juices are manufactured using equipment that also processes nuts. If you have a severe allergy to any of our ingredients, there is a risk for cross-contamination.

Are your cold pressed juices kosher?

The ingredients of Beaming's organic, cold pressed juices are completely kosher, however we have not yet received our kosher certification so our finished products, at this time, are not certified kosher.

I have a medical condition, can I drink cold pressed juice or do a cleanse?

If you have medial concerns of any kind or currently take medication, check with your doctor before introducing cold-pressed juices into your diet or embarking on our juice cleanse.

* PREGNANT OR NURSING: Organic cold pressed juices are a great way to introduce whole food based nutrition into your balanced diet. Still, please consult with your personal physician before incorporating cold-pressed juices into your daily routine if pregnant or nursing. Cleansing is generally not advised while pregnant or nursing.

* DIABETES: We only recommend cleansing under the supervision and guidance of your physician. NOTE: We do offer juices on the lower glycemic index and can substitute out juices in the cleanse based on your preference.

* CANCER: Organic juice cleansing and supplementation offers extraordinary benefits during and after cancer therapy. Please consult with your physician.

Can my child drink cold pressed juice?

Absolutely. Cold-pressed juice is a great addition to a daily routine and is an excellent alternative to sugary drinks or heat-pasteurized juices, which are void of nutrition. We do not recommend cleansing of any kind for a child – please consult your personal physician

If I want juices on a regular basis, do you have a subscription service?

We offer a discounted auto-renewal service for those interested in receiving juices on a weekly basis. Please visit our Build Your Own Juice Pack page and choose auto-renew within checkout: https://www.livebeaming.com/products/build-your-own-juice-pack.

Why 100% organic?

We believe that certified organic produce is the best choice for the health and safety of you and our planet.

Superior nutrition: Organic produce touts between 30 - 40% higher nutrient density than conventional produce.

Safer: Non GMO, Pesticide and Chemical free - you drink more that 15 pounds of produce each day of the Cleanse. Consuming the same amount of conventional produce would expose you to a toxic level of pesticides, making for a very ineffective cleanse.

Planet friendly: The philosophy of organic food production maintains principles of biodiversity, ecological balance, sustainability, natural plant fertilization, natural pest management, and soil integrity.

So are juices 100% organic, 100% of the time? 

When it comes to our cold-pressed juices, we go to great lengths to source 100% organic produce 100% of the time. However, there are very rare occasions on which we absolutely cannot get an ingredient in its organic form. We diligently try to avoid this scenaro, but in instances of extreme weather conditions that come about with little to no notice, we have been faced with the situation where there truly was no other option.

As a USDA organic certified juicery, we are not allowed to change our juice recipes on the fly in order to account for these extreme situations. When a situation comes up where we cannot source an organic ingredient, we believe in transparency and in maintaining best quality. In the spirit of transparency, we remove the USDA seal from our juice labels and mark the conventionally sourced ingredient as such. In our effort to maintain top quality, we use extra care to source from responsible growers with good practices, and we use an extra scrub and soak process as an added safety measure. 

You are always welcome and encouraged to call our customer service team or to email us at help@livebeaming.com with any questions about this! 

How do I know if I have toxins in me?

Ingesting toxins is inevitable: cleansing is a way to feel less bogged down by this burden. Fruits and vegetables (that are not organic) are filled with pesticides. There are hormones and antibiotics in conventional dairy and meat products and all processed foods are overflowing with preservatives. Even drinking water is shown to contain residues of both prescription and over the counter medications, heavy metals, arsenic, pesticides and herbicides. There is also a toxic load from plastics used to store food. The cleaning products used in homes, workplaces and public spaces are often laden with chemicals. Mineral oil and preservatives are found in most personal hygiene products. On top of this, there is the constant stress of combating bacteria, parasites and viruses.

How does the Beaming cleanse work?

A Cleansing resets metabolism, strengthens the immune system, boosts energy and helps you break bad habit cycles. While cleansing, our nutritionally potent program actively rids your system of impurities and toxins, allowing for maximum absorption of vital nutrients to reset and renew your body, mind, and spirit. If you have any concerns at all, contact us at help@livebeaming.com.

How often may I cleanse?

We suggest embarking on a three day cleanse whenever you feel that your eating habits need to be improved. If you are feeling lethargic, bloated or simply not yourself, it is a good indicator that it is time to cleanse. Many people do a one day cleanse at the beginning of the week as a mini reset after their weekend. Others choose to do a longer cleanse (5-7 days) less frequently as the seasons change. Feel free to call us at 844.775.8423 (PR-JUICE) if you would like to speak to a juice expert about how Beaming will be most beneficial to your personal needs.

How many calories are in the Beaming Cleanse?

Daily caloric intake while cleansing runs between 1200-1400 calories a day.

How much weight will I lose while cleansing?

