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8-Day Gut Rx

What is it?

Made in collaboration with our in-house superfood chef and gut-health expert, Bethany Ugarte (@lilsipper on Instagram), this high-protein mylk is specifically designed to target gut-health and make you feel awesome. With probiotics to introduce healthy gut bacteria, L-glutamine to soothe your digestive track and organic, fair-trade cacao powder to deliver antioxidants - Gut Rx is a powerful trifecta for supporting a happy gut.

How does it work?

Accelerate your wellness and restore digestive ease by adding one Gut Rx Smoothie per day to your healthy diet. Eliminate high-inflammation response foods and replenish a healthy gut with Gut Rx, plus get over 20g of protein in each bottle. For maximum benefits, include in your healthy diet on the regular.

8-Day Gut Rx

8 juices Per Pack.
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