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Rejuvenation Gut Health Cleanse

What is it?

Good for your health and your soul. A satisfying and warming cleanse, specifically designed to support digestive wellness through chlorophyll, fiber, prebiotics, probiotics, L-glutamine and gut-loving ingredients. Plus, you'll get to enjoy a small chocolate treat each day. That's right - this cleanse includes a deliciously chocolate-y probiotic heart in each day of the program to deliver happiness and good digestion!

This gut nourishing program also includes chef and nutritionist designed warming soups, a protein and fiber-rich smoothie featuring a lectin-free, digestion supporting pea protein, plus a potent turmeric shot to calm digestive inflammation and an equally as powerful probiotic shot to maximize digestive health. And of course, we include an extra superfood snack to keep cravings at bay.

Each day of the cleanse includes: (2) warming soups, (1) alkalizing lemonade, (2) cold-pressed green juices (1) digestive wellness protein smoothie, (2) concentrated wellness shots, (1) superfood snack (1) cleansing tea (1) chocolate probiotic supplement

How does it work?

Wake up your senses with a morning cold-pressed green juice, followed by an invigorating and tummy-soothing turmeric Power Shot, Vitality Boost. Continue the day with one juice, smoothie or soup every two hours in sequential number order 1-6. Eradicate toxins that were mobilized during the day by ending each day of your cleanse with our digestion supporting supporting Power Shot, Tummy Tonic. Complete your evening with a cleansing tea that amplifies your body's detox efforts throughout the night. We also include our signature superfood snack with each day of the Rejuvenation Cleanse to enjoy anytime hunger hits.

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