We refer to weight loss as a "happy side effect". The juice + soup cleanse is designed to reset eating habits, eliminate cravings, bring awareness back into what you put in your mouth and jump start a healthier eating plan. Weight loss resulting from juice cleansing is different for everyone, but on average ranges between 2 - 8 pounds with a three day cleanse.

Will I gain weight when I go off the cleanse?

The short answer is no. While some lost water weight may return, the benefits of the Beaming Cleanse do not end when the Cleanse is completed. The Cleanse is a chance to RESET eating habits and eliminate the desire for processed foods. The Beaming Cleanse helps to break unhealthy habits, restore the mind body connection and to kick-start a healthier lifestyle.

Are there benefits beyond the physical ones?

Definitely. Arguably the greatest benefit is the mental clarity and sense of well being experienced during and post cleansing. Abstaining from food and saving the energy that goes into preparing and digesting meals leads to a greater level of mindfulness. It is an empowering experience that places people back in control of their body.

May I continue to take supplements while cleansing?

If you take a standard multi-vitamin, it may not be necessary to take these while juicing as the juices naturally have many of the essential vitamins found in a standard multi-vitamin. If you are taking supplements like Vitamin B or Omega Fatty Acids, you may continue taking those while on your juice program as the juices do not provide significant quantities of B or Omegas. Please see the nutritional panels for each of our juices for more in depth information.

Am I allowed to eat solid foods while cleansing?

We strongly encourage you to stick with just the juices if possible, but it is important to listen to your body. If your body needs something more, and you feel confident that your hunger is more than simply a craving to chew, we recommend an avocado with a little lemon, or ingredients found in the juices themselves (i.e. romaine, spinach, etc. chopped up into a light salad with freshly squeezed lemon and a bit of flax oil) – keep it completely organic and raw.

Am I getting enough fiber?

Our cleanses are designed to give your digestive system a rest as a way to facilitate an expedited cleansing process. With this in mind, the juices intentionally do not contain large amounts of fiber in order to avoid the need for your body to break down fiber, which in turn conserves energy to be used in the cleansing process itself.

Why can I exercise on this cleanse when other cleanses advise to avoid exercise?

Yes! The Beaming Reset Cleanse is pure and natural nutrition. It provides a huge amount of nutrients and is specifically designed to be done while carrying on with a normal, busy lifestyle. 

Can I drink coffee while cleansing?

We encourage you to avoid drinking coffee (high in both caffeine and acidity) while on the Beaming Cleanse. If you drink coffee regularly, we recommend weaning yourself off or greatly reducing your intake in the weeks or days in anticipation of your cleanse start date to avoid potential detox symptoms that may result from a lack of caffeine. If completely eliminating caffeine from your diet is not reasonable for your life at this time, we encourage you to move from traditional coffee to an organic tea, cold-pressed coffee or a low-acid coffee brew.

What about alcohol?

Yes, we realize wine comes from grapes and vodka from potatoes or grains. Still, alcohol should still be avoided during the prep period and definitely during the cleanse itself. Despite being derived from plants, alcohol is ultimately a toxin that must be processed through the liver. Remember, cleansing is designed to clean the liver and rid the body of toxins.

Will I be sitting on the toilet a lot?

It is highly unlikely that any more time will be spent on the toilet than normal. However, urination will be frequent. If constipation is experienced, do not panic. There is less bulk being consumed so less coming out is ok. Consider a colonic, senna pills, or “get regular” Yogi tea to help along the process of elimination.

How do I prepare for a cleanse?

As with anything in life, preparation is key! To ensure the most successful cleanse possible, we always recommend preparing your body accordingly. Our recommendation is to pre-cleanse for 2-7 days depending upon your current eating habits and lifestyle. We suggest cutting out animal products, meats, refined/processed sugars, alcohol, coffee, etc., and completely avoid these items (if possible) the day before you cleanse. Send us an email at help@livebeaming.com for further instruction and support!

What can I eat the day following my cleanse?

Any of our cold pressed juices or plant based meals and snacks are great for the day following your cleanse! Fruits, nuts, salad (avoid creamy dressings), vegetable based soups are all great options. After that we suggest slowly introducing lean proteins and dairy back into your diet in the days following. Another great option is to purchase Beaming to consume in the days following your cleanse to assist in the process of consuming whole foods again (i.e. a hybrid eating whole foods and drinking juice program as your body adjusts).

How long do your Juices last?

Our juices are living food. We recommend you drink your juice within 5 days of receipt for maximum freshness and nutritional value. Juice must be consumed within three days of opening.

How do I store my juices?

Juices need to be refrigerated immediately upon receipt to remain properly temperature controlled. If juices do not remain cold (and are left out), they will begin to ferment and rapidly lose nutritional value as well as taste!

Can I freeze the juices?

If you are unable to begin your cleanse or drink your juices within the use by window, you are able to freeze your juices for consumption later. We recommend unscrewing the lids and pouring a little of the liquid out to account for expansion of juices once frozen. When ready to consume, simply defrost in a cool bowl of water the night before and pop into your fridge the next morning, shake well and enjoy! Please be sure to consume entirely within three days of thawing. Also please be aware that the texture and appearance of the juice may change after freezing.

