Full of galactagogue foods (pronounced gah-lak´tah-gog) that can help jump start or increase production of breast milk.


  • Bananas rich in iron + potassium, balance electrolytes, boost mood, minimize muscle cramping, support healthy nervous system
  • Coconut water rich in electrolytes, hydrating
  • Almonds stimulate quality + quantity of breast milk, protein to balance blood sugar + healthy tissue, calcium for healthy bones + teeth, nourish nervous system, boost brain function
  • Brewers yeast rich in protein + B vitamins, increase breast milk, combat fatigue, ward off ”baby blues”
  • Blueberries rich in antioxidants, support cell growth, nourish blood, good source of carbohydrates and energy
  • Oats contains iron (studies have shown that low iron levels can cause a decrease in milk supply)
  • Beaming Superfood Protein Powder breast-feeding women need more protein than the average woman to support the needs of their bodies as well their new baby’s, repair + build healthy tissue
  • Sun Chlorella enrich breast milk, reduce chemicals + dioxins from reaching the baby through the breast milk
  • Fenugreek most popular herb used to increase breast milk supply. *Important note: Fenugreek is in the same family with peanuts and chickpeas, and may cause an allergic reaction in moms who are allergic to these.


Nourishing fertility smoothie for healthy, vibrant cells and hormone balancing.


  • Goji + Blueberries antioxidants, healthy cell growth, nourish blood
  • Powdered Greens + Wheat Grass lower FSH levels, balance hormones, restore PH levels to improve sperm activity, nourish cells
  • Maca Root nourish endocrine system, enhance fertility, restore hormone balance, improve sex drive, vitality + energy
  • Royal Jelly hormone balance, nourish endocrine system, raise estrogen levels, increase sperm quality + testosterone levels in men
  • Bee Pollen vitamin rich, natural aphrodisiac, nourish ovaries, healthy egg production, increase fertility, balance menstrual cycle, increase sperm count in men
  • Beaming Superfood Protein Powder repair + build healthy tissues
  • Flax Meal rich in omega 3 fatty acids + antioxidants, mood stabilizer, lower inflammation, balance hormones, strengthen Luteal phase of menstrual cycle
  • Avocado rich in monosaturated fats, excellent for fertility


Great for expectant mothers! Omega rich for brain development, calcium for strong bones, iron for healthy blood.


  • Almond Butter protein to balance blood sugar + build healthy tissue, calcium for healthy bones + teeth
  • Spinach calcium for strong bones + teeth, iron to prevent anemia
Avocado rich in monosaturated fats
  • Goji Berries antioxidants, healthy cell growth, nourish blood
  • Beaming Superfood Protein Powder with Greens repair + build healthy tissues, balance blood sugar
  • Super Greens high in minerals + vitamins, nourish blood
  • Chia Powder rich in omega’s, antioxidants, fiber, protein + calcium
Bananas boost mood, high in potassium, minimize muscle cramping, support healthy nervous system
  • Strawberries rich in vitamin C + iron, boost immune system
  • E3live® “brain on” boost brain function
  • Hemp Seeds concentrated balance of proteins, essential fats, vitamins + enzymes

Beaming’s pregnancy, fertility and lactation superfood smoothies. Created in collaboration with Lori Bregman, doula, life coach and author of The Mindful Mom to Be.

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Beaming created the Fertility and Pregnancy programs in collaboration with Los Angeles based Doula, Life Coach, and Healer, Lori Bregman. Lori blends her talents together to help women birth healthy and happy babies – and to inspire mindful and empowered mothers and people as well. She is the founder of the Rooted for Life Pregnancy Program and author of Mindful Mom to Be.

Lori Bregman