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Post Cleanse Support

You’ve completed your cleanse and you’re beaming!

The last thing you want is to go back to your old eating habits.

At Beaming, we’re more than a cleanse company, our commitment is to helping you live a healthy Beaming lifestyle for life! So to help you get the most out of your cleanse experience, we’ve put together a number of resources to support healthy nutrition and lifestyle habits.

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Post Cleanse Tips

The way you transition from a cleanse is just as important if not more than the cleanse itself. You’re feeling vibrant, light and energized and you’ve kick-started your body’s healing process. You want to keep that going.

Now that you’ve finished you’re cleanse, here are some easy nutrition and lifestyle tips to incorporate into your routine:

  1. Eat Clean. Ease back after your cleanse by focusing on high quality, organic whole foods like vegetables, fruits, lean animal protein, beans, legumes and whole grains like oatmeal and quinoa (this is not the time to head to your favorite pizza restaurant. Since you’ve been eating very clean and light, easy to digest foods on your cleanse, give your body at least three days to adjust to a normal eating routine.
  2. Gradually re-introduce coffee, alcohol and sugars – ideally not all at once, and not in large quantities, which would create a big shock to your system, especially your liver.
  3. Fill up your kitchen with healthy choices like fresh organic vegetables and fruit so that you always have healthy snacks on hand (our Beaming Lifestyle eBook provides an outline of healthy essentials for your fridge and pantry).
  4. Add at least 1 raw meal a day (for example, a big salad with protein for lunch) – this is a great way to ensure you get plenty of vegetables on a daily basis and consume raw veggies that contain live enzymes and support digestion. It’s also an easy way to manage your weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  5. Add smoothies to your daily routine. A good quality protein supplement added to your fruit and vegetable smoothies is essential for busy lifestyles – it’s a quick and easy way to add protein into your diet, balance your blood sugar and ensure you’re not skipping meals (especially breakfast). Beaming’s Organic Superfood Protein with Greens is the perfect way to get quality plant-based protein, superfoods and greens all in one delicious and nutrition-packed smoothie.
  6. Consume greens daily. You can juice at home, buy fresh-pressed organic juice or add a powdered greens supplement. Greens are essential and under-consumed in our diet. They are not only packed with vital nutrients but also very alkalizing for the body. A green drink per day is an excellent daily habit to optimal health.
  7. Eat a primarily plant-based diet. Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan or carnivore, everyone needs to eat more plants! Especially dark leafy greens and bright colorful veggies like peppers, beets, tomatoes and carrots. Plants are nutrient dense foods that are full of essential vitamins, minerals and fiber. Fiber is essential for daily detoxification.
  8. Stay hydrated. Water is a fundamental nutrient for our body. We are over 70% water and need at least 1 liter per day for basic biological functions. Aim for approximately 6-8 8oz glasses per day, or more depending on climate and your activity level. Water also helps the body detoxify on an on-going basis.