Why do I have to drink juice from my local juice bar immediately, yet your Juices stay fresh for longer?

Juice from your local juice bar is most likely made with a centrifugal juicer, which calls for immediate consumption due to the pulp remaining in the juice as well as the heat and oxygen exposure during the juicing process. On the other hand, our juices are made using a superior cold pressed juicer which eliminates nutrient damaging heat and oxygen from the juicing process and yields a smooth, pulp free juice that is extremely rich in enzymes, antioxidants and vitamins. Still - even cold pressed juice is subject to nutrient degradation in a short time due to yeast, mold and bacteria that is present in all juice. To short circuit these life shortening and nutrient depleting organisms, our juices undergo a cold pressure treatment immediately after being pressed. This High Pressure Process (HPP) is an innovative method that uses pressure, NOT HEAT, to eliminate spoilage causing bacteria. Using the cold pressed method in combination with cold pressure, guarantees that through our juices, you are receiving the maximum nutritional value from your living juice and can have absolute confidence in its safety, purity and quality.

Why is HPP different than “Heat Pasteurization”?

Other terms for traditional "heat" pasteurization you may see on labels such as "flash" or "gently pasteurized" refer to the use of thermal technology that essentially COOKS juice by exposing it to high temperatures in order to achieve microbial inactivation and, in doing so, also kills off vitamins, minerals and live enzymes. BEAMING DOES NOT AND WILL NOT EVER USE HEAT PASTEURIZATION.

How does HPP work?

HPP is an external process. The raw, final product remains untouched. Picture this: After the juice is bottled, the bottles are placed into a pressure chamber filled with cool water for approximately 60 to 120 seconds, where they are subjected to elevated pressures (the equivalent of being submerged 20 miles beneath the ocean floor) from all directions to the outside of the bottle, starving off oxygen that in turn inactivates harmful, pathogenic bacteria. without a loss of sensory of quality or nutritional value of our juices!

If it is HPP, what about the enzymes and vitamins?

Beaming has performed extensive independent research and outside testing in order to verify the effects of HPP on our juice. The comparative analysis of our juice before and after HPP validated that juices retained vitamins and kept enzymes intact. Equally important, the tests also confirmed that no bacteria grew to dangerous levels as it could have in juice that had not undergone the HPP process. We always recommend drinking our juice as quickly as possible (see consume within 5 days label on juice) to maximize nutritional benefits because the reality is that all raw juice and other living foods slowly die.

What if I have other questions?

Contact us at help@livebeaming.com! We love to get your emails.

Why is Beaming better for me than other cleanses?

Our cleanse feeds the body with nutrients while allowing it to rest and reset itself to vibrant health. It is comprised of 100% organic fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts while other cleanses use powders, watered-down juices, non-organic produce, or machine manufactured concoctions. Our cleanse is pure and natural. It provides a huge amount of nutrients and is specifically designed to be done while carrying on with a normal, busy lifestyle.For those who want to continue a serious workout regime while cleansing, the Shred component actually provides significant energy to fuel workouts and adequate protein to repair muscles post workout.

Why Cold Pressed?

QUALITY: Our cold press process creates a smooth, pulp-free juice.

NUTRITION: Cold pressing is proven to yield 4x more nutrients than other methods.

TASTE: Cold pressing guarantees enzyme retention creating a vibrant, better tasting juice.

What kinds of toxins and pollutants am I trying to eliminate through the Beaming Cleanse?

Pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, and various difficult to pronounce chemicals disguised as food are gently released from the body during the Reset Cleanse.

What if I have a nut allergy and want to cleanse?

Yes, we are able to substitute the Cashew Mylk (#6) in our cleanses! You can request a juice of your choice. You may specify in the 'Special Instructions' on your order submission to substitute for a non-nut mylk option.

Can I exercise while on the juice cleanse?

Yes! The Beaming Reset Cleanse is pure and natural nutrition. It provides a huge amount of nutrients and is specifically designed to be done while carrying on with a normal, busy lifestyle. For those who want to continue a serious workout regime while cleansing, the Shred component provides an increase in energy to fuel workouts and adequate protein to repair muscles post workout. Shred is composed of two juices specially formulated and designed to give fitness enthusiasts a natural fuel and recovery source.

Where can I purchase a gift card?

You may visit our store locations or visit to purchase an in-store gift card or purchase one online at https://www.livebeaming.com/order/gift-certificates. If you wish to purchase an e-gift card for use online, you may visit http://www.livebeaming.com/order/egift-certificates and email directly to your recipient!

I work for a magazine and am interested in trying your juices for a possible article, who do I contact?

Anyone interested in collaborating on and/or including Beaming in a magazine article/story, please reach out directly to Kaela via email at help@livebeaming.com.